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Introduction to Fredericksburg Woodworking

Fredericksburg Woodworking is a local business based in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Founded by Bob Smith and his son Joe, we specialize in custom cabinetry, furniture and fine woodworking projects. We offer services ranging from repairs to complete refurbishments of existing pieces. Our services are tailored to meet the needs of both commercial and residential customers alike.

At Fredericksburg Woodworking we pride ourselves on providing quality materials and craftsmanship that exceeds expectations, with evidence of our work seen in many homes throughout the city. From single pieces to integrated whole house designs, we strive to provide clients with an exquisite level of product that will give them years of enjoyment. Our work has been appreciated by many designers, architects, and even some celebrities who have used our products for their own design solutions.

Our experienced staff are on hand to discuss any project ideas you may have or help you select the perfect piece for your space. We also offer a wide range of finishes from our library or source any finish required upon request. Our attention to detail ensures that our products never look anything but perfect ” no matter how intricate the job!

Working with us offers significant benefits such as creative problem-solving options utilizing our unique knowledge and skillset; the flexibility to customize your order to fit perfectly into your space; no waiting period as we create all products right here in-house; cost savings when compared to purchasing mass-produced items; access to exotic woods as well as locally sourced natural hardwoods ” guaranteeing a beautiful end result every time! We’re committed to seeing each project through with perfection, so if you need help envisioning your design then let us know! With years of experience in metal fabrication, upholstery and veneering too, we can meet all of your design needs whatever they may be – big or small!

History and Background of Fredericksburg Woodworking

Fredericksburg Woodworking was established in 1995 by Doug and Jen Franklin in their small garage in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Since then, the company has grown into a thriving family business that creates custom-made wood furniture and décor to the highest standards of quality.

Over the last 25 years, Fredericksburg Woodworking has steadily expanded to include over 30 members of staff, as well as 3 larger workshops built close to their original location. In addition to offering custom designs for every customer, Fredericksburg now offers restoration specialists who are dedicated solely to restoring vintage and antique pieces back to their former beauty. Not only do they craft furniture and décor, but they have also recently begun creating stunning artworks and large outdoor structures including gazebos, pavilions and small bridges.

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In 2020, Doug and Jen’s sons joined forces with them as part owners of Frederick Woodworking which has opened up new possibilities for innovation within the company. By using modern technologies such as laser cutting machines and vacuums presses, Fredericksburg can bring unique results on a much larger scale than ever before; keeping quality high but streamlining the production process even further.

The team at Fredericksburg Woodworking still hold true to the same values of craftsmanship that were established all those years ago – ensuring that each piece is sanded impeccably smooth before being sealed with premium products for maximum protection against rain, snow and sun damage alike!

Overview of Fredericksburg Woodworkings Workmanship

Fredericksburg Woodworking is renowned for its commitment to excellence and quality, as they consistently strive to use the best techniques and practices available in the industry. Their highly-skilled labor force utilizes their vast knowledge of woodworking to create beautiful pieces of furniture, cabinetry, and other items with precision and artistry.

The company’s commitment to excellence starts at the training phase; they carefully seek out the highest quality talent and then provide them with ongoing training sessions to ensure their skills are kept up-to-date. They make sure that every employee knows proper safety procedures and how to handle various equipment correctly. The expectations for quality are backed by rigorous inspections that take place throughout each project; if any construction does not meet expected standards, it will be corrected before completion.

Fredericksburg Woodworking also utilizes the highest grade materials available to ensure lasting beauty and longevity of all its products; their expert craftsman craft lavish items from classic hardwoods such as cherry, maple, oak, or walnut that add opulence to any home. They also offer specialty finishes like UV protection, carbonizing, staining, and veneering so customers can have a perfect piece made exactly as they desire it.

The company understands that their success depends on delivering exceptional quality products with excellent customer service which is why they have an unwavering commitment to excellence in every aspect of their workmanship.

Unique Projects Developed by Fredericksburg Woodworking

Fredericksburg Woodworking is a full-service woodworking shop based in Virginia. The team of experienced craftsmen and designers produces custom furniture, cabinetry, millwork, decking and more. They specialize in creating unique pieces that are designed to fit each customer’s individual needs and tastes.

The craftsmen at Fredericksburg Woodworking use traditional joinery techniques combined with modern tools to create one-of-a-kind projects that can take many forms. They often utilize special techniques such as steam bending, lutherie, marquetry and even laser cutting when creating their custom works of art. They are also up-to-date with the latest cutting edge CNC machines for precision machining work to ensure accuracy in all of their projects. This combined with natural timbers like Cherry, Walnut, Oak and Maple gives them the ability to create exceptional results every time.

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The portfolios or references for their prior work can be seen on their website through galleries showcasing exquisite examples of their creations from tables, chairs and lounge seating to countertops and cabinets both large and small scale items alike. These pieces are made using a combination of stunning woods as well as other materials such as metals and glass if desired by clients; all designed with customer satisfaction in mind.

Process of Working with Fredericksburg Woodworking

At Fredericksburg Woodworking, we strive to make the entire process of working with us easy and enjoyable.

To get started, you can contact us via phone or email to discuss your needs and arrange a consultation. During this initial consultation, our team will help you decide what type of project you are looking for and will provide a customized quote depending on the size and scope of your project. If you decide to move forward with the project, we will create a timeline for the completion that works for everyone involved. We work hard to make sure that all deadlines are met in a timely manner.

Once the timeline is agreed upon and all details are finalized, our team will start working on your custom woodworking project. Over the course of several weeks, we’ll take precise measurements of each piece as well as cut and shape every element by hand. We also use eco-friendly finishing products to give your final product just the right amount of shine and luster it deserves. When everything is complete, we’ll perform a quality assurance test before packing everything safely for transport or delivery.

At Fredericksburg Woodworking, our goal is to provide top-notch customer service while creating timeless pieces that showcase craftsmanship and creativity at its best.

Contacting Fredericksburg Woodworking

Phone: (540) 373-8997

Email: [email protected]

Physical Address: 16401 Quail Creek Dr., Fredericksburg, VA 22407
Services/Products: Fredericksburg Woodworking offers high-quality wood interior finishes for residential, commercial, and renovation projects. We can provide custom cabinetry, trim work, flooring installation, custom furniture design and repair services to meet the needs of each client.
Available Operating Times: Monday – Friday 8am- 5pm

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