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Grand River Kitchens & Woodworking Inc has been around for more than 15 years, and we are proud to have established ourselves as a leader in the custom kitchen design industry. Our quality and commitment to excellence is evident in every project. We offer top-notch craftsmanship that produces stunning cabinets and countertops, using only the highest grade materials. Above all else, we strive to provide our customers with a unique experience that goes well beyond merely providing cabinets and countertops.

We are constantly updating our design ideas to look ahead of the curve and make sure that the products we offer possess an elegance and modernity that will carry sustainability into the future. Our recent introduction of contemporary quartz countertops, state-of-the-art waterjet technology, laser cutting tools, and custom CNC milling have given us an edge over most competitors in terms of both quality and style.

We also provide semi-custom solutions for homeowners looking to maintain aesthetic continuity in their living spaces without sacrificing utility or individual expression. Additionally, we offer comprehensive installation services upon request – from seamless sink repairs to cabinet bottom refacing. With Grand River Kitchens & Woodworking Inc behind you, rest assured that you always get fitted with the perfect product for your specific needs.


Grand River Kitchens & Woodworking Inc. provide their customers with the highest level of design, craftsmanship and customer service by using the most innovative materials and techniques. They take great pride in being able to provide the best of both worlds — contemporary and classic designs that will stand the test of time for generations to come. Every project is crafted with an eye for detail and skill that only comes from decades of experience making unique custom woodwork projects. Grand River Kitchens & Woodworking Inc prioritize quality over quantity, providing not only beautiful furniture but also reliable products that last longer than other brands on the market. Furthermore, Grand River Kitchens & Woodworking Inc understand that customers need an excellent customer service experience as much as a quality product. To ensure this, they provide helpful advice on product selection and installation details throughout each stage of the project. They are dedicated to strive towards taking care above and beyond expectations, listening closely to each client’s individual needs in order to deliver custom solutions that exceed expectations. Grand River Kitchens & Woodworking Inc do not consider any job complete until their clients are fully satisfied with their end result: spectacular furniture pieces backed by outstanding customer service that will far surpass any store-bought alternative.

Spotlight on Our Products

At Grand River Kitchens & Woodworking Inc., we believe that the quality of kitchen cabinetry and custom woodwork can make all the difference when it comes to home improvement. That’s why we specialize in providing our customers with top-of-the-line cabinets, crafted with the highest level of precision and attention to detail.

We source the highest grade materials available to ensure that each kitchen cabinet is built to last. From sturdy maple and birch woods, to premium veneers and durable melamine finishes, our products are designed to provide both beauty and functionality for years to come. We also place special emphasis on attention to design details by including features like full back panels for ventilation, adjustable hinges for easy access and drawer dividers for organizational convenience.

Our custom woodworking services take these same standards of craftsmanship a step further, allowing us to create unique pieces custom fit for any given space. Our carpentry experts have years of experience working on a variety of different types of home renovations from wall paneling and hardwood flooring installations, to intricate trim work around windows or doorways . Whether you’re looking for just one custom piece or an entire renovation project, you can rest assured that Grand River Kitchens & Woodworking Inc has you covered!

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Our Signature Look

Grand River Kitchens & Woodworking Inc is an experienced and renowned company providing superior kitchen cabinetry and woodworking services in Toronto, Canada. Our team of professionals works with you to bring your ideas to life and create a distinctive look. We believe in crafting exceptional work that adds charm, personality, and value to any space.

At Grand River Kitchens & Woodworking Inc we have acquired an impressive selection of notable trends and styles when it comes to our kitchen cabinetry and woodworking projects. From classic Shaker-style cabinets with timeless appeal to transitional kitchens consisting of both bold hues and glazed finishes, we cater for all tastes. We strive for excellence in the overall look by creating unique pieces with custom details such as elegant cabinet pulls or gorgeous beveled ceramic backsplashes. With a range of high-quality materials from solid-wood dovetail joint boxes through to state-of-the-art quartz countertops, your finished piece will both look stunning and serve its purpose for years to come. Additionally, sustainability is always at the forefront of our business mindset ensuring good environmental practice from start to finish.

Showcasing Our Portfolio

Grand River Kitchens & Woodworking Inc is proud to present our portfolio of beautiful and luxurious projects. Our team of expert craftspeople has years of experience in the home improvement industry, and we use only the highest-quality materials to ensure that every project is made to exceed client expectations. We specialize in a wide variety of custom kitchen work, from cabinetry refacing and remodeling to full-scale renovation and design. Additionally, our highly skilled woodworkers are known for their ability to create custom built-in solutions, from bookshelves to entertainment units. With a keen eye for detail and quality control, we strive to make each project as stunning and unique as possible.

