Canadian Woodworking Magazine Subscription

Special Projects

A subscription to Canadian Woodworking Magazine includes a range of inspiring projects that can be completed by woodworkers of all skill levels. Some projects ideal for beginner woodworkers with limited experience include making custom display cases for family mementos, creating furniture from easy-to-assemble kits, building a cedar chest with drawers, and constructing storage solutions like bookcases, cabinets and benches. For intermediate woodworkers looking for more challenging projects the magazine offers tutorials on how to build items such as a shaker style clock, tool chests and garden arbors. Advanced woodworkers will be inspired by detailed plans included in each issue on how to make intricate items such as handcarved chairs, complex jigsaw puzzles and intarsia art pieces. There is something for everyone with a subscription to Canadian Woodworking Magazine!

Tips and Techniques

Canadian Woodworking Magazine Subscription offers its subscribers helpful tips and woodworking techniques that can save time and money while enhancing the results of their projects. For starters, the magazine provides advice on choosing the right wood and building material. It gives guidance on selecting the right kind of tools, including power saws, clamps, joiners, handheld routers, power drills and sanders. It also shares valuable information on setting up a safe workstation to avoid potential accidents. In addition to equipment setup, the magazine also provides topics on common mistakes made when using machinery as well as strategies for mitigating them – such as setting guides or stops to prevent over-cutting or drilling in wrong spots. Also included are practical instructions for successfully joining boards together with pocket screws, dovetails and mortise-and-tenons. Furthermore, subscribers gain access to comprehensive how-to articles about various specialty projects such as making furniture joints or constructing cabinets. All of these tips combine to help woodworkers create beautiful pieces that stand out from the rest.


Canadian Woodworking Magazine Subscription reviews often focus on the quality content and range of topics covered in each issue. Reviewers often comment on the clear writing style of articles, as well as the wide array of projects and tips for woodworkers. The magazine is often praised for having helpful advice from expert woodworkers, as well as inspiring projects to tackle in the workshop. Users also comment positively on the amount of photography and detailed step-by-step instructions included in each issue, enabling users to get a better understanding of what they need to do to complete each project. Additionally, readers enjoy being able to receive current news on upcoming exhibitions or events related to woodworking that may be happening in their area. Overall, Canadian Woodworking Magazine Subscription reviews are generally positive with many readers returning again and again for fresh content and helpful insight into the craft of woodworking.

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The Canadian Woodworking Magazine Subscription offers interviews with writers and editors of the magazine, providing an in-depth exploration into the craft of woodworking. These interviews delve into their knowledge on different woodworking techniques, tools, tips and trends. The writers and editors provide insight on what goes into being a successful woodworker and how to maximize potential projects. They also share personal anecdotes, stories and experiences to give readers a truly unique perspective into the exciting world of woodworking. The content featured in the magazine not only showcases talented artisans but highlights invaluable information that can help aspiring woodworkers learn more about the craft.


Canadian Woodworking Magazine offers readers the opportunity to stay up-to-date on what is happening in the world of woodworking. With a subscription, readers can regularly read about expert advice from their trusted editors on topics ranging from building furniture and cabinets to selecting tools and understanding various woods. Additionally, Canadian Woodworking subscribers get the chance to stay abreast of upcoming events related to woodworking. These events include seminars and classes hosted by experienced professionals covering commonly asked questions about Canadian woodworking as well as information about new techniques, trends, and projects for different skill levels. Subscribers will also be able to find out information about other events such as trade shows and special displays from companies in the industry.


Canadian Woodworking Magazine is currently offering a chance to win a custom toolbox and accompanying tools. Every month, five lucky subscribers will be selected to receive the tools as well as an annual subscription to the magazine. Furthermore, each issue of the magazine comes with detailed instructions and tips for woodworking projects that can help subscribers build their skills to become more expert woodworkers. Furthermore, Canadian Woodworking offers occasional giveaways for readers throughout the year, including items such as books, gift cards and more!

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Canadian Woodworking Magazine Subscription provides resources and insight that woodworkers can use to gain knowledge in their craft, as well as stay up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques. One of the most important features in their magazine is the guide to the top tools used by woodworkers, which includes comprehensive reviews of each piece of equipment. Besides offering ratings, these reviews also go in depth about each tool’s features, including sizes, weight capacity, speed settings, power levels, dust collection abilities and accessories. Additionally, readers can learn whether a particular item offers value for money or if it’s better to spend a little extra and get a higher quality item with increased longevity. This information helps readers make informed buying decisions when shopping for the best tools available.

Q&A Forum

Having a Q&A forum as part of the Canadian Woodworking Magazine Subscription is an excellent idea. It gives readers the opportunity to ask woodworking questions directly to the expert. The resident expert’s role would include regularly answering questions and providing useful advice, sharing their tips for successful woodworking projects, giving guidance on choosing tools and materials, making suggestions for creative solutions, and suggesting techniques. Additionally, a Q&A forum could also serve as a place to share experiences between members of the community or even provide feedback or critiques. In addition to being an invaluable source of knowledge, it could be a great way to form meaningful relationships between novice and experienced woodworkers alike.

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