Bird In Hand Woodworks Inc

Introduction to Bird In Hand Woodworks Inc

Bird In Hand Woodworks Inc is a family-run business founded in 2003. The name itself comes from an old English phrase which means to have full control of a situation, and this is what the company strives for. Their aim is to provide high quality woodworking services to clients all around the world.

Since their establishment, the company has grown at a steady pace and established itself as a leading provider of custom woodworking solutions. Bird In Hand Woodworks Inc believe in creating unique, beautiful and functional design pieces that last forever and make lasting memories.

The core values at Bird In Hand are Quality, Innovation and Integrity. Every aspect of their design process is focused on these three elements with the goal of exceeding customer expectations with each product crafted. Their mission statement is to create customized projects that exceed the highest standards for craftsmanship without cutting corners or compromising quality along the way. It’s no surprise that their products attract many loyal customers from all over the globe!

Bird In Hand Woodworks Inc’s Product Offerings

Bird In Hand Woodworks Inc offers a range of high-quality wood products, crafted with attention to detail and traditional craftsmanship. Their product list includes furniture such as custom tables, beds and headboards, kitchen cabinets, storage cabinets, chairs and stools, shelves, armoires and more.

Their furniture is designed with superior materials that last longer compared to other types of furniture. Every piece is designed to be the perfect balance of style and function in order to make the most out of living and working space. All design decisions are made with an eye on creating timeless pieces with superior quality that give any room added character. The variety of Woods used include oak, cherry, pine mahogany and walnut ensuring a unique match for every application.

Their unique benefit also includes custom designs which allow customers to tailor pieces special for their home or office setting. Customers can customize color, size dimensions shapes and many other details to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece that fits their needs perfectly. Bird In Hand Woodworks Inc’s customer first approach also provides friendly service representatives that ensure satisfaction throughout the process. From start to finish they strive to deliver only quality products with lasting value whether it’s large scale residential project or small retail fixtures inside private homes or offices

Bird In Hand Woodworks Inc’s Leadership

The leadership team of Bird In Hand Woodworks Inc includes five hard-working and dedicated individuals who are always striving to push their business to the next level.

The well-respected CEO, Mark Edwards, started the company in the basement of his parents’ house over 25 years ago and has since grown it into one of the most successful woodworking businesses in the region. Mark has a strong commitment to providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service, and is always looking for new ways to improve Bird In Hand Woodworks Inc.

The Vice President of Operations, Tony Sims, has been with Bird In Hand Woodworks Inc for over 10 years. He is responsible for day-to-day operations as well as managing the factory floor, ensuring that all projects are completed on time and with high levels of quality. Tony is passionate about creating an environment where everyone gets the opportunity to grow professionally.

The President of Sales & Marketing, Joe Jones brings almost 20 years experience in sales and marketing to Bird In Hand Woodworks Inc. Joe’s main goal is expanding awareness of their products and services across all markets so that they can reach even more customers around the world. He also consistently looks for innovative strategies for meeting customer needs in exciting new ways.

Lucinda Smith manages all human resources and administration functions at Bird In Hand Woodworks Inc., including employee recruitment, benefits programs and training initiatives – with an eye towards building a better workplace culture and ensuring that everyone works hard but has fun while they do it! Lucinda takes her job very seriously; she believes strongly in supporting team members through recognition and rewards as well as continually developing their skills so they can reach their full potentials.

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Finally, CFO Robert Frank leads Bird In Hands financial affairs with an eye towards innovation, sustainability and success. Robert ensures that all financial decisions align with the company strategy while staying compliant with industry regulations; he seeks out opportunities for growth by detecting trends within their clients’ markets and crafting tailor-made solutions for them. As a long-time leader within the organization Robert is especially committed to maintaining excellence within every aspect of their operations today – setting them up for continued success tomorrow!

Bird In Hand Woodworks Inc’s Enduring Quality

Bird In Hand Woodworks Inc. is an artisan workshop based in North America that produces quality furniture and wooden home decor items, using the finest materials. All of their products are handmade by local craftsmen with a commitment to creating beautiful works of art that will bring years of pleasure to those who purchase them. From the harvesting of the raw materials to the cutting, sanding and finishing stages – no detail is overlooked when working on a project for Bird In Hand Woodworks Inc.

The craftsmen understand how important it is that their products provide not just beauty but also function – echoing traditional styles whilst being fit for purpose in a modern-day home or workplace. Everything they make comes with an unwavering promise of enduring quality, one kept by passionate experienced professionals that care about each part they have created. Their passion is evident in every detail ensuring the longevity of their products which will last many generations whether its hardwood cupboards, chairs crafted from reclaimed wood or even something bespoke made to a customer’s exact specifications in mind.

