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Montana Woodworks Log Furniture is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, rustic furniture. Their pieces create a cozy, inviting atmosphere and bring the look and feel of rustic Americana into your home. They use only the best local Western lumber – white pine and lodge pole pine – to craft classic designs like log beds, log chairs, tables, shelves, stools, bookcases and more. Each piece is made with great attention to detail so you know you will have furniture that will last for generations. Plus, their products are easy to assemble so you don’t have to waste time putting them together. Whether you are looking for a single piece or entire furniture sets, Montana Woodworks has got you covered! Let them help you create a truly unique look that can’t be found anywhere else.

The Beauty of Log Furniture

Montana Woodworks Log Furniture is made with genuine pine, spruce, and Douglas fir wood logs to accentuate the natural beauty of log furniture. Unlike ordinary materials for construction like composite wood or plastics, these handcrafted pieces are taken from the land in a sustainable manner with an eye for detail and craftsmanship. Each piece utilizes fine joinery techniques such as mortise and tenon construction to ensure superior strength, joint integrity, and prolonged service life. In addition to this impressive strength-to-weight ratio, each piece also boasts beautiful grain patterns that result from the unique character of each log used in construction. This can include knots and annual rings providing natural contours or attractive burls or swirls adding visual appeal to industrial-style furniture.

Moreover, the use of stains or finishes makes it possible to customize mouthwatering hues, bringing out grays and whites along with reddish-browns on unique texture combinations throughout any given piece. Whether lightly sanded natural logs with bark left intact, gunstock shaped legs or post tops treated to a honey finish – log furniture can unify traditional elements with modern touches while having plenty of design flexibility. The combination of bold finishes against warm wood tones leaves no doubt about why choosing Montana Woodworks Log Furniture for your home is an easy decision that you won’t regret!

Crafting Log Furniture

The crafting process of Montana WoodWorks starts by finding the right species of wood with the best characteristics for furniture making. All of their products are crafted with pine logs that are hand peeled, which gives them an authentic rustic look and feel. Having been in business for over two decades, the company has developed a system to ensure consistent quality and durability.

Each piece is milled from raw 3-4 inch thick rough sawn lumber and kiln dried to approx 8-10 percent moisture content. Then each log is carefully inspected before it enters production – any knots, cracks or imperfections result in discarding the log. Next, full dimensional lumber is selected for turning into mortise and tenon joints for a fully interlocking joint construction. During assembly all edges are sanded smooth as well as radiused to prevent snags during use and create comfort support.
After assembly, all edges receive Tru-Oil finishing which penetrates deep into the wood allowing the grain to show through while providing a lasting finish that will not crack or peel with time or use. The process requires multiple coats giving each piece its unique and beautiful finish; this makes them low maintenance requiring only minor cleaning when needed with no harsh cleaners required!

Popular Log Furniture Pieces

Montana Woodworks is a well-known company that creates some of the best log furniture pieces across America. Their products are beautifully designed, utilizing high quality materials and craftsmanship for incredible stability and durability. From rustic dining tables to comfortable chairs, Montana Woodworks offers a wide selection of log furniture to fit any home’s style.

The top pieces from Montana Woodworks include their Dining Table with Extension Leaf, which features a classic design made from solid pine logs that easily seats six people without the extension leaves and up to twelve people when extended. The pieces are finished off with a unique hand catalyzed lacquer finish process, giving it extreme longevity while still maintaining its natural beauty.

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Another top piece is the Mountain Rustic Hickory Rocking Chair, crafted with stunning hickory legs along with optional fabric cushions for cozy seating. It’s perfect for relaxing on your front porch or in the living area near your fireplace. A popular bedroom piece is their Montana Log Bed comes complete with distressed Aspen logs that have been carved into solid posts connecting the headboard and footboard together creating an attention grabbing centerpiece to add charm to your bedroom space. Last but not least, the Rustic Lodge Bench is another exquisite item made of luxurious pine logs for long lasting support and upholstered cotton cushions for an added layer of comfort. No matter what you’re looking for in log cabin furniture, you’ll find it at Montana Woodworks!

Tips for Choosing Log Furniture

1. Consider the size and shape of the room: Choosing log furniture that’s appropriate in size and shape is important to ensure that it fits comfortably within the space. Pay attention to measurements and think about how each piece will interact with other furniture and elements in your home before making a purchase.

2. Determine your purpose: When selecting log furniture, ask yourself what its primary purpose is for you. Are you looking for something strictly functional, or do you want a statement piece? Knowing your priorities ahead of time can help narrow down options quickly and easily.

