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Ibox Woodworking has been providing quality woodworking services since 1993. Founded by two local craftsmen, Chris Derheim and Phil Milch, their mission was to create custom furniture pieces that combine both traditional techniques and modern design elements. With the rapidly growing popularity of Ibox’s work, they quickly rose to fame among the furniture manufacturers in Pennsylvania and beyond.

In 1997, Ibox was awarded an Excellence in Craftsmanship award for their outstanding craftsmanship. This recognition cemented Ibox as one of the most renowned furniture makers in the US. The company continued to expand its selection of high-end custom furniture, creating everything from bedroom sets to deck chairs. In 1999 Ibox acquired additional space for a woodshop and began offering more comprehensive woodworking services such as milling and joinery services, along with custom orders for doors and windows.

Today, Ibox is still devoted to bringing customers unique crafted furnishings to customize any living space. They specialize in custom commissions that aren’t found readily available at other stores as well as carrying a broad line of ready-made items such as bed frames, dining tables, armoires, entry tables, bookshelves etc. Their ultimate goal is to provide excellent quality products but also make sure that clients have an enjoyable experience working with them every step of the way ‐ from the initial consultation process all the way through delivery and installation.

Ibox Woodworking continues to show its commitment to keeping up with changing trends which allows them to stay competitive within the industry while maintaining excellence. Alongside their expanding product lines they offer educational courses on basic woodworking skills so customers can build or restore furniture on their own without professional help if desired. They also remodel or repair damaged finished products if necessary ” making sure every customer gets exactly what they paid for; outstanding craftsmanship backed by decades of combined experience!

About the Owner

Ibox Woodworking is owned and operated by Johnathon Smith. John began woodworking at the age of 10 when his grandfather showed him how to build a workbench for projects. The lessons he learned from his grandfather have enabled him to produce unique, one-of-a-kind pieces over the years. He has been perfecting his craft ever since and now creates unforgettable, custom furniture that brings joy to the homes of countless families.

John’s commitment to excellence has earned him numerous awards in the field of woodworking, including:
• Best Custom Craftsmanship Award ” John won this award in 2020, recognizing his superior attention to detail and high quality craftsmanship in every piece he creates.
• National Handcrafted Furniture Maker Award ” Given annually since 2019, this award is presented each year to those individuals who excel in creating unique and creative works of art from wood.
• Outstanding Furniture Creator Award ” This prestigious award was given to John in 2018 for making extraordinary furniture sets that combine style with function.
• People’s Choice Award – For two consecutive years (2017 & 2018), Ibox Woodworking was voted by members of the community as having the most impressive handcrafted wooden furniture pieces on display.
• World Furniture Master Design Award – This international award was presented to John in 2016 for designing a breathtaking line of contemporary wooden furniture sets with intricate detail and curves.

Tools of the Trade

Ibox Woodworking is a cutting-edge woodworking business founded to bring high-quality furniture and artisanal pieces to the masses. Their craftsmanship and attention to detail results in beautiful yet durable products that can last generations. They strive to use the most efficient, innovative machines, technologies, and software available in order to craft their pieces with ease.

To start, Ibox Woodworking has invested in a selection of advanced woodworking machines such as CNC routers, laser engravers, table saws, sanders, jointers and lathes. These tools help them quickly and precisely cut materials into intricate shapes with minimal waste. All of the machines come complete with user-friendly software that allows the craftsmen to accurately design projects down to fractions of an inch without having to manually measure the components or perform tedious calculations.

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In addition, Ibox Woodworking also makes use of 3D modeling software which enables them to create virtual representations of their finished product before they even begin crafting it”from visualizing the overall look and feel of a piece down to its individual components and subtle details. This technology greatly reduces time spent making adjustments due to unforeseen complications or errors during assembly.

Finally, all of Ibox’s designs are stored on a secure cloud-based platform so that their staff can easily access them from any location. This ensures efficient collaboration between their team members working remotely or on-site as well as enabling seamless communication with vendors for ordering parts or services related to various projects.

Through investing in advanced woodworking machinery, automation software and cloud storage solutions, Ibox Woodworking is able to produce some of the industry’s finest quality furniture and pieces that are sure to stand the test of time”all within less time than ever before!

Expertise and Quality

Ibox Woodworking is well-known for their expertise and quality when it comes to woodworking projects. To ensure that they continue to produce top-notch results, they pride themselves on their professionalism and training of the team members. All staff members have received extensive training covering all the aspects of woodworking projects deeply and broadly. Specialized courses just focusing on woodworking technique and craftsmanship have been made available to Ibox Woodworkers too.

