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The Iwf Atlanta Woodworking Show is one of the largest and most respected woodworking shows in the Southeast region, offering an array of new tools, techniques and training opportunities to help attendees develop their craftsmanship. This premier show brings together exhibitors who are specialists in their fields, from hobbyists to professional woodworkers. The show offers a variety of experiences for visitors from across the country, from free beginner lessons to demonstrations from leading woodworking experts. Whether you’re interested in furniture making or cabinetry, there’s something for everyone at this exciting event. Attending this show is a great way for woodworkers of all skill levels to learn and gain knowledge about new projects and techniques, try out top-of-the-line equipment, and enjoy the camaraderie of those within the trade. Representatives from renowned design houses offer insights on upcoming trends in woodworking and product promotion seminars provide an opportunity for business owners to learn how they can take advantage of what the market has to offer. There are also a vast amount of interactive displays with hands-on experiences offered during the show. Goers will have access to interactive tutorials featuring cutting-edge joinery technologies and research on advanced timber treatment methods as well as demonstrations on effective sanding techniques and reviving matte finish surfaces. In addition, there will be workshops that focus on incorporating innovative materials into furniture designs such as using metals or acrylics into wooden pieces. Plus chances to receive one-on-one help with specific carpentry problems or find answers to questions even experienced carpenters may have about recent developments within the field. Attendees also have access to networking events which provide them with valuable contacts for future collaborations or purchasing products at better prices than usual retailers. Last but not least, program organizers create several fun design competitions including scavenger hunts involving beautiful pieces of timber scattered throughout the venue; friendly contests where participants compete against one another in time trials involving different challenge scenarios such as making a set table or chair from scratch; and much more!

Historical Perspective on the IWF Atlanta Woodworking Show

The IWF Atlanta Woodworking Show has been held in the city for more than 30 years, making it one of the longest-running and most respected woodworking conventions and shows in the country. Hosted by the International Woodworking Fair (IWF) since 1989, this yearly event has grown to showcase over 675 industry exhibitors in addition to offering educational sessions, networking events, and inspiring demonstrations.

The prestigious IWF show is a great opportunity for woodwork professionals and hobbyists alike to come together to share ideas, network with peers, purchase tools and supplies, learn new techniques, attend seminars and workshops, discover new trends in the woodworking industry, and so much more. The organizers of IWF continually seek out emerging technologies, modern manufacturing methods and new types of materials that can help improve their business. For example, in 2019 they featured sustainable forestry topics that emphasized best harvest practices as well as responsible logging initiatives throughout the United States.

Through its long history spanning three decades from 1989 until now (2019), the IWF show has become an important part of the woodworking community; providing an invaluable resource for collaboration between various sectors within the industry such as designers, builders manufacturers and suppliers. Its international presence is also notable as visitors from throughout North America have traveled here each year to take advantage of this exciting opportunity to engage with likeminded individuals from all walks of life who come together each year with a shared passion for creating incredible works of art or practical goods out of wood. Furthermore high-profile celebrities have also appeared at previous shows including Gene Fields who spoke on barn caving at one such event held in preceding years.

Must-Know Tips for an Incredible IWF Experience

1. Act Fast: Tickets to the IWF Atlanta Woodworking Show run out quickly, so make sure you get yours as soon as possible!

2. Networking: If you’re looking for some insightful advice, the IWF is a perfect place to go. Meet experienced professionals who can provide helpful tips on techniques, advice on equipment, and connections for other woodworkers.

3. Bring Yourself Up To Date: There are many new products and technologies being introduced at the show every year. Make sure to take the time to check them out, learn how they work, and see how they compare with products you’ve used before.

4. Schedule Your Time: Don’t just wander aimlessly through the show floor – plan your route in advance or check off boxes of vendors that interest you ahead of time! It’s important to manage your time efficiently in order to really make the most of your experience and identify the best opportunities available at this unique event.

5. Stay Cozy: Make sure you bring a comfortable pair of shoes (or better yet ” a pair of sandals) because there will be lots of walking involved! The floors can also get quite cold from all the air conditioning so it’s always best to wear an extra layer such as a jacket or sweater during your stay in order to keep cozy during your visit!

6. Happening Events & Speakers: Be sure not to miss out on all of the amazing FREE presentations happening throughout each day of IWF- whether those include live demonstrations from top woodworking pros or seminars about trending topics within our industry, these events will be truly invaluable resources for gaining knowledge from experienced craftspeople alike!