3. Think about aesthetics: The visual appeal of your furniture should not be overlooked. Consider different styles to see which type or theme works best with your decorating scheme and reflects your personality.

4. Take the material into account: Different types of wood provide different looks, so make sure you like the material before committing to a purchase. Make note of how much maintenance might be required afterwards as well – some pieces may require staining now again for long-lasting protection from everyday wear and tear.

5. Consider budget & quality: Last but certainly not least, think about price point vs value when shopping for log furniture. Depending on what kind of item you’re looking for, it might be worth investing in higher-quality pieces that offer superior craftsmanship and last longer over time – even if the initial cost is a bit more expensive than other options on the market today!

Interior Design Tips

One of the best ways to bring Montana Woodworks log furniture into home design is to mix and match different pieces and styles. You can combine modern pieces with rustic pieces and incorporate natural elements like trees, stones, fabrics, and other décor to really bring out the cozy atmosphere this type of furniture provides. Instead of having all your furniture match, create a warm atmosphere by contrasting your log furniture with things like woven rugs or throw pillows in an eclectic way. You can also pair Montanan Woods log furniture with items such as blankets made of wool or even hand-made quilts for added warmth and texture.

Additionally, you can use color to make your log furniture even more eye-catching by incorporating wood stains that are a few shades lighter or darker than the logs themselves. Another great idea is to invest in artwork featuring landscapes from Montana that you can hang throughout the space may it be framed prints or paintings to draw inspiration from nature and your beloved log furnishings. To finish off the look try adding interesting wood carvings like sculptured artworks that show the cities of Montana or wildlife such as moose and bears to create an earthy atmosphere that makes home feel extra welcoming.

Benefits of Owning Log Furniture

One of the major benefits of owning log furniture from Montana Woodworks versus other types of furniture is that it adds natural beauty to your home. Log furniture is made from real logs, not only adding an attractive forest-inspired look, but also a rustic feel and texture to any room in your house. Additionally, log furniture is often much more durably constructed than many mass produced pieces of wood furniture. This makes it ideal for those with larger families and pets who are likely to put a lot of wear and tear on furniture over the years.

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Log furniture also offers another advantage over other types of wood furniture – cost. While it may be initially more expensive to purchase, log furniture has much longer life spans due to its superior construction making it a much better investment in the long run. Additionally, if well cared for these pieces can become family heirlooms passed down through multiple generations as pieces made from massed produced materials might not stand up against the test of time.

Finally, log furniture is far more sustainable than many other forms of wood due to its manufacturing process using actual logs rather than cutting down forests or using products made with synthetic materials like plastics or chemical adhesives. The harvesting used by Montana Woodworks is done sustainably and ethically, nurturing the forests environmentally and economically so the local people benefit directly too.

The Story Behind Montana Woodworks

Montana Woodworks was founded in 1997 by Hoyt Heddon, who had the creative idea to combine his woodworking and craftsmanship with his love of the outdoors. After starting out in an old barn, he cultivated a vision that grew into a family-owned enterprise. Today, their commitment to quality stands above all else. Montana Woodworks has devoted over two decades to perfecting their processes, products, and business relationships. They create unique pieces of log furniture using sustainable harvested pine and pine beetle killed lodgepole pine from western mountain ranges. This type of wood has beautiful natural grain details that can only be found in a superior piece of handcrafted rustic furniture. Each product is skillfully crafted using the best tools available for traditional joinery techniques and carefully secured by professional carpenters. Their expert finish techniques deliver lasting protection without compromising the natural beauty of the wood or marring its rustic characteristics. At Montana Woodworks, each item they make goes through a rigorous quality check before ever considering it suitable for sale to customers outside their shop doors. Their attention to detail shines through in every step of the process, which guarantees customers will receive only the highest quality log furniture made right here in America.


When looking for quality log furniture, Montana Woodworks is an excellent choice. Their furniture is expertly crafted from trees harvested in the forests of Glacier National Park, resulting in beautiful and long-lasting pieces that can become the focal point of any home. All their furniture is built by skilled artisans, who are paid a fair wage for their work and whose craftsmanship ensures each piece will last for generations to come. Furthermore, the wood used is certified sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council®, recognizing Montana Woodworks’ commitment to responsible environmental practices. At Montana Woodworks, they understand how important furniture can be – not just when it comes to functionality but also aesthetics – which is why each piece comes backed with a 20 year limited warranty and has been designed with both form and function in mind. So when it comes to choosing your next log furniture set, take confidence in knowing that Montana Woodworks has you covered with their second-to-none quality craftsmanship and responsible environmental practices.

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