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First Router Woodworking sets itself apart from other woodworking companies in a few key ways. Firstly, First Router Woodworking exclusively designs and manufactures custom pieces created for individual clients depending upon their specific requirements. This ensures that all projects produced by the company’s craftsmen are unique and tailored to each client’s expectations. Another distinguishing feature of First Router Woodworking is how modern technologies are integrated into their production processes. The company uses advanced machinery and tools such as computer numerical control router tables, laser engravers, CAD programs, and expertly calibrated saws to ensure that each project is crafted with absolute accuracy and precision. Finally, the team at First Router Woodworking takes the time to work with clients on every element of the design process – right down to the most minute details – which ensures that each product reflects the customer’s exact specifications.

History of First Router Woodworking

First Router Woodworking was established in 1956 by its founder, Ernest Bonetti. It started out as a small shop specializing in channeling tools and router bits for woodworking projects. Over the years, First Router Woodworking expanded to become a respected leader in the router products industry and developed a reputation for producing high-quality, reliable products.

First Router Woodworking enjoyed numerous successes throughout its years of operation and earned international recognition. In 1972, they were awarded the prestigious Stanley Cup Award for excellence in design and engineering. They also became renowned among their peers as the go-to choice for high-end woodworking router bits and accessories. Their design innovations have been featured in numerous trade magazines and television programs such as This Old House, HGTV, Maker’s Mark, Make Magazine and more.

Due to their dedication to high standards of quality and innovation, First Router Woodworking earned acclaim across various circles of artists such as furniture makers, cabinet makers and fine craftsmen who have used the company’s products to produce award-winning work. Of note is the fact that several professional cabinet makers rely on First Router Woodworking’s routers when creating custom pieces. The company has even become an official sponsor of some professional woodworkers events such as Ian Kirby’s Furniture Festivals held every year in North Carolina.

Overall, it can be said that during its many years of operation First Router Woodworking has become a trusted name among hobbyists, professionals, makers and creators alike due to their superior quality router bits coupled with innovative designs tailored towards the individual maker or woodworker’s needs.

Range of Products & Services

First Router Woodworking offers a wide range of products and services related to woodworking projects. Examples of projects that the company has completed include custom cabinetry, furniture fabrication projects, staircases, built-in shelving, kitchen and bathroom makeovers, wall panels, pergolas and gazebos, window frames and trimming, as well as installing doors and windows.

The company offers consultation services for clients who are just beginning their project ideas. From custom designs to detailed estimates First Router Woodworking will provide information on how to achieve the desired results at an effective cost. First Router Woodworking also provides installation services for any manner of project from complex fixtures such as porch swings to intricate carvings in mantles or railings. With over 10 years in the industry they have an array of experience working with various types of wood and methods of assembly (staining/painting).

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In addition to products and services provided directly by the company they also offer a wealth of resources that help customers with their own woodworking needs. This includes tutorials on measuring techniques and tools needed for cutting; it also includes a collection of sound advice gathered over 10 years’ experience in the trade. Customer purchases include hardware such as hinges, dowels and deck screws along with stains/finishes needed to bring out the full beauty of your woodworking project.

The Benefits of Woodworking with First Router Woodworking

First Router Woodworking is a great way for individuals to get started in the world of woodworking. It is an easy way to take your first steps into the world of woodworking and start making amazing projects quickly. With First Router Woodworking, you will have the opportunity to save time and money while learning the skills necessary to make beautiful furniture and other woodworked items at home with just a few basic tools.

By utilizing a router as your main power tool, you can quickly and easily craft one-of-a-kind pieces in minimal time with minimal effort. There are several benefits to woodworking with First Router Woodworking that go beyond saving time and money. With its expert guidance and detailed instructions, even beginning woodworkers can create finished pieces they are proud of while becoming more skilled in their craftsmanship over time.