Our portfolio includes examples of both kitchen and woodworking projects which demonstrate the quality of work that can be expected with any project we undertake. From stunning new cabinetry designs with beautiful lighting features to luxurious chef’s kitchens with top-notch appliances, all of our projects showcase a wide range of skills our team possess. In addition, there are also images of high-end custom furniture pieces such as media consoles, bookcases, dining room tables, cabinets, desks and more – demonstrating the level elegance and simplicity that can be incorporated into any space using the highest quality materials available. Furthermore, Grand River Kitchens & Woodworking Inc is committed to providing stellar service from start to finish so that clients can rest assured that their project will not only have amazing results but also timely completion dates!

Recent Reviews

Grand River Kitchens & Woodworking Inc. has a wealth of positive reviews from satisfied clients. One of the most vocal supporters is Linda Seigle, who wrote on Facebook that “these guys did an absolutely amazing job renovating our kitchen! From design to installation they were fast, professional and reliable.” She also noted that the communication was clear throughout the process and her family truly loved their finished project. Another client, Andy Martin, shared his happiness with his new custom cabinets in a review on Google, stating that Grand River Kitchens & Woodworking delivered a “fantastic product” that he is proud to show off to friends and family. He even sent pictures of the completed project so everyone can see how beautiful they turned out.

Not only are these testimonials a testament to Grand River’s skill as designers and creators but they are also proof of their commitment to customer service and satisfaction. They take time to listen to their customers’ needs and wants before beginning any project and keep them informed on its progress until completion. They ensure that all questions are answered in a timely manner so that expectations for the final results always exceed what was originally envisioned. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is why so many people have been thrilled with their end result and have become loyal fans of Grand River Kitchens & Woodworking Inc.

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What Sets Us Apart

At Grand River Kitchens & Woodworking Inc., we are passionate about crafting quality products that elevate the everyday experience of our customers. We strive to invent truly distinctive products that combine functional use with aesthetically pleasing design. Our dedicated team of expert craftsmen is highly experienced in delivering custom innovations that perfectly reflect the individual style desired by each of our clients. We specialize in creating beautiful high-end kitchens, built-ins, mantles, and bookcases, as well as specialized accents such as range hoods and other one-of-a-kind pieces.

Another aspect of what sets us apart from others is our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. We employ locally sourced materials for all of our projects, which helps to create more meaningful connections between craftsmanship and community. As members of the local woodworking guild, we also offer mentorship programs for aspiring artisans so that they can learn best practices when working with wood. This commitment to collaborative growth has allowed us to bring unique perspectives and visions into reality while also fostering a culture of continuous learning within our craftsmanship community.

We pride ourselves on offering only the highest quality services and materials available anywhere in the country, while still remaining accessible to those with a limited budget without compromising quality. Our showroom has an extensive selection of product samples available for viewing so potential customers can get a better understanding of how their dream project might look once it’s completed. After each project is finished, our skilled technicians provide instructional lessons for basic upkeep as well as tips on how to preserve the investment well into the future.

Grand River Kitchens & Woodworking

Grand River Kitchens & Woodworking Inc is a family-owned full service custom millwork and cabinetry business that’s been creating stunning, one-of-a-kind solutions for their residential and commercial clients since its inception. From classic designs to modern and contemporary creations, they offer a wide variety of services to ensure their customers get exactly what they’re looking for. Whether it’s custom cabinet design, intricate woodworking pieces, or complete kitchen transformations, the team at Grand River will provide the expertise to help realize it.

Grand River Kitchens & Woodworking Inc has invested in new technologies used for product development, prototyping, engineering and manufacturing that enable them to create cabinetry that maximizes form and function – prioritizing quality craftsmanship above all else. By utilizing cutting edge software solutions and extensive library of materials/finishes, customers can have peace of mind knowing that every detail from concept to completion is taken into consideration with each project.

In addition to their proficient style in cabinetry design and fabrication, Grand River Kitchens & Woodworking Inc stand out in their commitment focused on customer satisfaction by providing premier customer service experiences before during and after any project. Their team is comprised of the best-in-class installation professionals who will bring their attention to detail from the beginning stages of design through installation ensuring an end result that exceeds expectations each time. With ongoing training for staff members to stay up on current industry trends combined with strategies around green practices like using LEED certified materials and processes even better results can be achieved both immediately in visual appeal as well as longterm with value added features not seen in most competitors options available today.

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