Gary Forte Woodworking

Introduction to Gary Forte Woodworking

Gary Forte Woodworking is an established and respected woodworking company that has been producing to the highest standards for over two decades. We specialize in custom-configured cabinetry, furniture, and millwork solutions from concept to completion. Our team of highly skilled and experienced carpenters and millwrights provide the absolute best attention to detail with each project we take on.

Our clients can choose from a variety of materials including hardwoods, exotic woods, laminates, veneers, and other specialty products to meet their individual style. Our craftsmen create pieces that are both functional as well as aesthetically pleasing using traditional techniques coupled with modern design principles. From single-piece custom masterpieces to large scale commercial projects, our hands-on maker mindset ensures our clients receive unparalleled quality in every aspect of their woodworking projects.

In addition to cabinetry, furniture, and millwork services Gary Forte Woodworking also offers related service such as finishing and installation. We also repurpose existing pieces according to our customer’s preferences and consult on retail sales for interior designers, architects, contractors and homeowners alike. No matter the size or scope of your project our staff will work closely with you throughout the entire process ensuring your complete satisfaction at every step along the way.

The History of Gary Forte Woodworking

Gary Forte Woodworking was founded by Gary Forte in the early 1990s. Passionate about woodworking and its potential to create one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture, decor items and artwork, Gary set out to make lasting pieces that were both beautiful and functional. Following his commitment to craftsmanship and quality, he created a style of building that utilized rare woods, highly skilled finishing techniques and state-of-the-art modern equipment.

Forte was known for being an innovator in his field as well as creating service experiences that exceeded customers’ expectations. His eye for detail drove him to seek perfectionist standards for each one of his works, which often included intricately carved legs or elaborate accent details. This attention to those aesthetics extended from residential projects such as custom cabinetry, tables and sofas, all the way down to the smallest touches like unusual latches or delicate doorknobs – every single item having its own unique character with particular care taken in how they are finished.

Today, Gary Forte Woodworking is still committed to crafting high quality furniture that is both durable and beautiful. Every piece showcases a passion for precision and craftsmanship; capturing timeless elegance with modern innovations along the way – a unique approach inspired by its founder decades ago.

Quality Craftsmanship

At Gary Forte Woodworking, we understand that quality craftsmanship is essential for producing beautiful woodworking projects. That’s why we commit to utilizing only the finest materials available for each project. We take great care in selecting each piece of wood and make sure it meets the highest level of craftsmanship standards. Our team takes the time to carefully select, prep, and finish each piece of wood ensuring that our clients receive beautiful results with perfect precision each and every time. We are passionate about delivering superior craftsmanship and providing clients with results that will last a lifetime. In addition to executing impeccable craftsmanship practices, we offer excellent customer service so our clients never have to worry or stress throughout the process. We strive to create meaningful relationships with all of our customers while guiding them through their individual projects from start to finish.

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Advanced Technology

At Gary Forte Woodworking, we use a combination of advanced technologies to ensure top-notch quality for our woodworking projects. Our primary tool is the CNC machine. This computer-controlled router can precisely cut out any shape or design desired with great accuracy in a fraction of the time it would take by traditional hand tools. In addition, we use computer-aided design (CAD) software to help us plan out complex projects more easily and accurately than before. With CAD, designers can quickly and easily adjust designs on a computer monitor to fit specific needs or tastes. Furthermore, CAD helps in optimizing material usage while ensuring the highest level of efficiency. Consequently, all this adds up to products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also of superior structural integrity and strength.

Customization Process

Consultation: Gary Forte Woodworking offers an initial consultation to discuss the client’s project requirements and expectations. During this process, various elements like design preference, budget restrictions, and desired finishes are discussed in detail. The consultation is helpful for establishing a plan of action prior to initiating the customization process.

Design: After the consultation stage is completed, a design is created which meets the customer’s preferences while meeting industry standards as well. The design can be a standalone concept or developed off existing models. Every detail such as measurements, material selection, and features are included in the design ensuring that the finished product meets all expectations.

Construction: Based on the designed specifications, one-of-a-kind materials are cut and handcrafted into customized furniture pieces. Traditional methods like joinery, upholstery, and carving are used during construction to ensure optimal durability and aesthetics of each piece. Quality assurance inspections occur throughout various stages of construction to guarantee attention to details from start to finish.

