Lee Valley Woodworking Tools Canada

Introduction to Lee Valley Woodworking Tools Canada

Lee Valley Woodworking Tools Canada is a trusted provider of premium-quality woodworking tools and supplies. Since the mid-1970s, Lee Valley has been committed to providing its customers with affordable, well-made products that are designed to last for generations. The company has earned an excellent reputation over the years for supplying professional woodworkers with reliable, top-of-the line power tools, hand tools, organizational aids, jigs, and related accessories.

Some of the most popular products in Lee Valley’s extensive catalog include:

Power Tools: Routers, circular saws, miter saws and other power tools provide professionals with precise performance and accuracy when cutting or shaping materials.

Hand Tools: Hand planes, hammer drills and specialized chisels make it easy to craft intricate details.

Organization Aids: Dowel centers, crosscut sleds and measuring tapes help organize a workshop to improve efficiency.

Jigs: Router table plates, biscuit joiners and other specialized jigs assist with more complicated projects.

Accessories: Router bits in various sizes for trimming edges is just one example of the dozens of helpful accessories available from Lee Valley Woodworking Tools Canada

History of Lee Valley Woodworking Tools Canada

Lee Valley Woodworking Tools Canada was established in 1977 by like-minded woodworking tool enthusiasts, Leonard and Gerry Lee. Both were passionate about woodturning, carving, and metalworking. They named their business after the small town in New Brunswick where they grew up, sharing a mutual appreciation for local Canadian heritage craftsmanship.

The pair began with a modest selection of tools in their first store located near Ottawa, Canada. Today, Lee Valley has grown to include a wide range of high quality professional tools used by hobbyists and professionals alike. Through the years they have broadened their range to include exotic woods and strived to bring seemingly unobtainable specialized tools to North American customers. In addition, they are well known for introducing unique offerings such as tempered steel rulers and wooden marking gauges into the mainstream hobbyist market.

Throughout the decades Lee Valley has continued to see immense growth as it remains dedicated to offering its customers innovative products as well as unbeatable customer service and support. Customers often reminisce about its distinctively warm and welcoming atmosphere – something that will never change at Lee Valley Woodworking Tools Canada. And although the company is no longer operated by the Lees themselves (as Leonard retired in 2015), their legacy will continue for many generations to come!

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Benefits of Shopping with Lee Valley Woodworking Tools Canada

When you shop with Lee Valley Woodworking Tools Canada, you can rest assured that the products are high quality and the customer service is second to none. Customers across Canada have shared their positive experiences with the company, calling it “a great source of woodworking tools!” They appreciate the wide selection available, as well as how knowledgeable and helpful the staff is – they even offer tips on how to use various tools effectively. Customers also praise Lee Valley for its quick shipping, competitive prices and reliable return policy. Whether you’re a skilled woodworker or a hobbyist just starting out, Lee Valley has what you need to make your projects a success!

Types of Woodworking Tools Available

Lee Valley Woodworking Tools Canada offers an extensive selection of specialized tools for all varieties of woodworking tasks. This includes hand tools such as chisels, saws, plane irons, hammers and carving tools; power tools such as band saws, drills and routers; edge clamps, bench hooks, marking gauges and doweling jigs; abrasives including sandpaper and files; drill bits; measuring and layout equipment such as squares and straight edges; vices ranging from light to heavy-duty machinery such as jointers and planers. The company also offers spare parts for most major brands including Metabo, Makita and Bosch. Lee Valley also provides services including sharpening of hand tool blades and restoring or refinishing older power tools. Additionally, they provide educational resources such as online “how-to” videos and seminars to help users select the right tool for their job. Quality is a priority at Lee Valley Woodworking Tools Canada with each product backed by a lifetime warranty against defects in material or workmanship.

Tips and Tricks for Shopping with Lee Valley Woodworking Tools Canada

Deciding which woodworking tool to buy from Lee Valley can be a difficult decision. To help you make the best choice, we have come up with some tips and tricks you should consider when shopping.

1. Quality: Always look at the quality of the tools you are considering. It is important to read customer reviews, as feedback can be very helpful in determining if it is a reliable product or not.

2. Brand Name: Make sure that you are buying a high-quality brand name product since these will generally last longer and be more dependable than lesser-known brands.

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3. Price: Identify how much money you’re willing to spend before beginning your search so that you don’t wind up spending more than necessary on a tool that isn’t worth it. This makes it easier to compare prices between the different tools without getting sidetracked by any fancy features or discounts that may no longer be available after purchase.

4. Features: Different brands often have slightly different features available on their tools, so take time to analyze each one and decide which ones are right for your project or application before making a purchase decision. If multiple options appear equally suitable, go ahead and choose whichever one fits within your budget best!

5. Warranty: Before going forward with purchasing any tool, find out what kind of warranty is being offered by the company in case something goes wrong with it in the future and they aren’t able to fix it.. That way, you’ll know your investments are protected should something unexpected happen after the purchase date has passed.

Reasons to Choose Lee Valley Woodworking Tools Canada

Lee Valley Woodworking Tools Canada offers excellent quality tools that are both durable and reliable. Their tools are designed for strength and longevity, meaning that each tool will last for many years with proper care. The materials used in the manufacturing process are of superior quality, so you can be sure that your woodworking projects will last for a long time. Plus, these tools come at affordable prices, making them an especially appealing option for woodworkers on a budget. With Lee Valley Woodworking Tools Canada, you know that you’re getting top-notch products at reasonable prices.


At Lee Valley Woodworking Tools Canada, we are committed to providing you with the best quality woodworking tools and supplies. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, our vast selection of products will ensure that you have all the tools you need to get the job done. With our unbeatable prices and free shipping over $125, shop now for all your woodworking needs! Don’t wait any longer – take advantage of our amazing discounts and make your order today with Lee Valley Woodworking Tools Canada.

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