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Louisiana Woodworks is a custom woodworking business that was founded in 1999 by the father and son team of John and Daemon Rue. The company’s primary focus is to provide the highest quality craftsmanship with attention to detail, ensuring each project meets its customers’ needs.

The company’s talented team of artisans bring years of expertise in all aspects of woodworking including lathe turning, cabinetmaking, upholstery, furniture production and finishing techniques. Louisiana Woodworks also offers a full design and fabrication service that caters to both private and commercial clients.

Louisiana Woodworks stands out from other custom woodworking businesses due to its capacity for creative problem solving. Most projects require an immense amount of creativity to properly integrate form and function for an artistic result that is beautiful yet practical. The company thrives on complex projects demanding intricate design solutions, as well as on simple projects requiring fewer details but still showing a high level of craftsmanship. They remain committed to their mission of producing products with exceptional quality backed by customer service ideals based on communication, trust, integrity and respect for everyone involved in the process – from the craftsmen and women producing them to their valued customers who appreciate the results.

Unique Design Features

Louisiana Woodworks specializes in creating handcrafted furniture with a unique blend of materials and styles. From traditional to modern, their custom designs feature a variety of natural and man-made elements that create a distinct look. The use of rich hues of woods such as cherry, oak, maple and walnut alongside more contemporary accents like metal and glass elevates the ambiance of any space. Their expert craftsmanship can bring any desired style to life from rustic chic to mid-century modern. In addition to their signature designs, customers can personalize their furniture pieces for the perfect fit for any home or business. Along with plenty of options for customization, you’ll find Louisiana Woodworks high quality handmade furniture an excellent choice for any décor.

Customization Options

Louisiana Woodworks offers a wide variety of customization options so that customers can make their pieces of furniture reflect their individual tastes and styles. You can add your own personal touch to every piece with things like finishes, color combinations, textures, shapes, and sizes. From simply changing the color of your furniture, to giving it an entirely new look by adding exotic woods or unusual patterns.

Additionally, you can choose from different architectural designs to give a special look to each individual piece. We offer full services for custom installations such as carvings and joints in order to shape furniture into the form you desire. This ensures that each piece of furniture is designed and crafted specifically for you with all of your design wishes in mind. Our selection also includes customized upholstery designs so you can select the perfect material to cover your chairs and couches in exquisite detail and create a unique décor for any room in your home. Louisiana Woodworks can take care of all your furniture customization needs!

Quality Craftsmanship

Louisiana Woodworks is known for their high quality and precise craftsmanship. Their artisans have mastered the art of creating unique, standout pieces of furniture. Every piece is uniquely designed to meet customer needs. Louisiana Woodworks emphasizes attention to detail, with precision and care taken in each step of the process. The woodworking team hand selects superior wood lumber that meets their exacting standards and discards anything that does not meet the level of quality they demand to deliver only the very best end product.

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The joinery used by Louisana Woodworks is exceptionally strong and can last for generations, providing a lifetime guarantee on each piece it manufactures due to the strength of its joinery. Moreover, every chair, table or other piece created follows a strict finishing process involving multiple layers and layers of sanding to ensure a smooth final result, followed by an extensive staining process that reveals the full beauty of each piece’s natural grain before finally placing a protective sealant over it all.

The company also meticulously inspects each item during production as well as post-production stages of manufacturing to make sure everything is up to their impeccable standards before they ever even ship out the final product. Additionally, Louisiana Woodworks periodically uses advanced 3D scanning technology to ensure all details are perfected down to the smallest burr or pinhole for added durability and longevity so customers can enjoy a product that will bring life and balance into any room for years and years to come

Eco-Friendly Practices

Louisiana Woodworks is committed to creating furniture and other wood products in an environmentally friendly manner. They strive to use sustainably-harvested materials whenever possible and ethical manufacturing practices in their production process. Consequently, Louisiana Woodworks recreates traditional furniture designs with sustainably sourced material such as FSC-certified hardwoods, recycled plastic lumber, and salvaged materials.

Additionally, they take special care to minimize their factory’s environmental impact. Their state-of-the-art sawmills are powered by a clean energy source such as solar or wind power, reducing emissions and waste produced during manufacturing. Furthermore, they restrict the number of chemicals they use while finishing their products, instead relying primarily on waterborne finishes in order to avoid VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) from entering the air and water supply. In addition, any leftover wood residue from production is reused in other ways, ensuring that nothing goes to waste or becomes a pollutant of the environment.

