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Black River Valley Woodworking in Castorland, NY is a family owned business that specializes in crafting distinctive wooden products. The furniture created by the company is hand-crafted from hardwood logs gathered from the surrounding woodlands, providing each piece with its own unique and beautiful character. Additionally, the pieces are assembled using traditional tools and techniques to ensure durability and quality for a lifetime of use. Not only does Black River Valley Woodworking provide furniture, but they also offer architectural millwork services where custom components such as trims, frames and panels can be designed and fabricated based off of individual specifications. With an extensive knowledge of natural materials like logs and timber, Black River Valley Woodworking blends beauty and art to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces that not only fulfill basic needs but also invoke beauty as well.


Black River Valley Woodworking Castorland Ny produce a wide range of wooden products that span a variety of styles and designs. From hand-crafted furniture to carved home decor items, each piece is made with quality craftsmanship that allows it to stand out from the crowd. People shopping at this store have an extensive selection of heirloom-quality pieces such as dining tables and chairs, coffee tables, mantels, chests, benches, rocking chairs, armoires, wall art pieces, wardrobes, plant stands, and decors such as clocks and picture frames. For outdoor projects they can also offer garden boxes and pergolas made of wood. Besides making custom pieces they also carry ready-made items which include knickknacks like coat racks or magazine racks. Everything in their store is made in America using locally sourced wood like cherry wood or walnut wood depending on the finish. Customers can also order personalized gifts for special occasions as well as industrial-style tables suitable for both residential and commercial settings.

Location Spotlight

The small town of Castorland Ny in Black River Valley is home to an abundance of woodworking artisans who are dedicated to creating high-quality crafts from locally sourced materials. It is a place where craftsmanship and quality are of the utmost importance. From woodcarvers to furniture makers, you can find endless examples of sophisticated pieces which showcase the talents of those living in the area. Each artisan puts their own unique personal touches on their products, allowing for a wide variety of offerings to choose from – regardless if it’s for decoration or for daily use.

Castorland Ny’s woodworking community does not only focus on fine craftmanship but also takes great pride in embracing sustainable practices and producing eco-friendly products. With wood being the raw material that first inspired these passionate creators, they ensure each piece is made with no harm or waste to our environment by using renewable resources and employing methods that reduce energy consumption.

The Black River Valley has long been known as a location full of creative talent, and so has Castorland Ny! Thanks to its nearly 20 years worth of residents dedicated to perfecting their art form through generations, you’re guaranteed nothing but quality crafted products when you purchase here. If you’re lucky enough to visit during one of you may be able experience some amazing open-air workshops where local artisans work together on large projects like barns and cabins using traditional techniques and time tested materials that don’t just look beautiful but also last for generations. So why wait? Stop by Castorland Ny today and support this amazing community that proudly continues their craftsmanship trade!

Design Tips & Tools

Black River Valley Woodworking is located in Castorland, New York. It is owned by master craftsman Mark Goldschmidt, who has been working in the furniture and woodworking industry for more than 20 years.

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Mark has crafted everything from cabinets and chairs to beds and custom furniture pieces. His work stands out both in quality and design. In this interview, we ask him to provide some tips on design and what tools he uses to complete his projects.

When asked about his favorite design tip, Mark recommends keeping things simple and clean ” no fancy designs or finishes needed to do a great job on a piece of furniture. He says that focusing on basic shapes instead of complicated details can create a timeless look for furniture or decorating pieces.

Mark also stresses the importance of choosing a quality wood for each project, as well as having the right tools to bring it all together into one beautiful piece of craftsmanship. He likes using hand tools when possible rather than power tools because it ensures a higher level of control over accuracy, but for larger projects, power tools are an essential part of his arsenal. The type of tool used depends on the particular project being worked on, but basics like chisels, saws and routers will handle most tasks just fine.

Finally, besides having the right tools and approaches to design, Mark advises avoiding shortcuts where possible and taking pride in your work to make sure every piece looks its best when completed.


