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Highlight Photos and Videos

Gardner Woodworking is committed to providing its customers with exquisite craftsmanship. Photos and videos are the best way to demonstrate this quality work. Gathering photographs and videos of the fine products created by Gardner Woodworking will be a great marketing tool, showing potential clients just how unique and beautifully crafted their products are. Showcasing collections of furniture, architectural elements, doors, trimwork and custom cabinetry crafted with love and perfection by Gardner Woodworking will provide viewers with an idea of what artistry they can expect with every product. These visual elements will also bring life to Gardner Woodworking’s website, accentuating their portfolio and profile in detail.

Desirable Locations

Gardner Woodworking is proud to offer its quality products and services to customers from all around the world. Every piece of work created by Gardner Woodworking is crafted with utmost precision, meeting our client’s expectations no matter the order size or desired location. Our team’s attention to detail makes us a reliable choice for those both locally and globally seeking woodworking services. As an international business, we understand the extra tenacity it takes to make sure all shipments are on time, arrive safely, and meet our clients’ exact requirements. Our network of distributors ensures that each delivery arrives wherever it is needed, whatever the destination may be. So if you’re looking for personalized woodworking solutions without limits, look no further than Gardner Woodworking. We look forward to hearing from you!

Awards and Achievements

Gardner Woodworking has earned numerous awards and recognitions over the years. Most recently, they have been recognized by Fine-Woodworking magazine as “Best in Show” for their contribution to woodwork artistry. They have also won multiple awards from the American Forests Association for their sustainable lumber practices and commitment to protecting the environment. Furthermore, Gardner Woodworking was included in the 8th annual World of Wood Crafts Award by International Arts and Crafts contributor Terence Millington. The company’s products have also been featured in various trade magazines including Woodworker Magazine and Popular Woodworking Magazine. Additionally, Gardner Woodworking is a proud recipient of two National Abacus Award of Excellence. Finally, Gardner Woodworking has been featured at three different local artisan festivals where they received rave reviews from customers and artists alike.

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Environmental Impact

Gardner Woodworking takes environmental responsibility seriously and is committed to using only sustainable materials in all their projects. To that end, they are committed to sourcing materials from certified local suppliers whose practices meet the standards of sustainability. This includes special attention to responsible forest management and renewable resource use, as well as seeking out sources of recycled or recycled-content wood products and materials. All purchased wood products must meet the standards set by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) for chain-of-custody certification. They also look for fair trade systems that ensure a living wage, healthy working conditions and adequate safety protections for workers. In addition to these steps, Gardner Woodworking prioritizes energy efficiency whenever possible, reducing energy consumption throughout their entire production process by investing in energy-saving equipment and continuously seeking out new technologies that reduce environmental impact. Overall, their approach makes them an industry leader in pursuing sustainability across all aspects of their business model.


Gardner Woodworking is proud to be hosting a series of upcoming events and campaigns that we think our customers will find exciting. We will soon be launching an ‘Upcycling’ initiative, which will see us partnering with some of the best local upcyclers in our area. Customers will have the chance to learn how to transform pre-existing furniture into something completely new!

In addition, we are also launching a ‘DIY Masterclass’ series where we will be inviting customers to come along and learn all about woodworking from top professionals. Our classes include everything from brushing up on basic carpentry skills to learning more advanced methods such as joinery and cabinetry. These classes are sure to help anyone wanting to improve their woodworking abilities, no matter what level they are currently at!

Finally, we also have weekly workshops taking place in our showroom where customers can come learn first-hand how we craft some of our pieces and gain great tips on design processes. And don’t forget about the opening night of our new premises where you can get a sneak peek at all of our latest products!

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We hope you can join us for one or more of these amazing events and campaigns!

Social Media

Gardner Woodworking has a presence on many popular social media platforms. You can find them on Twitter, where they post updates on new products and industry news that is relevant to their business. They use Facebook to engage with their customers by responding to queries, posting photos of finished projects, and highlighting customer success stories. They also connect with followers via Instagram, posting beautiful photos of their products and inspiring stories about the craftsmanship behind them. Finally, they have a YouTube channel where they share videos of the woodworking process. All of these platforms provide customers with several ways to stay up-to-date with what’s happening at Gardner Woodworking.


Gardner Woodworking is a full-service woodworking business with capabilities spanning from custom furniture making to custom millwork. From small-scale residential projects to large-scale commercial operations, Gardner Woodworking can provide design, fabrication, installation and finishing of interior, exterior and architectural woodwork elements. Our experienced craftsmen have the skill and expertise to take a project from concept to completion. We specialize in the design and implementation of modern, sophisticated cabinetry, built-ins, fireplaces, panels, floors and structures. As well as crafted doors, windows, stairways and mouldings. In addition to our services in building new structures we are also capable of refinishing existing pieces with detailed attention paid to preserving the beauty of an existing design or giving it a fresh look with custom stains or finishes.

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