Additionally, First Router Woodworking allows users to create custom designs quickly without having to design intricate patterns or complex joinery techniques from scratch on their own. This saves users not only time but also greatly reduces the cost of production since project plans do not need to be purchased separately for each job. Plus, it lets them make unique items just for themselves without spending hours searching for just the right plan online or in stores. Finally, the entire process tends to be much more enjoyable since there are fewer challenges that require hours of preparation needed with traditional techniques like cutting joints by hand.

Useful Tips & Best Practices

Getting Started with Woodworking

-Woodworking is a great hobby for those who have enthusiasm for building and creating things. To get started, the first step is to choose the type of woodworking that you will be doing. Common types include furniture making, carvings, cabinet making and more.

-Additionally, it is important to select the necessary tools and resources needed to complete your projects. Make sure you purchase quality materials and products to ensure that your projects last a lifetime. A beginner toolbox should contain items like screwdrivers, saws, hammers and nails. Start off simple by creating small projects that are easy to build while teaching you the basics of woodworking.

Techniques to Make Woodworking Easier

-Read books or watch videos on how to do new techniques before attempting them as an individual. This can help save time and provide useful instructions on how wood should be cut and assembled in order for projects to turn out as expected. Additionally, find an experienced mentor or join a local woodworking club in order to benefit from the advice of skilled professionals who have perfected their craft through years of experience.

-It’s essential to make accurate measurements when cutting wood pieces for a project, but this process can take time if done manually with a ruler or yardstick. Utilizing a straightedge or calipers can increase accuracy and speed up the design process by allowing complex pieces or shapes to be quickly measured and marked with precision before being cut out with saws, chisels, etc..

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Trends in Woodworking
-As with other industries, trends come and go in the realm of woodworking too! One popular trend that has been gaining steam lately is rustic furniture pieces featuring unfinished surfaces and natural grains; this look offers raw beauty combined with unique distressed details that can fit into any modern decor theme. Many companies offer pre-made pieces like these which come ready assembled requiring only minimal sanding prior to painting/staining in desired shades or tones.

-Another prominent trend involves incorporating upcycled materials into projects such as repurposing old pallets and other scrap lumber into high quality furniture items like sofas and tables ” both at home DIY style jobs as well as larger commercial scale production shops involved in renovation construction and restoration services etc…

Final Thoughts

First Router Woodworking provides users with comprehensive resources, tutorials, guides and tips to take the guesswork out of woodworking. With powerful yet simple coursework, First Router Woodworking stands out as one of the best woodworking resources available.

From getting to grips with the most basic tools to understanding advanced wood-shaping techniques and even how to manufacture products on a larger scale, First Router Woodworking covers all aspects of woodworking. With courses backed by quality research and detailed safety instructions, users can be sure they’re following reputable advice when utilizing their tutorials. In addition, users have access to dozens of documents explaining everything from what glue is needed for a specific project to which saw blade is recommended for a certain type of project. Every document is written in plain language so it’s easy for anyone to understand. Furthermore, each tutorial includes helpful illustrations that make navigating the topics easier than ever before.

Adopting First Router Woodworking as your go-to resource provides invaluable insight into the world of woodworking. Not only do you gain valuable knowledge on an array of topics, but you also gain confidence in your own ability to craft beautiful works of art and functional products with the right tools and techniques. If you’ve ever wanted to get started with woodworking or brush up on your existing skillset, then look no further than First Router Woodworking!


First Router Woodworking is the premier choice for woodworking projects for a variety of reasons. Their commitment to quality and attention to detail in all facets of their work, is unsurpassed. From precise measurements and precise angles to delicate detailing, First Router Woodworking guarantees satisfactory results that will last for years. They also provide personalized support and advice throughout the entire process, ensuring that you understand what’s going on and know what steps to take at every point along the way. Additionally, they have experience working with all types of wood materials and products, so whether you are looking for an intricately detailed piece or just a simple one-piece shelf, they can accommodate all of your needs. With competitive pricing that ensures you are getting the best value for your money and top-notch craftsmanship and customer service, First Router Woodworking is the premier choice for woodworking projects.

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