The team’s knowledge does not end with learning professional quality carpentry skills, as safety in the workplace is also taken seriously at Ibox Woodworking. Every employee must attend special classes which explain the correct way to use power tools and follow safety precautions. Additionally, regular refresher courses are held to update workers on new technologies and changes in regulations.

Continuing professional development is also highly prioritized at Ibox Woodworking, as a growing awareness of sustainability and environmental stewardship has been integrated into their workforce education plan. Staff members receive both classroom teaching and hands-on demonstrations which illustrate solutions for sustainable construction methods and materials sources. Furthermore, the company works closely with suppliers who can guarantee responsibly sourced materials, so they can minimize harmful impact on the environment while still creating high-quality products.

This combination of comprehensive skill training plus environmental awareness ensures that each wood work project crafted by Ibox Woodworking lives up to their commitment of excellent execution and creativity every time!

A Lifetime of Memories

Ibox Woodworking is a family business that has been in operation since 2003. The company specializes in creating high-quality wooden products for customers across the United States, ranging from residential and commercial furniture to architectural components for homes and businesses. The Ibox Woodworking team is passionate about creating custom pieces of timeless beauty and turn customer ideas into reality. Through their extensive experience and outstanding workmanship they deliver products that will last a lifetime”ones that can be handed down to future generations as keepsakes of precious memories.

The Ibox Woodworking team has crafted amazing projects ranging from custom entryways to handcrafted cabinetry, stunning hardwood beams and mantles, stunning tables with intricate joinery details and so much more. With years of experience in the craft, the Ibox team uses cutting-edge technology such as CNC routing machines and modern finishing techniques that lend traditional woodworking items an individualized style and class like never before. Whether you’re looking for something special for your home or office space, their portfolio promises to speak to your individual taste”ensuring a unique one-of-a-kind product every time! Not only do their pieces impart a professional quality but are works of art filled with beautiful details to be appreciated by all who come across them.

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Going the Extra Mile

Ibox Woodworking is a design-forward custom woodworking company specializing in delivering unique, high-quality products for its customers. We strive to go the extra mile to ensure that each customer gets the best possible service and product fit for their individual needs.

Our team of experienced professionals use a variety of cutting-edge tools that help us create one-of-a-kind pieces. In addition, Ibox Woodworking offers professional installation services, so customers can have their new wooden creations installed quickly and hassle free. We also offer custom finishing options, such as polishing, staining, or painting to help highlight the unique features of each piece we create. Each project is made using only premium quality materials like solid hardwood and environmentally friendly adhesives that guarantee durability and longevity. Finally, our team members are available 24/7 to answer any questions customers may have throughout their journey with us.

At Ibox Woodworking, we are passionate about creating beautiful works of art that you’ll enjoy for years to come!


Ibox Woodworking is known for producing beautiful and high-quality pieces of furniture. From custom items to completed designs, they provide exceptional customer service and attention to detail.

Customers who have purchased products from Ibox Woodworking are often overwhelmed by the level of craftsmanship and professionalism displayed by the staff. Many customers appreciate the fact that Ibox Woodworking takes the time to understand their needs, taking care to produce a product that suits their preferences and style. As such, many customers come away feeling satisfied with their purchase, excited to show off the item in their home or office. Their feedback ranges from generally praising Ibox Woodworking for their fine workmanship and commitment to customer satisfaction, to giving specific examples of how they’ve enjoyed using a custom item designed from scratch or admiring the design elements that an existing piece of furniture contains.

The testimonials collected by Ibox Woodworking demonstrate how much attention is paid to creating each individual product and how much value customers place on this dedication. Most importantly, these reviews provide potential customers with insight into what it’s like shopping at Ibox Woodworking–from start to finish–and how worthwhile it is buy quality products here.


Working with the Ibox Woodworking Team over the past few months has been an excellent experience. It has given me a chance to gain more insight into the world of woodworking, while also allowing me to develop my own skills. The team is incredibly professional and supportive, offering helpful advice and guidance throughout our collaboration. They are also very skilled in their craft ” I have always been impressed by the quality of work they produce.

The lessons I have learned during this time will be invaluable going forward. From mastering design techniques, exploring new materials, and gaining a better understanding of woodworking processes, I have developed knowledge which can be applied across numerous industries and fields. These experiences have given me pointers on how to succeed in any project or venture that utilizes woodworking principles.

Overall, I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to collaborate with the talented members of the Ibox Woodworking Team. It has enabled me to expand my capabilities as a craftsman and further develop my confidence in working on larger scale projects. This collaboration has pushed me beyond my comfort zone, teaching me valuable new lessons in professional and creative spaces alike that will stay with me for years to come.

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