Finally, Louisiana Woodworks takes steps to raise awareness about eco-friendly practices among its employees through regular educational seminars and campaigns that promote sustainable woodworking techniques. This is done both within their facility for their employees as well as to their local community helping everyone stay informed about sustainable practices related to woodworking.

Innovation & Inspiration

Louisiana Woodworks is a furniture manufacturer that specializes in high quality timber craftsmanship. Their work has pushed the boundaries of modern woodworking, inspiring other businesses and artisans to create unique, beautiful pieces.

They use a range of traditional techniques alongside modern machinery to create custom furniture pieces that are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. Their attention to detail ensures that each piece they produce is long-lasting and designed to bring inspiration into any space it is put in.

The company collaborates with local woodsmen who have been growing and harvesting their own timber for generations, providing them with a sustainable source of hardwood. They also partner with carpenters, cabinetmakers, joiners and painters so each piece is designed and made by artisanal craftsmen who take pride in their work.

Louisiana Woodworks has developed an innovative portfolio of products including bedroom collections, entertainment centers, desks, Occasional tables and bookcases. By using sanding equipment technology and environmentally friendly finishes on their crafted items such as stainless steel handles or iron plates for protection against water damage or other issues that can arise from exposure to natural elements; the team at Louisiana Woodworks provides its customers with some of the highest quality materials on a consistent basis.

In addition to creating high-end woodworking products for residential clients, the company has become renowned for its expertise at solving complex problems within corporate interiors like lobbies or hotel entriesways. The designs they develop often utilize reclaimed woods accompanied by handcrafted distressed accents to give character and industrial chic ambiance much appreciated by hospitality brands across North America.

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Through their combination of quality materials and cutting edge design process Louisiana Woodworks continues to inspire new levels of creativity among other professionals in the industry while offering customers one-of-a-kind furnishings perfect for setting apart any living space or professional environment alike.


At Louisiana Woodworks, customers have experienced high-end furniture and décor handcrafted with only the finest quality materials. Businesses and individuals alike have been catered to with stunning wood designs that truly reflect each customer’s unique style and personality. Customers love that Louisiana Woodworks takes the time to understand their needs, offering custom solutions whenever necessary. With over thirty years in business, it’s no wonder why this company has earned such a great reputation for crafting exceptional products.

From restaurant tables to corporate boardrooms to family homes, customers have enjoyed the lifetime of service these pieces have provided. The skilled joiners use a dedication to craftsmanship which brings out the true beauty and character of the wood, making each item one-of-a-kind and built to last. Furthermore, customers appreciate that Louisiana Woodworks never skimps on attention to detail or quality of materials used in production – this shows in all items from furniture collections to smaller objects such as cutting boards and display items.

The expertly handcrafted products from Louisiana Woodworks are loved by many, giving customers unique experiences which make them lifelong fans! Whether it’s an intricate bookcase design or a delightful serving board, everyone can find something special when they visit the showroom or website shopfront. With striking construction with lasting value, these works leave customers feeling special thanks to their undeniable charm!


Louisiana Woodworks has proud been providing customers with high-quality, custom-crafted furniture for over three decades. Our experienced craftsmen use the finest materials to create unique pieces that not only look great but stand the test of time. We specialize in everything from outdoor furniture and farmhouse dining room tables to custom built modern works of art. From start to finish, all our products are meticulously constructed for a final result that exceeds expectations.

We believe in delivering unparalleled customer service and a selection of stylistic options that can fit any taste or need. Whether you’re looking for a timeless classic piece or something truly one-of-a-kind, Louisiana Woodworks is sure to have the perfect match for your vision.

At Louisiana Woodworks we stand behind our products. With exceptional attention to detail, we guarantee that each piece will bring lasting beauty and joy into your home. Our commitment to excellence is why customers from across the country continue to trust Louisiana Woodworks with their custom woodworking needs. With our expertise, dedication and quality craftsmanship, you can rest assured that we will deliver something truly special every time.

At Louisiana Woodworks, we make it easy to explore the possibilities of custom furniture without sacrificing good taste or deep pockets! If you are seeking an exquisite handmade item made with precision just for you – look no further than Louisiana Woodworks!

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