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Walking Through the IWF Show Floor

As you walk through the IWF Atlanta Woodworking Show, you will be surprised at what awaits you. From tools and equipment to raw materials, there is something for everyone. As you explore the show floor, here is a room by room guide to help make the experience more enjoyable.

First stop should be in the Woodworking Machinery Room: Here you can find all sorts of saws, planers, routers and lathes from the world’s leading brands including DeWalt, Makita, Porter-Cable and Ryobi. There are also strops for sharpening knives and chisels, as well as accessories such as dust collection systems. Also don’t miss out on having a look around the CNC machine display in this area where you can discover new ways of working with wood with programmable machines.

Next visit the Power Tools Room to check out almost every type of handheld power tool from drills and impact drivers to sanders, circular saws and jigsaws. Of course they come with a wide selection of blades, bits and other accessories too. The specialists there will help select which one right for your project.

The Cabinet Hardware Room provides small touches that can really bring life to cabinetry projects. Knobs, pulls and other cabinet hardware made from different types of wood are available in a variety of colors and styles sure to exceed expectations. Supplies like decorative edge banding will add a touch of uniqueness to any project as well!

Head into the Wood Products & Supplies Room where many kinds of lumber are available including exotic species like tropical hardwoods or reclaimed boards made from salvaged urban trees ” whatever your project requires. Plus glues and adhesives, furniture components such as handles or slides can all be found here too!

The People Behind the IWF

The International Woodworking Fair (IWF), held annually in Atlanta, is widely known for showcasing the latest tools and technologies of the woodworking industry. The IWF team consists of a number of key figures and executives who collaborate to make this show possible.

Dave Peterson is the Executive Director of IWF, responsible for the organization’s planning, marketing strategies, and overall performance. He joined the IWF team in 1995 and has since become an essential part of the company. With his 20 years of experience, he brings a wealth of knowledge and dedication that ensures each show offers impeccable customer satisfaction.

John Oglesby is the Marketing Director at IWF Atlanta. His responsibilities include promoting the event across multiple platforms to ensure maximum exposure and success. In addition, he assists Dave Peterson by developing strategies to extend content reach both before and after each show; helping it stay relevant at all times throughout the year.

Darryl Park serves as President & CEO of IWF Atlanta Inc.; handling budgeting matters, creating strong partnerships with exhibitors, sponsors, media companies and government entities alike – all making a major contribution towards show’s financial stability as well as local community programs to help fund charitable organizations around Georgia.

Pam Marchesano serves as Business Development Manager at IWF Atlanta Inc.. She takes on a critical role in creating collaborations between various stake holders from top-tier manufacturers, marketers, distributors and other high-ranking decision makers involved in today’s woodworking industry. Her expertise helps provide invaluable resources through education courses & seminars during each show – keeping attendees informed with greatest trends within this trade sector along with introducing new ideas that pave way towards progression within this dynamic market niche continuously evolving worldwide.

Highlights of the IWF

The IWF Atlanta Woodworking Show is one of the biggest and best woodworking shows in the country. Held every year at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, it’s the place to go to stock up on supplies, check out new tools and equipment, network with industry professionals, attend seminars and lectures by skilled artisans, and see some amazing woodworking projects. With over 500 exhibitors featuring their latest products and services, plus 20 acres of exhibit space, there is something for everyone interested in woodworking!

One of the highlights of IWF Atlanta are all the breathtaking woodworking projects on display from both amateur and professional craftsmen from around the world. These displays include museum-quality artwork, stunning furniture pieces and dynamic sculptures crafted from a variety of exotic materials. You’ll find huge variety of techniques from traditional joinery methods to innovative approaches that blend technology with modern design principles. And if you’re looking for inspiration for your own projects”there’s no better place.

For those who like to mix business with pleasure, IWF Atlanta is home to a bustling trade show as well. Here you can connect with vendors showcasing their latest tools and innovations allowing participants to stay ahead of trends inside the industry while also getting incredible deals on supplies they need right away. Plus there are numerous educational events hosted by experts in a variety of fields who share tips and tricks for increasing shop productivity”allowing crafters to save time and money so that they can focus on what matters: creating amazing works of art with wood! Plus there’s even an “ask an expert booth” where any questions about materials or techniques can get answered quickly.

