Is Woodworker Express Legit


Yes, Woodworker Express is a legitimate and reputable company. Founded in 2007, Woodworker Express has been providing quality woodworking tools and supplies to professionals and hobbyists alike for over 13 years. With an extensive selection of everything from hand tools to saw blades to drill bits, Woodworker Express is the premier destination for all things related to woodworking. Their mission is to provide top-of-the-line products at competitive prices and exceptional customer service, making sure that each new or returning customer leaves satisfied with their purchase.

The Basics

Woodworker Express is an online retailer that serves the woodworking community. They offer a wide selection of quality tools, hardware, supplies, and woodworking machinery from trusted brands. They specialize in offering hard-to-find items for craft projects or new builds, as well as project accessories like clamps and cutters. Their website offers helpful information on each product, including customer reviews, how-to videos and demos, technical specifications, and a chat feature with customer support.

When it comes to their reputation – Woodworker Express has been in business since 2009, serving over 300K customers throughout the US. Customer reviews are mostly positive across multiple review sites – customers appreciate their expansive product selection and convenient customer service features. As far as other considerations go – Woodworker Express is a reputable company with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. They also have a BBB Accredited Business seal on their homepage which speaks to their commitment to customer service excellence. In conclusion – Woodworker Express is a legitimate company offering products and services of value to the woodworking community


Woodworker Express has been in business since 1999, and since its launch the company has steadily grown to become one of the leading supply sources for woodworkers across the United States. Originally providing only basic woodworking supplies, Woodworker Express has since dramatically increased their selection to carry over 8,000 different items including specialty tools and hardware, as well as hard-to-find accessories. The company continues to strive to improve their selection so that woodworkers can easily find what they need for every project. In addition to offering a vast inventory of excellent supplies, Woodworker Express provides competitive pricing, fast shipping through major carriers such as UPS and USPS, and an unconditional guarantee on all unopened items. Given this level of commitment from the company and their dedication to customer service, it is clear why Woodworker Express is a trusted source for woodworker supplies and is known for being a legitimate business.

Awards & Accolades

Woodworker Express has become one of the solutions that many woodworkers have gone to for creative solutions to their artistic and carpentry needs. The company has been recognized by multiple industry organizations and publications, as well as having been awarded several awards along the way. In 2020, Woodworker Express was selected as Best of Houzz for Customer Service, celebrating their strong commitment to customer satisfaction. Additionally, Popular Woodworking magazine voted them as one of the Top 20 Online Shops in 2019 for their extensive selection of woodworking tools and supplies. Finally, soon after launching in 2018, Woodworker Express won an award from Inc Magazine’s Best Workplaces honoring them as a Top 10 San Diego Employer that year.


Woodworker Express has an excellent reputation with customers online. Many customer reviews commend their quality products, competitive prices, and helpful customer service. Customers have praised their knowledge of the various products they sell and how helpful their staff was in selecting the right items for their projects. They have also mentioned how quickly their orders were shipped and received, which is always a plus. Overall, it seems that customers have a great experience when shopping at Woodworker Express and feel comfortable in trusting them with their woodworking needs.

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Review of Legitimacy

Woodworker Express is a provider of woodworking tools and supplies. The company was founded in 2008 and has been providing customers and woodworkers with the best woodworking tools and supplies since then. The company is based in Pennsylvania and offers a wide range of products from hand tools to power tools and more. Reviews online are mostly positive, highlighting their professionalism, excellent customer service, and delivery times. The customer reviews on various customer review sites such as Google Reviews also seem to reflect satisfaction with theproducts they have received from Woodworker Express. There have been a few complaints regarding late deliveries or incorrect items delivered but overall, they are an above average company when it comes to customer satisfaction.

In terms of legitimacy, Woodworker Express appears to be legitimate. They have solidified their presence in the market since they started in 2008 and have managed to maintain a good reputation over the years by providing quality products to customers and responsive customer service. Additionally, the BBB (Better Business Bureau) report shows that there are no unresolved complaints against them which further confirms their legitimacy as a trustworthy business. Overall, it seems like Woodworker Express is legit and customers should feel safe when shopping for woodworking tools from this store

Background Check

Yes, Woodworker Express has undergone several background checks and inspections. These include credit checks, criminal records searches, and general verification processes, ensuring that their company is operating legally. They also have completed safety inspections, ensuring that any tools or materials used are up to safety standards. Lastly, they are regularly subjected to routine audits, which give them an opportunity to update and improve their services for customers. Overall, Woodworker Express has taken the necessary steps to ensure that their business is legit.

