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Feature Potential Customers

At Lonnie Bird Woodworking, we understand that our customers are at the heart of our business. That’s why we believe in showcasing the work we have done for them proudly. We like to highlight customer profiles and feature stories in order to give potential customers an insight into how Lonnie Bird Woodworking has helped others along their woodworking journey. We do this through interviews with current customers, photographs of projects they have worked on, reviews they have given us and much more. This helps potential customers to get a better understanding of what our company can offer them and the kind of quality results they can expect when working with our team; this gives greater confidence and assurance An example of a Lonnie Bird Woodworking customer profile feature may include: Robert from New Orleans was looking to build his own wooden coffee table when he decided to enlist the help from us. He shared with us that he was impressed by the turnaround time and highly professional manner of our staff. The coffee table turned out exactly as he had imagined – it became both a source of pride and a cherished centrepiece for his home. To conclude, Robert was very pleased with the final product and style that had been crafted by our team!

Areas Served

Lonnie Bird Woodworking is proud to serve clients in the greater Delano area. Customers from nearby towns such as Easton, Remsen, Jefferson, and Albion have access to high-quality custom woodworking services from our expert team.

With projects ranging from bespoke cabinets and furniture to intricate trim work and moulding, we are proud to offer an elite selection of services to our customers in these areas. Every project is designed with precision and no detail is overlooked when crafting the perfect product for each customer. We believe that attention to detail keeps us one of the top options for quality woodworking services in the region.

Our customers appreciate receiving beautiful handmade items that can be used in their homes or businesses. Whether they are after something modern, traditional, vintage, or something truly unique – Lonnie Bird Woodworking has it all! Clients benefit from using our custom services because they receive quality handcrafted pieces that no two homes will contain alike – a personal touch that only a craftsman can create!

Environmental Impact

Lonnie Bird Woodworking is committed to environmental sustainability. As such, they have implemented several initiatives to reduce their impact on the environment. To minimize waste, Lonnie Bird utilizes an innovative process in which all scrap wood is recycled properly and reused as firewood in their local communities. In addition, they use eco-friendly stains and sealants that are non-toxic and free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). To reduce energy consumption, Lonnie Bird has installed LED lighting throughout their facility and utilizes a state-of-the-art wood kiln that ensures efficient drying without wasting electricity. Finally, Lonnie Bird sources sustainably grown timber from suppliers who prioritize healthy forestry practices, helping to preserve the environment.

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Awards & Recognition

Lonnie Bird Woodworking has been the recipient of multiple awards and recognition since its inception in 2003. In the past few years, the company was honored with a Craftsmanship Award from the American Society of Furniture Designers. They have also been recognized by Fine Woodworking magazine as having one of their best-detailed projects in recent years. They were awarded a Grand Prize in Popular Woodworking Magazine’s national competition for innovation in woodworking design. Additionally, they have won numerous awards at furniture shows around the country, such as Best Custom Category at the Dallas Market Center’s prestigious showroom design award competition, and Best Traditional Category at the Texas Home & Garden Show’s Home Goods Showcase competition. Lonnie Bird Woodworking has also received praise from local artisans for building quality furniture using sustainable woods and materials. Their unique designs are acclaimed by both industry veterans and amateur woodworkers alike for their attention to detail and craftsmanship.


Lonnie Bird Woodworking is committed to providing woodworking enthusiasts of all levels with the best resources for their projects. Aside from our selection of top-notch tools, supplies and materials, we also provide a wealth of information to help support and enhance customers’ woodworking journeys.

For those just getting started, we recommend they check out some informative beginner’s guides such as The Complete Illustrated Guide To Furniture & Cabinet Construction by Andy Rae, Tage Frid Teaches Woodworking (DVD series), The Basics of Cabinet Making by Gary Rogowski or The Foundations of Better Woodworking by Christopher Schwarz. We also suggest watching instructional videos available on YouTube or other online platforms for a more visual learning opportunity.

For those who are looking to expand their existing skillset, there’s no shortage of material available—from websites dedicated to woodworking how-tos and detailed plans with blueprints to virtual classes that can be done in the comfort of home to in-person workshops hosted by experienced professionals. Books like Handmade: Creative Focus in the Age Of Distraction by Mark Frauenfelder and Hand Tool Essentials: Refine Your Power Tool Projects With Hand Tool Techniques by Popular Woodworking offer sound advice and tips on perfecting hand tool techniques in combination with power tools.

Gifts For Someone Who Likes Woodworking

Our goal at Lonnie Bird Woodworking is to make sure everyone has access not only to unparalleled materials but high-quality sources to aid them during their project creation process as well!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of woodworking services does Lonnie Bird Woodworking offer?
A: Lonnie Bird Woodworking offers a wide range of custom carpentry, millwork, and furniture fabrication services. We specialize in producing custom cabinetry, furniture, kitchens and baths, architectural millwork and paneling, doors and windows, as well as other interior and exterior components.

Q: How long has Lonnie Bird Woodworking been in business?
A: Our company has been providing quality woodworking services since 1983.

Q: Do you use sustainable materials?
A: Yes! We are committed to using eco-friendly materials whenever possible. All our lumber is expertly sourced from certified sustainable forests and every project is tailored towards providing the best environmental solution.

Puzzles & Games

Lonnie Bird Woodworking offers a wide selection of puzzles and games that can bring hours of fun to any group. Whether you’re looking for an easy-to-carry travel puzzle, or something more intricate like an interlocking wooden block set, Lonnie Bird Woodworking is the place to go. With products crafted by expert craftspeople with years of experience crafting the perfect balance between form, function and beauty, you can be sure that any item chosen from their range will last a lifetime. Each game or puzzle comes in either traditional wood grain design or striking Modern colors. And, every item is made from sustainably sourced wood – so you can feel good about your purchase and support nature conservation as well. With Lonnie Bird Woodworking puzzles and games, you know that you are getting a quality item without having to leave home!

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