Moran Woodworks

Examples of Signature Pieces

Moran Woodworks is a small, family business that creates custom wood pieces to enhance any home design. Their signature pieces are one-of-a-kind works of art that are handcrafted with precision and care. From rustic farmhouse tables and handmade shelves to intricate wine boxes and charcuterie platters, whatever you can dream up, Moran Woodworks will create it for you. Any piece ordered from Moran Woodworks is unique and was carefully crafted from start to finish in their shop in Portland, Oregon. Whether you’re looking for something functional to add storage options or something decorative to spruce up a room, Moran Woodworks has the perfect piece available. Every detail is considered in the making of these items; precise joints and handpicked finishes guarantee a high-quality product that will make the perfect addition to any space. You won’t find anything like it anywhere else! Show off your unique style with custom woodwork pieces from Moran Woodworks today.

Specialty Finish Options

Moran Woodworks offers a wide variety of specialty finish options for customers who want to customize pieces to their exact specifications. From simple gloss finishes to more special patinas, there are many great options that allow customers to choose exactly the look and feel they want their furniture and other pieces to have. Customers can select from a range of processes that include applying stains and paint, waxing, using dyes and glazes, or even distressing the wood for a unique take on the traditional look. All finishes are handcrafted, ensuring an exquisite outcome that is sure to turn heads in any home. For those looking for a different kind of finish all together, Moran Woodworks also offers some non-traditional techniques such as reverse painting, etching/engraving/burnishing, inlays and marquetry – just a few examples of the amazing ways they help customers create masterpieces. From classic solid colors to intricate designs and motifs, Moran Woodworks has all the resources necessary to help you find exactly the right finish for your project!

Custom Projects

Moran Woodworks is a family-run woodworking shop created by Steve and Margaret Moran. Located in central Florida, they have been creating finely crafted furniture from eco-friendly hardwoods since 1999. The wide range of custom projects they take on include:

• Custom cabinets: This includes everything from kitchen and bathroom cabinets to stand-alone pieces such as armoires and credenzas. Many customers bring photos or drafts of their desired design, which the Moran’s can use as a starting point to create the right piece for their home or office. From rustic to contemporary designs, all of the cabinets are crafted with attention to detail.

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• Library shelves: They can build custom library shelves to any size or shape, with the ability to incorporate specific elements such as sliding ladder railings or unusual trim styles. Not only do they fit into existing surroundings but also add an extra level of sophistication that other pieces lack.

• Entertainment wall units: Combining storage components with inventory shelving, drawers and media equipment openings, entertainment wall units satisfy both aesthetics and practicality. Different woods are used for these pieces but many customers prefer ebony or mahogany in order to match their home’s décor. Glass doors make it look luxurious – without compromising on space – while additional drawers allow maximum convenience when storing items like music CDs wherever you need them most!

• Accent tables: Accent tables help pull together a room’s design style by adding texture and color when placed against furniture pieces in complementary tones. Whether traditional pine, intricate oak with decorative metal accents or something completely unique, these special tables can become investment pieces that truly enhance any living space.

• Benches & Stools: When talking about Morris Woodworks’ benches & stools specialties — there is no limit when it comes down to creativity! Nowadays people often opt for different kinds of materials; mixing weathered recycled barn wood with wrought steel legs creates an intriguing combination that adds flair to any setting.

Video/Time-Lapse Content

Moran Woodworks is an incredible business that specializes in the creation of beautiful wooden furnishings. Showcasing their craftsmanship in a meaningful way requires showing not only the end product but also the hours of hard work, skill, and expertise it takes to get there. To share this story with potential customers and fans, Moran Woodworks should include video or time-lapse content that shows the entire process from start to finish. This could show everything from selecting the type of wood to shaping and sanding a piece, as well as all steps in between. Such content captures viewers in an exciting way and paints a vivid picture of what making a unique piece of furniture looks like. Not only will this create an emotional connection between viewers and Moran Woodworks, but it also offers potential customers transparency as they witness every step necessary to build custom items with quality materials and superior craftsmanship.

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Interview with An Expert

Q: Tell us a little bit about Moran Woodworks your experience and the craftsmanship of their work?

A: Moran Woodworks has been in business for many years and has built a reputation for high quality craftsmanship. We use only the finest hardwoods and finishes to ensure that our products are durable and beautiful. Our team takes great pride in every piece we make and works hard to provide exceptional customer service throughout each project. We specialize in creating pieces that are both strong enough to last a lifetime, yet also elegant enough to compliment any style.


Moran Woodworks is currently following a number of trends in terms of both design and furniture styles. The company embraces incorporating natural elements such as wood, stone, and glass into their designs. They are also experimenting with exotic woods like ebony, teak, and wenge for more detailed pieces. There is an emphasis on modern clean lines, bold colors, and sculptural silhouettes. Open-plan designs are very popular in Moran Woodworks’ furniture collections to make the most use of space while still giving a unique flair to any interior. Textured surfaces like burnt or distressed wood provide tactile accents while metals such as brass and steel bring an industrial touch to their products. Moran Woodworks also makes use of smart home technology in their furniture with items such as tables that can charge your devices wirelessly or chairs with built-in speakers that connect to your phone.

New Projects

Moran Woodworks is currently involved in many exciting projects. One such project includes the design and construction of custom furniture pieces, as well as intricate cabinetry installations. Moran Woodworks has begun to specialize in creating modern designs that draw on traditional craftsmanship, giving each piece its own unique style and personality. Other current projects include creating custom wood accents for luxury homes, one-of-a-kind outdoor furniture pieces and reclaimed wood designs. With a focus on sustainability and innovative design, Moran Woodworks is committed to building products that are both striking and functional.

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