Irwin Record Woodworking Vice 7


Irwin Record Woodworking is a trusted name in the world of woodworking. The company has been supplying contented customers with top-of-the-line tools and accessories since 1900. Among their popular offerings is the Irwin Record Woodworking Vice 7, which is an expertly crafted, multi-purpose tool that allows users to cut, shape, and clamp a range of materials with ease. This vice features an 82 mm (3-5/16”) jaw capacity and a unique tommy bar action, plus quick release up to 45° angles for extra versatility. Its robust construction ensures years of reliable service, making it an ideal choice for both amateur and professional woodworkers alike. Additionally, its cast iron construction guarantees maximum strength, endurance, and stability for all your projects. Whether you are working on a large scale project or just small household repair work, this precision vice is the perfect addition to your workshop for all types of cutting tasks.

Product Analysis

The Irwin Record Woodworking Vice 7 is an excellent choice for a woodworker. It is made with robust materials and features a patented locking system which provides extra security and ease of use. It also has a quick release mechanism, so it can be quickly changed out when necessary. The front jaw also features serrated edges which provide a better grip ensuring stability when clamping down hard materials.

In comparison to its competitors, the Irwin Record Woodworking Vice 7 has some unique advantages that set it apart from the rest. Firstly, it has a deep throat that provides plenty of space to work on larger materials or those that require more attention with intricate detail work. Secondly, it comes with two heavy-duty fixed dog points for additional support when sawing. Thirdly, its sturdy construction ensures years of reliable performance and durability. Finally, its drill point mounting plate allows for easy attachment onto any workbench or table surface.

When looking for a reliable wood vice with versatility and quality craftsmanship, the Irwin Record Woodworking Vice 7 should be top-of-mind for any serious woodworker. With its robust design and smart features this product offers great value in terms of usability, stability, strength and safety.


The Irwin Record Woodworking Vice 7 is an incredibly useful tool for woodworkers of all skill levels. Its combination of jaw capacity, adjustable angle and depth, and secure clamping make it suitable for a wide range of tasks. The jaw on this vice has an impressive capacity up to 7 inches, whereas many other vises in the market max out at 5 or 6 inches. This difference makes the Irwin Record great for larger projects and saws. Additionally, its adjustable angle mechanism allows users to measure accurately both vertically and horizontally for precise cuts. The secure clamping feature keeps materials firmly secured in one place while cutting or filing, helping with safety as well as accuracy. Finally, the VP7 has easy installation – just attach it to your workbench or mount it onto an existing clamping surface. With these features combined into one tool, the Irwin Record Woodworking Vice 7 is an excellent addition to any workshop.

Design and Build

The Irwin Record Woodworking Vice 7 is a heavy-duty, solid cast iron professional vise that is designed to facilitate precision and accuracy during woodworking. It consists of two main parts; the body which is cast from hardened Nimatic iron and the removable jaws which are machined from superior carbon steel. This construction ensures strength, stability and robustness when producing intricate designs with hardwoods such as maple.

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The body of the vice features dual guide rods for extra stability and rigidity. The adjustment handle for opening and closing the adjustable jaws is ergonomic making operation quick and efficient. It has an anvil surface for working on materials comfortably, with an integrated pipe jaw for even more usability options.

Designed to endure arduous workshop conditions, in addition to its heavyweight construction, this vise comes with fitted threaded screws that provide superior grip and holding power while minimising distortion when clamping workpieces or tools in place. Its thrust bearing-supported locking handle promises durability so users can get the most out of their investment year after year without fear of wear or tear.

In conclusion, the Irwin Record Woodworking Vice 7 offers amazing stability, gripping power and sustained durability thanks to its precision craftsmanship in design and build quality. This makes it a great choice for any professional woodworker looking for reliable performance no matter what their project scope entails.

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Prepare your work surface. Ensure that the surface is level and secure. Place a protective piece of material, such as plywood, on the surface to ensure no damage is done to the table or bench top during installation of the vise.

Step 2: Secure the base plates of your Irwin Record Woodworking Vice 7. To do this, measure out and mark where the four predrilled holes are on the bottom of each base plate. Pre-drill holes in the protective layer, making sure they align with those marked on the base plates. Securely attach both base plates to your work surface using screws and washers (supplied). If a wooden surface is being used, use wood screws instead of sheet metal screws for a better fit.

Step 3: Assemble and install the main body components. Taking one side at a time, align groove within each part with those found in adjacent parts. Insert drift pin into hole provided for it at both ends of each remains & engage holding lever over top to lock in place – ensuring there is no excess play at either pin location when finished. Attach each side to its associated base plate by feeding bolts from inside & through pre-drilled holes so that washer sits flush with outside face before tightening nut on other end with wrench and screwdriver (or similar).

Step 4: Install jaw faces onto main body component assembly by engaging slide bolt from one side & hooking jaw into place from other – tightening setscrews firmly once aligned correctly where necessary in order to prevent slipping while cutting operations are under way during use later on down line further along afterwards..

Step 5: Install parallel guide rods onto main body component assembly using same steps listed above; slide bolt through first then hook guide rod into place & tighten setscrews firmly afterwards as before too effectively right after finally overall completely confidently competently conclude (}

Usage Tips and Recommendations

The Irwin Record Woodworking Vice 7 is a great tool for woodworkers of all skill levels. With its robust construction and clamping force, the vice ensures that your workpiece is securely held to the surface while you work. To maximize the effectiveness of your vice, here are some tips and recommendations:

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– Always make sure the jaws are clamped firmly in place before use. Check that they have not been damaged or warped by excess force being applied on them.

– Regularly inspect the screws, nuts and bolts of the vice to ensure they aren’t worn down or loose. If any part needs maintenance or replacement, do it immediately to avoid accidents or poor performance of the piece.

– Before you install the vice onto your surface, make sure that it is clean and free from dirt or residue left from past projects. This will help increase clamping force and keep your workpieces secure while working with them.

– Apply wax every six months to maintain smooth operation of the jaws when opening and closing them.

– For small wood pieces, attach a guide block with cauls so that you don’t damage their edges when clamping them down. This will also provide an extra layer of protection if you accidentally over tighten it too much.

– If needed use an extension piece behind the back board so that you can tighten it safely without it slipping out from underneath when applying pressure on your workpiece

Customer Reviews

The Irwin Record Woodworking Vice 7 is widely praised for its strength and durability. Customers have found it to be a great help in their woodworking projects, with many noting that it has held up over time and use without any problems. Many customers have also noted that the vice grip is especially strong, making it easy to ensure your materials are securely held in place. The jaws of the vice are wide enough to work with larger materials, while its sturdy construction helps you make sure everything is where you need it while working. In addition, the design allows for precise adjustments with minimal effort. Overall, customers are very pleased with this vice and its ability to stand up to long-term use in whatever project they’re working on.


The Irwin Record Woodworking Vice 7 is an ideal tool for woodworking professionals. It features a 7-inch jaw capacity, 30,000 psi cast iron body, adjustable pressure screw and quick-release handle. It has a distinctive feature of being easily assembled without the need for additional tools, making it perfect for anyone who wants to save time while still having a premiere vice. Additionally, the heavy-duty construction allows users to take on more demanding projects than what would be possible with standard models. The Irwin Record Woodworking Vice 7 is designed to allow professionals to make precise and consistent cuts with increased accuracy and productivity.

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