Installation: Once construction is complete, expert installers will transport and assemble furniture pieces according to safety standards for use immediately. For larger scale projects such as cabinetry or flooring installations , specialized tools may be required for a perfect fitment and they also provide guidance throughout assembly when necessary at no extra cost. Additionally, any concerns post installation will be dealt with through their warranty service guidelines if needed over time

Professional Service

Gary Forte Woodworking provides customers with exceptional customer service. Customers are always greeted by a knowledgeable staff who is eager to help and assist in making the best decisions to suit their individual needs. From free quotes to year-long warranties, Gary Forte Woodworking puts the customer first and ensures that each project meets high standards of quality.

With Gary Forte, you don’t have to worry about dealing with any unexpected costs that come with custom woodworking projects. Customers know upfront what the cost for their project will be, so there are no nasty surprises or hidden costs down the track. Their warranty services provide peace of mind too – customers can rest easy knowing that all work carried out is covered for 12 months after installation!

Coupled with high-quality materials sourced from premium suppliers, Gary Forte Woodworking has become a go-to choice for custom woodworking projects in the local area. It’s no surprise that they have dozens of satisfied customers coming back time and time again for their expertise and professional services!

Benefits of Using Gary Forte Woodworking

Gary Forte Woodworking is an excellent resource for all your woodworking needs. They offer competitive prices that don’t sacrifice quality, so you can be sure you’re getting the best value for your money. They also employ highly experienced and skilled professionals with years of specialized experience in the field of woodworking. Moreover, each project is subject to rigorous quality assurance standards to ensure complete customer satisfaction. In other words, Gary Forte Woodworking is a great option when looking for reliable and high-quality woodworking services at an affordable cost.

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Case Studies

Gary Forte Woodworking has completed a number of impressive projects over the years, many of which have earned widespread recognition. Among the most notable is a full-service bedroom furniture set made from cherry and maple wood which featured intricate detailing and beautiful craftsmanship throughout. This project was well-received in interior design magazines with many praising the noteworthy attention to detail present in the piece.

In addition to the bedroom furniture set, Gary Forte Woodworking has produced customized shelves for several homes, crafted sleek outdoor loungers for local businesses, and designed intricate architectural installations that have been used as feature pieces in galleries around the United States. All of these projects were met with considerable praise, demonstrating Gary’s exemplary skill and creativity as a master woodworker.

The accomplishments of Gary Forte Woodworking have been widely celebrated on numerous occasions by industry critics and those who appreciate fine woodworking alike. Individuals who appreciate spectacular works of craftsmanship find that engaging with woodwork pieces from Gary’s workshop make them feel proud to own such remarkable creations. Indeed, customers around country continue to seek him out for custom carpentry projects due to his unparalleled quality results every single time.


At Gary Forte Woodworking, custom woodworking projects done right are our specialty. Our craftsmen create anything you can dream of, from one-of-a-kind furniture to more complex architectural millwork and installations. Whether you’re looking for a family heirloom table or an eye-catching restaurant renovation, we guarantee superior quality and attention to detail.

With years of experience working with a variety of wood materials, we have the expertise and skill to bring your vision to life. You can trust us to work with you collaboratively to understand your needs, refine your ideas, and then bring them into reality. Plus, we always stand behind our work with outstanding customer service and satisfaction guarantees.

When it comes to custom woodworking projects, Gary Forte Woodworking is the best choice in town. We offer affordable solutions that don’t sacrifice quality—our goal is always to provide exceptional craftsmanship at reasonable prices. No matter what project you need completed, remember: Anything is possible when you choose Gary Forte Woodworking!

In conclusion, Gary Forte Woodworking is dedicated to providing superior quality custom woodworking solutions at reasonable prices. Our experienced craftsmen are knowledgeable in all types of wood material and specialize in creating beautiful furniture pieces as well as intricate architectural components and installations. We always strive for excellence whether it be in craftsmanship or customer service; delivering projects on time and making sure customer satisfaction is met at all times so that customers walk away with their gorgeous creations ready for use or display!

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