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Bird In Hand Woodworks is led by a team of passionate and experienced woodworkers. The team includes owner, Adam Porter, who has been leading the business for almost 20 years. His vast knowledge and experience in the field make him an invaluable asset to the company.

The company also employs two master craftsman, Cecil Franklin, who has over 15 years of experience in custom cabinet making and Scott Stephenson who specializes in antique furniture restoration. Both craftsmen bring a wealth of skill and knowledge to the table that give Bird In Hand Woodworks a unique point of difference when it comes to providing bespoke woodworking solutions.

In addition to their pivotal roles, the Bird In Hand Woodworks team consists of members with a variety of specialties ranging from woodsourcing, design to hand crafted finishes. This combination allows them to provide customers with an array of services that fit their needs while staying true to their vision of creating functional art pieces that will be treasured for generations.

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The custom projects produced by Bird In Hand Woodworks are special and unique, crafted with dedication and care. Bird In Hand Woodworks pride themselves on giving each project the creative attention it needs. It all begins with the initial conversation between customer and craftsman so that they can work together to design an item from visions to reality.

Once a custom design is agreed upon, planning goes into every detail of the project ” from selecting the perfect wood species for its purpose, resourcing it locally if possible, considering specific design elements for protection or decoration, precising any joints needed necessary for construction and flattening of stocked surfaces. Every stage requires supreme craftsmanship and dedication.

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With 3D modelling technology and high-quality tools used in production in their workshop, Bird In Hand Woodworks have produced some remarkable items over their years of work ” from bespoke furniture pieces such as chairs, tables, bed frames to smaller items like spoon rests or cutting boards carved to perfection with intricate details. They ensure that each piece they create is unique while also safe and secure to use in any home environment.

It’s clear with each one-of-a-kind item produced by Bird In Hand Woodworks that as much planning goes into the creative process than into the actual physical production.

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“Bird In Hand Woodworks has created a truly incredible series of furniture pieces for my home. Not only is their craftsmanship impeccable, but they were incredibly professional and went above and beyond to ensure I was happy with their products. Highly recommended!” – Samantha S.

“We have been so pleased with our experience at Bird In Hand Woodworks. Their workmanship is perfection, and their customer service was impeccable. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for the best in quality crafting.” – Mike K.

“I recently purchased a beautiful piece from Bird In Hand Woodworks, and I’m absolutely delighted! The attention to detail is remarkable, and the craftsmanship couldn’t be better! Truly top notch!”- Gary T.

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Bird In Hand Woodworks specializes in custom furniture making and finishing. The quality of their craftsmanship has earned them the reputation of producing unique, made-to-order pieces that are beautiful and timeless. They selectively source wood from certified sustainable forests, domestically and internationally, for its durability and natural beauty. Bird In Hand uses traditional techniques such as mortise & tenon joinery to ensure lasting integrity in the construction of furniture. They also use a variety of finishes to protect the wood such as oil/varnish blends, waxes, paints and lacquers. In addition to traditional hardwoods like hickory, walnut, mahogany, oak, teak and cherry they also utilize a variety of reclaimed lumber to create one-of-a-kind heirloom pieces with rustic charm.

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Bird In Hand Woodworks specializes in crafting beautiful, one-of-a-kind furniture with a focus on quality and craftsmanship. To showcase the beauty of their custom design and carpentry work, we can add photos and videos highlighting the unique pieces that come out of Bird In Hand Woodworks’ shop.

Pictures of the craftsmanship behind each piece could be featured, as well as before-and-after shots of completed projects that demonstrate the potential for custom design. Photos could also include a close look at the details in woodgrain and woodworking techniques employed by the workshop. Videos might feature interviews with customers or artisans discussing their favorite projects, or timelapses of specific building processes. It would be great to see how these skilled craftsmen transform raw materials into stunning works of art that last!

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