Montana Woodworks Dining Table


Montana Woodworks has been creating furniture and home décor for over two decades. The company is based in Bozeman, Montana and is committed to providing quality craftsmanship with sustainable materials from local forests and skillfully crafted by the hands of their artisans. Their dining tables are a testament to their commitment to superior design, made of sturdy cedar logs, giving them a timeless rustic appeal. With construction techniques that reflect traditional joinery and modern sensibility, each table is truly one-of-a-kind with its own unique charm and beauty.

The history of Montana Woodworks dates all the way back to 1995 when it was first founded by Hap Eggenhofer who had a passion for handcrafting furniture using logs harvested from his own local forest in Bozeman, Montana. He envisioned using sustainable harvesting methods to create a business dedicated to crafting fine furniture while supporting regional forestry. Since then, Montana Woodworks has grown exponentially while staying true to its original mission: offering timeless yet contemporary designs crafted with quality craftsmanship backed by sustainable materials harvested from the surrounding regions forests.

Today, their woodworking artisans continue to use traditional joinery methods including mortise and Tenon joints as well as state-of-the-art construction processes like Dovetail joinery along with modern finishes like lacquers and clear coatings to produce high-quality dining tables in distinctive styles for any setting. All solid wood dining tables produced by Montana Woodwork’s come pre assembled so nothing more than adjusting the legs slightly is required before enjoying your perfect table.

Quality Craftsmanship

The Montana Woodworks dining table is a stunning illustration of the care and skill invested in each product by Montana Woodworks, one of the premier suppliers of heirloom-quality furniture across the United States. Meticulously crafted from select American Hardwoods that are handpicked for their grain patterns, each piece of furniture is timeless in look and feel, boasting styles that have been mastered over generations. Featuring classic furnishing details like sliding dovetails, quarter sawn planks, mitered corners, and aged patinas to give an authentic aged look; this robustly constructed table has both beauty and strength. With its strong joinery technique which includes double floating tenons on all legs glued into the top rails and aprons for maximum durability, even under the heaviest loads; this stunning table will be a favorite piece of furnishing for many years to come. The diversity in design means it can fit anywhere from grand dining rooms to more comfortable family rooms. Furthermore, its solid construction assures you it won’t crack or break apart with age. So whatever your home furnishings style might be; with its unique combination of quality craftsmanship and finishes, Montana Woodworks’ dining table is sure to become a key centerpiece within your home.

Variety of Styles

The Montana Woodworks dining table is a great choice for any home. While remaining true to the high quality standards of handcrafted Montana-made furniture, this particular dining table comes in a variety of styles. Whether you prefer a rustic, contemporary, or traditional look, there is an option that will meet your exact aesthetic needs. Made with natural wood materials and boasting both strength and stability, this wonderful piece stands out in any living space. With its durable construction and beautiful finish, you can be sure it will last for years to come. Additionally, many models feature built-in drawers and shelves that offer convenience and extra storage space. You’ll always find the perfect spot for all of your favorite dinnerware pieces or display items when entertaining guests. Further customization options are also available allowing you to pick the perfect chairs that best suit your home’s design profile – whether they be upholstered or wooden chairs; this is truly an item that fits into every house setting. With so much versatility at such an attractive price point, there’s no doubt why the Montana Woodworks dining table remains a popular choice among homeowners today.

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Special Features

The Montana Woodworks dining table is a spectacular piece of furniture. It is made from the highest quality woods, with materials sourced from sustainably harvested forests in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. The table is hand-crafted and has been designed to provide a timeless look, blending style and functionality for years to come. Unique features of this table include its solid hardwood base with detailed square mortise-and-tenon joinery and a hand-rubbed oil finish, creating a warm yet sophisticated feel that will be enjoyed by your family for generations. Additionally, each tabletop has been enriched with raised panels which add texture and richness while also providing extra strength and durability. All of this makes the Montana Woodworks dining table an instant classic that can seamlessly blend any interior design style.


The Montana Woodworks Dining Table is built to last for years. It is constructed using solid pine and mortise-and-tenon joinery, which helps ensure that the frame and structure of the table is robust enough to handle the rigors of everyday use. In addition, each plank of solid pine used in the table’s construction has been kiln-dried and sealed with a high-quality protective finish that resists wear as well as fading from sunlight. To further protect your investment, the Montana Woodworks Dining Table also features a furniture grade finish that can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, making upkeep quick and easy. The combination of materials used for this table makes it an ideal choice for any busy home or commercial setting looking for durable furniture that will stand up to the test of time.

Space-Saving Design

The Montana Woodworks dining table is a great option for those who love entertaining but don’t have the space to accommodate a large traditional table. It’s perfect for dinner parties, brunch gatherings, and other special occasions. The table has a space-saving design that makes assembly and storage effortless. It can be put together quickly and securely so it can be ready to go in no time. Plus, it can be folded up when not in use making it ideal for small spaces or areas where you may want to use the extra floor space. The legs easily snap into place during setup and you can move them around as needed afterwards. For ultimate convenience, there are optional shelves that can be purchased to add even more storage possibilities. This dining table is sure to make hosting a breeze!

Benefits of Wooden Furniture

Montana Woodworks’ dining table is made from solid wood and can be a stylish addition to any home. Not only does wood bring a sense of style and timelessness to your interior design, but it also provides various other benefits that other materials cannot match.

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One of the major advantages of owning wooden furniture is its durability; when cared for properly, a reputable piece such as the Montana Woodworks table can last decades with little risk of damage or deterioration. Additionally, due to its heavy weight, wooden furniture is incredibly hard to damage in the first place. In contrast, furniture constructed from flimsier materials may require more repair or replacement in the future ” not only increasing your maintenance cost over time but also potentially putting your property at risk in transit.

Wooden furniture is also a much healthier option than most other materials on account of its natural properties; wood does not harbour dust mites or produce adverse chemicals, making it far less likely to damage indoor air quality. In fact, certain types of wood boast anti-microbial properties which can reduce common allergens like mould spores, helping create a cleaner home environment which is good for overall health and well-being. Furthermore, due its lower energy needs during production compared to plastic or metal counterparts, purchasing wooden furniture makes an eco-friendly decision too!


Maintaining the Montana Woodworks Dining Table is essential for extending its life and keeping it looking fresh for years to come. Periodic cleaning will help keep your home clean and the table looking good. Dust it using a slightly damp cloth or microfibre duster. Regularly check for food crumbs between the grooves of your tabletop with a long, thin tool like a knife or chopstick, taking care not to scratch the wood’s surface as you do this. If a spill occurs, quickly wipe it up to avoid any liquid sinking into the wood grain and staining it. Once a month, give your dining table a more thorough clean by wiping it down with lukewarm soapy water followed by a thin layer of furniture wax, which should be buffed after it is applied. Waxing regularly helps prevent damage caused by heat capacity and pressure on fragile spots, such as table legs. Additionally, when removing dirt from crevices in ornate designs, use a small pointed disposable foam brush instead of wooden implements that can scrape or scratch the wood surface.


The Montana Woodworks Dining Table is a high-quality piece of furniture with exquisite craftsmanship. It is built from premium solid wood and has been finished by hand for a warm feel. This dining table comes in three sizes to accommodate all family sizes, plus it provides plenty of legroom, allowing comfortable seating for everyone at the table. The extra thick top ensures maximum durability and the signature Montana Woodworks look signals quality and reliability. With its stunning beauty, seamless design and robust construction, the Montana Woodworks Dining Table will be a lasting centerpiece in any home.

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