When commissioning a product from Bird In Hand Woodworks Inc., you can feel at ease knowing that there are skilled individuals taking pride in every step they take throughout each project. Every item reflects this commitment and dedication producing superior workmanship worthy of any showroom display or highlight showcase that will be talked about for many years to come!

Bird In Hand Woodworks Inc’s Customer Service

Bird In Hand Woodworks Inc offers comprehensive customer service through their website and in store. Their website outlines their policies, guarantees, and customer reviews so customers can make informed decisions.

For starters, Bird In Hand Woodworks Inc provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This is offered on all new orders; if you do not love your piece of furniture they will issue a full refund at the time of return. In addition to this great policy, free shipping is available on select orders over a certain amount. If delivery times are an issue it may be possible for them to arrange for a special express shipment for an additional fee.

In terms of customer reviews, Bird In Hand Woodworks Inc displays feedback from past customers directly on their website. These comments give people the chance to learn from the experience of others who have purchased products from the company before making their own purchase. This can be invaluable for those who are unsure about any aspect of the ordering process or have questions about the quality or design of the pieces.

Overall, Bird In Hand Woodworks Inc has policies, guarantees and customer reviews that provide confidence and peace of mind when approaching a potential purchase with them.

Bird In Hand Woodworks Inc’s Production Process

1. Designing – Bird In Hand Woodworks Inc prides itself on creating high-quality, exquisitely designed products. The design process usually begins with one of their talented designers drawing a detailed sketch of the product that customer has asked for or developing a concept from scratch to meet customer demand.

2. Cutting – Once the design meets approval from the customers, it is passed onto their skilled woodworkers who then use large scale industrial saws to precisely cut and shape the pieces accordingly. The workers measure and mark the wood for further processing for any type of joints or intricate details needed in the product.

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3. Sanding– After cutting and forming, each piece is thoroughly sanded by experienced craftsmen, paying attention to all parts of the object – every corner, peak, joint and crevice needs to be addressed if they want to deliver perfection as promised to their customers. They make sure that each piece fits together perfectly before moving forward with assembly.

4. Assembling – This step happens by either using adhesives, applying pressure using clamps or hand-riveting them together depending on the nature of joins required for a perfect finish. It is important for them that no parts are left undone at this stage because that would reduce the value of their products significantly in terms of looks and longevity.

5 Finishing – Depending on what kind of look is desired by the customer, expert finishing techniques such as paints & polishes are used here along with tools like chisels & files to achieve those precise results they are known for delivering consistently!

Bird In Hand Woodworks Inc’s Environmental Impact

Bird In Hand Woodworks Inc is a family-owned business dedicated to responsibly producing superior hardwood products. They take great pride in their commitment to the environment and are always looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact.

The company engages in a wide variety of green initiatives, such as using sustainable production practices, harvesting woods from locally managed forests, and researching alternative sources of energy. Bird In Hand also utilizes certified forestry guidelines, which help ensure that all forest resources are used responsibly. Through partnering with sustainably managed timber companies, the company is able to source ethically sourced wood for its operations and decrease dependence on global wood markets.

In addition to sourcing materials from local and responsible suppliers, Bird In Hand invests heavily in new technologies and processes that enable them to create more products with less energy consumption. To reduce waste, the company reuses offcuts from production, recycles scrapwood into shavings for animal bedding, and donates extra materials to community events or charities for later reuse. Further reducing their carbon footprint, the company has even implemented solar energy into some of their operations.

The efforts of Bird In Hand demonstrate an admirable commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability that can serve as a model for similar companies looking to reduce their environmental impact.


Bird In Hand Woodworks Inc is a family-owned and operated business that prides itself on providing customers with top quality craftsmanship and customer service. With over 30 years of experience in the custom woodworking industry, Bird In Hand is known for producing exceptional custom pieces with attention to detail and precision. Their team consists of master craftsman capable of creating unique items from standard hardware, hand-crafted furniture, specialty products, and custom millwork. The experts at Bird In Hand have an in-depth understanding of woods, finishes, joinery, machine work, and the capabilities for creating contemporary artwork in addition to traditional classics. The company also offers full-scale services such as design consultation and project consultation to ensure the job meets customer expectations. Along with their expertise in woodworking and design, Bird In Hand offers personalized customer service so each customer feels valued every step of the way. With their commitment to excellence, Bird In Hand Woodworks Inc is the perfect choice for anyone looking for stunning wooden pieces crafted with care.

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