Black River Valley Woodworking Castorland Ny has made it their mission to establish connections and build community partnerships for their woodworking projects. The team is working on initiatives to promote collaboration and connection between local businesses, suppliers, schools, designers, builders, and trade union partners as well as other woodworking enthusiasts.

The company values the importance of developing meaningful relationships and connections across the industry. Through these partnerships they have been able to create new opportunities for growth in terms of both product development and customer satisfaction. For example, the partnership with schools has created internship opportunities for students interested in woodworking as well as giving students a chance to learn about modern woodworking techniques in a hands-on environment.

Additionally, Black River Valley Woodworking Castorland Ny has also connected with surrounding local businesses by maintaining close collaborations with them to bring fresh ideas and designs into their products while ensuring they are up to date on current trends in the industry. This practice helps keep customers satisfied with current styles while also benefitting local businesses who supply resources that help bring these designs to life.

Black River Valley Woodworking Castorland Ny will continue creating lasting partnerships and building relationships through initiatives such as apprenticeships programs that provide work experience for youth; mentoring program of experienced craftspeople; and events designed to bring people together from all aspects of the craftsmanship field. All of these methods demonstrate the company’s commitment to the growth of the local economy by encouraging positive interactions between its partners in order to generate job opportunities and foster creativity within its community.

The Impact

Black River Valley Woodworking Castorland Ny encourages the preservation of the natural environment by utilizing sustainably sourced materials and processes within their creations. Their commitment to eco-conscious practices has not only been beneficial for the planet, but has also meant greater profitability for the family owned business.

Not only is Black River Valley Woodworking Castorland Ny committed to helping the environment, they are increasing awareness on how small businesses can make a difference by inspiring others to think differently about their production process and methods. They encourage those starting out in woodworking to consider the sourcing of their materials carefully and try opting for more sustainable practices.

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Their education initiatives help to promote responsible use of resources and minimal environmental impact, when it comes to crafting essential household items such as tables, chairs and beds. Black River Valley Woodworking Castorland Ny have partnered with local schools and universities, offering internships and educational courses that teach people of all ages how their business model works with taking into account environmental considerations.

As a result, this initiative means that not just those directly connected with woodworking businesses are becoming aware of more eco-friendly methods ” but even those who might not be familiar with such concepts now understand the vital importance of being mindful and honest about resources used in production chains. By working hand in hand with educational institutions, Black River Valley Woodworking Castorland Ny will continue to spark conversation around these topics. In turn, further motivating other businesses to be more conscience of what they use and how they dispose it in order to protect our environment.


Black River Valley Woodworking in Castorland, NY is a provider of unique tools, materials, and equipment for woodworking. They specialize in providing supplies to crafting enthusiasts and helping new crafters learn the intricacies of the craft. They have a vast selection of woods from around the world and can provide advice on choosing the best type to accomplish your project goals.

In addition to being a supplier for woodworking materials, Black River Valley Woodworking also offers support services for their customers. They have an experienced staff who would be willing to help any customer from beginners to experienced veterans with their projects. The company offers tutorials and classes at their facility covering topics such as basic joinery techniques, sharpening hand tools and planing wood. They also hold monthly events designed for woodworkers to come together and share ideas and experiences within their community. Black River Valley Woodworking even has an online forum where customers can discuss methods, ask questions, or share pictures of their work.

Black River Valley Woodworking strives to make sure that everyone involved in the crafting community feels supported in their efforts. Their commitment to creating a welcoming atmosphere while also providing proficient expertise helps encourage enthusiasm throughout the craft community. Whether it’s helping spark beginner interest or feeding into existing passions, they aim to feed the fire of passion that drives craft completions throughout Castorland, NY and beyond its borders!


When it comes to choosing a woodworking business, Black River Valley Woodworking Castorland Ny is an ideal choice. They specialize in traditional style woodworking furniture and custom built pieces with plenty of options to choose from. Using only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, customers can be sure that their product will last for years. In addition, their process is highly efficient, with quick turnaround times for orders big or small. From expert advice to quality customer service, the team at Black River Valley Woodworking Castorland Ny strive everyday to make sure that customers get the best possible experience when working with them.

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