Marc Sommerfeld Woodworking

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Marc Sommerfeld began woodworking in 1973 upon graduating from high school. His career started when he was just 18 and he quickly became passionate about learning the intricate craft of traditional woodworking techniques. Over the years, Marc has perfected his craft and known for creating exceptional furniture from scratch with a simultaneous focus on quality and style.

Since then, his dedication to his choice of profession has earned him recognition among many prestigious organizations for excellence in this area. In 2009, Marc was awarded the Design Plus ‘Intelligent Design’ award which is given to those who demonstrate exceptional commitment to their craft and Industry by developing innovative products or strategies. Ever since, Marc’s respect for traditional woodworking techniques have enabled him to create custom art work from solid woods that are sought after worldwide; and with his growing success in diverse markets such as commercial retail, environmental sustainability projects and private commissions, it is clear that he has become an established name in the world of contemporary woodworking.

In addition to being involved in some of the most important woodworking initiatives across the country, Marc has become a mentor who is more than happy to share his expertise with upcoming artists and professionals alike. With decades of experience under his belt, Marc continues to stay close to his roots while pushing boundaries at the same time. Through his hard work and continued commitment to quality standardization, Marc Sommerfeld Woodworking stands as a symbol of prosperity while making sure that traditional techniques never go forgotten.

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Marc Sommerfeld Woodworking uses only the highest quality wood supplies and materials available to ensure durability and longevity in all of its woodwork projects. The most durable types of wood that Marc Sommerfeld Woodworking offers are oak, cherry, maple, hickory and mahogany.

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In addition to traditional tools like chisels, saws and planes, Marc Sommerfeld Woodworking also utilizes modern techniques such as CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) machinery for precision work. Using such machines can reduce the time it takes to shape woods into specific shapes desired in products like furniture or framed pieces. However, skillful hands are still necessary when hand finishing products to ensure accuracy and perfection.

Marc Sommerfeld Woodworking strives for nothing but excellence when working with all types of woods, relying on professional-grade supplies and materials each time. Each project is constructed with extreme care and attention to detail from start to finish; meaning all pieces can be enjoyed for years to come.

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Safety and Protective Gear

When it comes to woodworking, safety is of the utmost importance. To protect yourself from potential risks, it’s important to wear the proper protective gear each and every time you are working with wood in your shop. This includes items such as gloves, masks and hearing protection.

Gloves should be worn whenever you’re handling wood or tools even if they appear clean ” they can pick up small particles that could potentially irritate the skin. For situations where there may be splinters or other rough surfaces, thicker leather gloves are a must.

Masks should also be part of your normal garb when engaging in any kind of dust-creating activity like sanding or sawing. Dust particles can cause breathing problems so protecting your lungs with a dust mask is essential for a healthy work environment and especially for anyone who may have respiratory issues.

Additionally, wearing quality hearing protection is vital when using loud tools such as planers, routers and circular saws as these could cause damage to the ears if not properly covered over an extended period of time. Noise plugs or earmuffs are great choices when it comes to shielding your hearing while working with wood in your shop.

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With the right equipment and best practices, Marc Sommerfeld Woodworking provides everything you need to ensure safe woodworking practices every time.

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Maintaining Marc Sommerfeld Woodworking projects is essential to preserving the quality of your pieces. Properly caring for woodworking tools is paramount – clean and lubricate tools after each use with a light machine oil or rust inhibitor, and store in a cool, dry location. Before storing wood, allow it to dry completely and protect it against moisture damage by applying a light oil or shellac finish. For optimal storage, wrap unused wood in wax paper or plastic sheeting before placing in a storage box or sealed bag. Additionally, inspect tools at least once a year for proper sharpening and function, replace dull blades as needed. Finally, avoid overuse of power saws and sanders as these can cause damage to the grain and structure of your project material over time. Taking these steps will ensure your Marc Sommerfeld Woodworking projects are kept in good condition for years to come.

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Pricing at Marc Sommerfeld Woodworking is based on the complexity of the project and materials used. We will work with you to create an estimate for your project that reflects the labor, as well as the materials used. Generally, pricing can begin around $75 per hour but may vary depending on individual projects. We use high quality materials and our craftsmanship is guaranteed ” we only want to do a job once, so our standards are second to none. If you have any questions about pricing or materials needed for your project please feel free to reach out via email or phone.

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