Qualities to Look for

Yes, Woodworker Express is a legitimate retailer. To determine the legitimacy of Woodworker Express, customers should research the following factors:

1. Professionalism: Ask around to gauge Woodworker Express’s reputation and whether they are professional in their interactions with customers. Check customer reviews online to get an idea of their professionalism as well.

2. Quality of products: Make sure that the products offered by Woodworker Express are of top quality and made according to high standards and specifications.

3. Involvement in the industry: Check if Woodworker Express has been involved in woodworking events, associations, and other outlets related to woodwork worldwide to ensure they are involved in the industry.

4. Delivery: Research what type of delivery services they offer (i.e., standard or express) and make sure delivery times align with expectations from customers. Also consider items such as insurance for deliveries and tracking options for missing packages or those delivered late or damaged etc..

5. Pricing: Evaluate if the pricing for goods sells by Woodworker Express is fair or within market price range for similar items elsewhere – this is especially important for rare or used tools etc..

Rules and Regulations

Woodworker Express adheres to applicable laws and regulations. They ensure that all products they provide meet the standards set by industry groups, federal agencies, and other regulatory bodies. They adhere to consumer protection measures set by the Federal Trade Commission and take steps to ensure their customers are getting legitimate products. As such, they screen all manufacturers with whom they do business to make sure they’re in compliance with the highest quality requirements while also upholding ethical practices. Woodworker Express also invests in continued education for their employees to ensure that they stay up-to-date on changes in regulations and how these could potentially affect their customers. This helps them stay abreast of any new safety guidelines or pending resolutions brought forth in the industry. Additionally, Woodworker Express has a detailed return policy that abides by existing laws and regulations governing e-commerce purchases. Their return policy makes it clear what documents are necessary in order to submit a return as well as other conditions related to returns and ship times – helping increase customer confidence in their legitimacy as a business.

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Privacy Protection

Woodworker Express takes customer privacy and security very seriously. They utilize a secure server with the latest encryption technology to safeguard customer information. This ensures that customers’ personal data is protected while they shop online and make payments. They also hold regular security audits to ensure their website is up-to-date and compliant with current laws, regulations, and standards. Additionally, Woodworker Express has a detailed Privacy Policy which outlines how customers’ personal information will be collected, used, shared, or stored by the company. Finally, all passwords are encrypted in order to protect customer accounts from unauthorized access.

Pros & Cons


• Woodworker Express offers a wide range of high-quality woodworking tools and products to meet your needs for any project.
• The company has an excellent track record in delivering top quality products that result in durable, long lasting projects.
• Woodworker Express offers competitive rates on purchases which helps make their prices affordable.
• They have helpful customer service agents ready to assist customers with special orders and any questions they may have.

• Shipping charges can add up quickly when purchasing multiple items from Woodworker Express, resulting in fewer savings.
• Some items may not fit into their shipping boxes, so buyers need to be aware that additional packaging supplies or costs may be required for larger orders.
• Limited selection of international shipping options means customers outside the United States must pay extra for delivery of items from Woodworker Express.


Woodworker Express is an online retailer of woodworking tools and supplies. While they may have a legitimate website, some customers are looking for similar services with different offerings or better prices. Here is an overview of some alternative services to Woodworker Express:

• Woodcraft: Woodcraft is an online retailer for precision tools and supplies for the professional craftsman or hobbyist. They offer a wide selection of power tools, hand tools and glues as well as lumber, accessories, and machining services.

• Woodshop Workshops: Woodshop Workshops offers in-store classes and workshops to teach you the basics of woodworking. They bring in stakeholders from top brands in the industry to inform attendees about their products.

• Tools4Woodworkers: Tools4Woodworkers sell a comprehensive collection of carpentry tools online and through mail order catalogs. Their offerings include CNC saws, routers, sanders and everything else needed to equip a professional wood shop.

• Rockler: Rockler is one of the largest sellers of woodworking products in the world. On their website they carry over 21 thousand items ranging from hardware, furniture kits, carpentry books, plans, software and more.


Yes, Woodworker Express is a legitimate online retailer of woodworking tools and supplies. They have been operating since 1998 and offer fast shipping, a vast selection of items, and high-quality customer service. As an A+ rated company on the Better Business Bureau, they demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction. With highly competitive prices and several discounts offered to repeat customers, Woodworker Express is a go-to destination for those seeking great deals on the things they need for their woodworking projects. Considering all this information, it’s easy to see why Woodworker Express is a trusted authority in the world of woodworking tools and supplies.

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