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Founded by Robert Fish, Fish Over Chicks Woodworking specializes in custom woodworks. From outdoor furniture to handcrafted wooden cases and boxes, they offer a variety of timber-based products with different finishes and colors. Additionally, they offer a free 3D design process to ensure the customer’s satisfaction.

At Fish Over Chicks Woodworking, the team ensures that their products are of excellent quality. They inspect each item closely for defects prior to its delivery and use only high grade materials for every product. Customers can also find information about care tips and maintenance instructions online so that their products last longer. Furthermore, they have a dedicated customer service team that is available 24/7 to answer any questions or address concerns related to their products. To ensure timely delivery of orders, Fish Over Chicks Woodworking also uses reliable third party shipping partners.

To provide customers with an even more immersive experience, Fish Over Chicks Woodworking has set up several virtual showrooms on their website where customers can take a look at the many products they offer. Along with the images, these virtual showrooms also include detailed descriptions of each item, allowing customers an easy way to compare products before making a purchasing decision. In addition there are how-to guides and video tutorials available so customers can learn new woodworking techniques while they shop!


Fish Over Chicks Woodworking is a small, family-owned business located in the Gateway of the Rocky Mountains. Founded in 2017 by Sam and Irena Fish, they specialize in creating custom, handcrafted furniture and home décor items from reclaimed wood. They draw inspiration from their work enviroment’s majestic landscape and their passion for the outdoors.

At Fish Over Chicks Woodworking, customers can expect bespoke pieces that are entirely unique, full of character and craftsmanship. For any custom order, Irena brings to life each individualized detail with her hand engravings which incorporate elements of nature or abstract patterns that are unique for each piece.

To further showcase their work to potential customers both near and far from their location, the team at Fish Over Chicks Woodworking recently released a video on their website. This video gives customers a behind-the-scenes look at the artisans in action as they create each one-of-a-kind piece of décor. The video also allows viewers to witness first-hand how much time, attention to detail and care goes into every handmade furniture piece and home decor item created by Fish Over Chicks Woodworking.

Interactive Feature

Fish Over Chicks Woodworking is proud to introduce our new interactive feature! We have created a quote generator for our readers. This interactive experience will give users the opportunity to explore their creativity, craft individualized quotes and share their favorites with friends. The environment and wood working culture have always been important to us, so we wanted to provide something special that could really define our community.

The quote generator allows people to choose from a variety of inspirational quotes about woodworking and carpentry. Quotes are supplied by Fish Over Chicks Woodworking’s own professionals and from industry professionals from around the world. We’ve partnered with experts across the nation to bring diverse perspectives on woodworking topics to light. We hope this tool will motivate readers and producers alike, while also providing an inspirational outlet while they work or in between projects.

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Our readers can also customize their display options to personalize the quote generator experience even further. They can adjust font size, color, styles, backgrounds images and even include their own images inside each quote card. All these settings are designed to help user get creative with their experiences as they explore exciting ideas about carpentry and make connections with like-minded individuals across the globe!

Inspiring Stories

Fish Over Chicks Woodworking is more than a business ” it’s an experience. It has given customers the opportunity to create something uniquely theirs and craft special memories that will last a lifetime. The stories of their customers serve as a true testament to the impact Fish Over Chicks Woodworking has had on so many lives.

John, for example, recently decided to splurge and build himself a custom rocking chair from Fish Over Chicks woodworking. He was astonished at how easy it was to put together his own piece, using only basic tools and materials that were provided by Fish Over Chicks Woodworking. John said: “Not only was the rocking chair something I could be proud of building myself, but getting the help from Fish Over Chicks made it even better!”

Susan also felt empowered when she worked with Fish Over Chicks Woodworking; when she wanted to refurbish her grandmother’s old bookshelf, she thought it would take forever. However, after working with the team at Fish Over Chicks she was able to get the exact look and feel that she desired in hardly any time at all. Once finish sanding it down Susan proudly proclaimed: “I never knew I could be so creative! Working with Fish over Chicks has been such a great experience!”

No matter what type of project one embarks on with Fish Over Chicks Woodworking they are sure to benefit from not just quality workmanship but also thorough guidance throughout their journey crafted specially for them by the helpful and knowledgeable staff of this unique business enterprise. The inspiring stories of those who have come before continue to motivate future customers as they encounter their own adventures in woodworking ” giving them plenty of creativity and motivation along the way.


Fish Over Chicks Woodworking provides readers with a unique way of seeing the creative process behind their woodwork projects. During each project, the artisans involved will take part in an interview to provide more context and insight into their design philosophy and working style. These interviews allow readers to gain a better understanding of how expert craftsmen create beautiful pieces. Topics covered will range from the use of techniques and materials, to the meaning behind certain motifs or designs. Additionally, readers get an idea of what inspired the artisan’s decisions while they were creating their work.

These interviews also serve as a great promotion tool for Fish Over Chicks Woodworking, as reader’s gain further appreciation for the craftsmanship in each project featured on their site. Furthermore, by featuring artists in this way it offers aspiring woodworkers a source of inspiration to strive towards while creating their own work.

Woodworking 101 Free Online Courses

Additional Resources

Video Tutorials ” Watching instructional or educational videos online is a great way to learn hands-on techniques like how to choose the right tools, sand efficiently, and properly stain woods.

Upcycling Projects ” Recycling existing materials into something beautiful can be a fun challenge and an adventurous way to practice your skills as a woodworker. Find unique ways to repurpose pieces you already have and inject your own distinctive characteristics into each project.

Woodworking Community ” Joining an online community of other DIYers is helpful for exchanging ideas, discovering new trends in the industry, and providing support for enthusiasts. Take advantage of resources available through discussion groups, blogs, trade shows, or competitions designed specifically to enhance woodworking skills.

Courses & Classes ” For those who want more one-on-one guidance and feedback from expert woodworking instructors (or even just for brushing up on basic skills), consider taking classes or courses offered through local community colleges or specialty schools. Research potential classes in advance to find one that best fits your needs.


Fish Over Chicks Woodworking is known for its unique, high-quality furniture and woodworking items. To promote our products, we’ve started to create blog posts featuring all of our craftsmanship. We’d like to encourage customers to take advantage of the promotions we have available through these blog posts. New customers can receive a discount on their first purchase when they use the coupon code mentioned in the post, while existing customers will find limited-time specials on select items. In addition, we’ll include information about how our furniture is crafted and what materials are used so readers get a better picture of why Fish Over Chicks Woodworking is the place to shop for quality wooden creations.

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Are you looking for quality carpentry and woodworking services? Then make sure to check out Fish Over Chicks Woodworking! We are a custom woodworking company focusing on creating beautiful, functional home décor or furniture with an eye for detail. Take a look at our website to view some of our work and get inspired. Make sure to also follow us on Instagram and Facebook where we post photos of past projects, examples of what’s currently in the shop, as well as upcoming events and deals. If you like what you see, then sign up for our newsletter so you can stay up-to-date with all the latest news from Fish Over Chicks Woodworking. We look forward to helping you make something truly special!

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