Get in Touch with the IWF

Attending the IWF Atlanta Woodworking Show is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest in woodworking technology, techniques, and materials. It’s also an opportunity to meet industry professionals and see what new ideas and inspiration their outlets have to offer. With over 800 exhibitors showcasing their products and services, attendees can get hands-on demonstrations of various machines, tools, and new ideas relevant to their projects. With panels, workshops, educational sessions, seminars, meet and greets with industry experts, plus furniture competitions, the IWF show has something for everyone. Whether you’re an established woodworker looking to diversify skills or a first time woodworking enthusiast, you will leave having gained some valuable insight into the world of woodworking, carpentry and design. The IWF Atlanta Woodworking Show provides an unparalleled opportunity to connect with some of the best minds in the whole wide world of woodworking so don’t hesitate to take advantage of it!

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Making the Most of the IWF Show

There are several strategies to get the most out of your visit to the IWF Atlanta Woodworking show. The keys for success during the show include planning ahead, networking and having a budget in mind.

Planning Ahead: Planning is key to ensuring you have a successful experience at the IWF Show. Make sure you have time blocked off in order to take advantage of the different happenings at the event. Be sure to designate specific days in order to attend conferences and networking events that are organized alongside the show. Also make sure you plan out which exhibitors you want to go see, what products you want to review and which new product innovations you would like to learn more about.

Networking: Networking with fellow woodworkers, exhibitors and experts attending the IWF show is an essential part of taking advantage of this unique event. Strike up conversations with those around you, join forums related to virtual museum shows or participate in roundtable discussions held by industry veterans during lunchtime meet-ups. Not only will it open up doors for potential business opportunities but it can also increase your knowledge base as well as give insight on current industry trends ” all invaluable resources for any woodworker!

Budgeting: Finally, it’s best to keep a reasonable budget when coming into the IWF show. Many exhibitors offer discounted trade show floor prices on their products; however, most visitors don’t know how much they should be spending while they are there. It is recommended that one sets aside an ideal budget before entering and sticks with it so they can explore all their options without feeling like they’ve overspent. Additionally, remember that discounts offered during special promotional periods throughout the length of the IWF Show may also be beneficial financially wise!

The IWF Aftermath

After the final bell has been rung and the last booth has been packed up, you may find yourself asking “now what?” Well, luckily there are plenty of things that can be done to make the most of your experience at the IWF Atlanta Woodworking Show. Here are some suggestions to consider:

1. Follow up with business contacts made: Take note of any meetings or conferences attended at IWF and follow up with those contacts soon after the show ends. Make sure to thank them for their time and reiterate your interest in working together ” there were likely many different people networking at this event, so it is important to keep your name out there!

2. Work on making connections online: Take advantage of social media outlets like LinkedIn and Twitter to connect with exhibitors and other attendees you met. Keep up with what industry news they post by following their accounts, responding when appropriate, and interacting whenever possible.

3. Share your experience: Don’t forget to spread the word about all the cool things you saw at IWF! Post photos on Instagram or a blog post outlining new trends noticed while attending ” it will not only help create brand awareness but also serve as a great way for potential customers to learn more about this impressive trade show.

4. Keep an eye on upcoming events: Be sure to stay updated on future shows, seminars or conventions being held in the woodworking or furniture manufacturing industry by subscribing to relevant newsletters or email listservs found online. This will ensure you don’t miss out on any must-attend conferences!


The IWF Atlanta Woodworking Show has been a huge success since it began in 1996. This show has grown to become the world’s largest annual woodworking exhibition and educational event. It brings together top industry professionals from around the world and offers a variety of workshops and seminars. From demonstrations on the latest tools and techniques, to inspiring lectures about creativity, craftsmanship, and design ” the IWF Atlanta Woodworking Show offers an unparalleled opportunity for anyone interested in woodworking or related industries such as metalworking or furniture making. The show also provides ample opportunities for networking among other professionals and experts in the trade, allowing attendees to make new contacts, make business deals, or find customers for their services. Knowing the impact of this long-running event is crucial for anyone who wants to stay up-to-date with the cutting edge developments within their specific industry. With over 10,000 participants every year, hundreds of exhibitors presenting their products and services, as well as countless ideas being exchanged ” the IWF Atlanta Woodworking Show remains one of the most anticipated events of every year for everyone involved in woodworking or related trades.

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