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Welcome to Jake’s Creative Woodworks, your source for custom craftsmanship and artistry. We specialize in crafting handcrafted wooden pieces of furniture and accessories tailored to exceed your expectations. Our team of experienced and talented craftspeople can make almost any type of furniture, including desks, chairs, tables, dressers, and shelves –we work with all types of woods to create the exact item you need. And we offer free design consultation services so that our team can develop a deep understanding of your specific needs before starting a project.

At Jake’s Creative Woodworks, we understand that customers are looking for unique pieces that reflect their own style. That’s why we are dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind works of art for every customer. Whether you want something traditional or modern, rustic or classic – we will work in collaboration with you from start to finish ensure the perfect piece is created just for you. Our attention to detail is unsurpassed; from the careful selection of wood grain patterns, colors and finishes – all the way down to small details like carefully carved legs and handles that add elegance to your customized furniture.

At Jake’s Creative Woodworks, no two projects look exactly alike as each piece is custom made with an incredible attention to detail that results in truly special pieces uniquely crafted just for you! With us, no vision is too grandiose – so whatever your dream may be – let Jake’s Creative Woodworks turn it into reality!

History and Expertise

Jake’s Creative Woodworks has been crafting beautiful wood works since 1936. For over 80 years, they have established themselves as a premier woodworking company that specializes in high quality custom furniture and artwork. They take care and pride in producing unique pieces with exquisite craftsmanship.

At Jake’s Creative Woodworks, they employ experienced artisans with decades of experience in the trade. Their top carpenters have developed methods to bring the best out of each type of wood through traditional techniques that involve careful sanding, polishing and painting. They strive to create one-of-a-kind handmade pieces that possess an air of generational durability and beauty. Each piece is thoroughly inspected several times during production to ensure attention to detail and superb quality control.

To complement their talented artisans, Jake’s Creative Woodworks uses only the highest quality materials for all their products. All their items are made from sustainable woods such as oak, maple and mahogany – allowing them to create elegant designs that stand the test of time. It is their creativity, blended with a passion for excellence, commitment to customer service, and respect for heritage that makes Jake’s Creative Woodworks one of the finest woodworking companies in the world today.


Jake’s Creative Woodworks is a premier woodworking and carpentry company specializing in custom designs. Our team of experienced and skilled craftsmen are dedicated to creating the highest quality wooden works of art. We provide a full-service menu of services, including construction, upholstery, furniture-making, cabinet-building, millwork, and trim carpentry.

At Jake’s Creative Woodworks we use only the finest quality lumber and materials to ensure that your project is of the utmost craftsmanship. No matter what your specifications may be, our team is committed to delivering superior results that you can be proud of for years to come. From intricate designs with curved edges and inlaid pieces to simple framed boxes, no job is too big or too small! Whether you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind piece for your home or need custom works for your business, our team has the tools and experience needed to create exactly what you had in mind.

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We also specialize in restoring and refinishing classic furniture so it looks like new again. Plus, we offer free estimates making sure all customers know exactly how much their project will cost before beginning work. With Jake’s Creative Woodworks you can rest assured knowing that all projects are done right, on time and on budget – guaranteed!


Jake’s Creative Woodworks is an artisan carpentry business that specializes in creating unique furniture and objects from reclaimed wood and other materials. They work closely with their clients to design custom projects that reflect the individual styles of their patrons. Working out of a workshop in the small town of San Francisco, Jake’s Creative Woodworks has created pieces ranging from custom home furnishings to intricate designs for the commercial market. In addition to furniture, they also make architectural elements, sculpture, wall art and more.

At Jake’s Creative Woodworks, they take pride in bringing each project to life through creative designs. The use of color and texture is integral in each design as they strive to express themselves through each work crafted with care. Their skilled team of craftsmen uses a variety of techniques such as hand-carving, routing, milling, sanding, laminating and much more to bring out the best features in each piece of wood. Clients often have specific details that are incorporated into each item, such as intricate engravings or marquetry. Jake’s Creative Woodworks also incorporates metalsmithing techniques when requested for a truly unique finish.

By continually pushing themselves creatively and challenging industry standards for quality and craftsmanship, Jake’s Creative Woodworks strives to create functional works of art that will last generations. Inspiration comes from all around – from nature itself to ideas from clients – allowing them to draw upon various sources for unique designs. In addition to hand-crafted furniture pieces, they offer vintage refurbishment services including cabinetry restoration, refinishing after water or fire damage and many more related services. Enjoyment comes from seeing how clients incorporate their beautiful creations into homes throughout the world!


Many customers are avid advocates of Jake’s Creative Woodworks and have a great appreciation for the level of workmanship that goes into each piece that is created. Whether it be a rustic dining table, sleek lacquer finished nightstand or intricately detailed armoire, customers love their finished product and enjoy showing it off to friends and family members who visit them. Frequently referred to as ‘functional works of art’, each piece crafted by Jake is customized to suit the specific needs and tastes of the customer.

Former customer, Jack D., had this to say about his experience with Jake’s: “I’ve been looking for custom wood furniture for years without any success until I found Jake’s Creative Woodworks. From start to finish, he went above and beyond in helping me design my ideal piece. His attention to detail allowed me to build something with exactly what I wanted – from size adjustments for my tall ceilings down to small details such as wood grain preferences. The end result was absolutely stunning! It was worth every penny!”

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Jack isn’t alone in his satisfaction with Jake’s Creative Woodworks; other former clients have commended Jake on his top-notch craftsmanship as well as his willingness and ability to accommodate their unique requests. Danielle A., another previous customer said: “I was having trouble finding a chest of drawers that would fit perfectly into the corner of my bedroom until I found Jake’s Creative Woodworks. With his help, we were able to design the ideal chest specifically tailored for that exact space – down to the measurements! Every aspect was taken into consideration making sure that nothing gets overlooked.”


Jake’s Creative Woodworks provides customers with resources to help better understand their woodworking needs. Through helpful videos, tutorials, and product reviews from experts in the field, woodworkers can find valuable insight into the type of woodworking projects they may wish to embark on. Educational videos can provide a step-by-step guide on how to construct something like a bookshelf or entertainment console while product reviews can provide an overview of pros and cons associated with different types of materials or tools. Tutorials can offer advice on the best techniques for using specific power tools or hand tools for cutting, sanding, and shaping wooden pieces for various projects. Finally, customers can watch interviews with established woodworkers to hear about their methods and success stories in the world of woodworking. By researching external resources from Jake’s Creative Woodworks, customers will have all the knowledge they need to make well-informed decisions when it comes to their woodworking endeavors.


At Jake’s Creative Woodworks, customers can easily learn more about their services and how to get in contact with the company. They have an informative website, which outlines all of their services and provides detail on projects they have completed in the past. Additionally, they offer a free quote service on their website, so customers can get a better understanding of what costs are associated with any project they request. Those looking for more information or to request a certain service can easily reach out via email, phone call or simply fill out the contact form provided on their website. Furthermore, Jake’s Creative Woodworks has a knowledgeable team that is always available to answer customer inquiries and provide helpful advice about any woodworking project you may be considering taking on. So whether you’re just looking for information or ready to start your next project; Jake’s Creative Woodworks is the perfect partner to help bring your vision to life.

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