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Introduction to Vienna Woodworks Rustic Furniture

Vienna Woodworks Rustic Furniture is a one-of-a-kind furniture store specializing in handmade, high quality wood furniture. We offer a variety of rustic furniture styles, including log furniture, barnwood furniture and more. Our talented craftsmen use only the finest materials to create beautiful and functional pieces that will bring charm to any home or office space. Customers have access to our online catalog and can even customize certain pieces to meet their exact needs. Vienna Woodworks Rustic Furniture is committed to providing our customers with affordable, durable pieces that they will cherish for years to come. Whether you are looking for an exquisite room divider or an eye-catching center table, we have something for everyone!

Overview of Materials Used for Log and Barnwood Furniture

Vienna Woodworks specializes in rustic log and barnwood furniture crafted from a variety of materials. Using raw materials such as handcrafted logs, the furniture is skillfully carved intoclassical and modern shapes that are given a unique finish tailored to the customer’s preference. Most commonly, this includes intense sanding and staining with various eco friendly oils and sealers, giving each piece its unique Rustic-style charm. Vienna Woodworks also utilizes reclaimed beams from dismantled barns to create long lasting quality pieces that are meant to be enjoyed for lifetimes to come. These reclaimed timbers are fashioned into desirable nightstands, beds, armoires and various other furnishings by way of careful craftsmanship mixed with modern tools and techniques. Vienna Woodworkslog furniture is designed not only to satisfy the rugged styles often sought after in cabin-furnishings but also with respect to the timeless beauty of nature that inspires each design. In conjunction with its assortment of barn wood pieces, Vienna Woodworksoffers an array of dining tables featuring solid wood construction, which are handcrafted using extremely durable woods such as maple, oak or hickory depending on availability. Pieces can be custom designed by patrons including customization options for color/finish which creates pieces as individual as their owners. Each piece then comes further alive under the hands of our talented artisans who torch or barbwire carve them foradded characterand aesthe tic appeal until a one of kind work of art is produced; perfect for bringing a touch of that Rustic charm into your home!

Benefits of Vienna Woodworks Rustic Furniture

Vienna Woodworks Rustic Furniture offers homeowners a unique and stylish way to decorate their home. This type of furniture has a relaxed, natural look that fits in with an array of home designs. Vienna Woodworks Rustic Furniture is made from high-quality materials such as solid wood, logs, and barnwood. It stands the test of time, remaining strong and sturdy for years. It evokes a feeling of warmth and nostalgia when placed in your living space, bringing nature into your home. Furthermore, Vienna Woodworks Rustic Furniture can be tailored to meet specific needs, adding a personal touch to each piece. It also produces minimal waste during production and leaves little ecological footprint on the environment, making it a more eco-friendly option for those who care about sustainability. It’s also incredibly stylish and can add character and life to any room. With Vienna Woodworks furniture you can be sure that you are getting premium quality pieces at an affordable price.

Selection Guide for Choosing the Right Log or Barnwood Furniture

Finding the right log or barnwood furniture for your home or business is easy if you take some time to research your options. Here is a selection guide that can help narrow down the choices:

1) Budget: Before you shop, determine how much you want to spend on new log or barnwood furniture. There are items available in all price ranges, so it’s important to have a budget in mind. Consider there will be variations in prices according to size, design, and materials used.

2) Size: Measure the area where the item will go before shopping around so you know what size (length/width/height) of furniture piece you need. Log and barnwood pieces come in various sizes and shapes, so having an idea of what will fit ahead of time will save time and allow you to focus on finding pieces that meet your specific needs.

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3) Design: Log and barnwood furniture is available in both classic and modern designs, so decide which look fits best within your space. If traditional style furnishings are more your taste than opt for classic carved pieces; if contemporary designs better suit then be sure to look for sleeker lines. You can further customize the look with your choice of colors or finishes as well as through fabric choices when upholstered pieces are needed.

4) Durability: Look for quality construction when considering log or barnwood furniture pieces for purchase. Due diligence here pays off as these items are designed for long-term use; cheap constructed pieces won’t last nearly as long as those created with skilled craftsmanship and higher-end materials.

Customizing Options for Log and Barnwood Furniture

At Vienna Woodworks Rustic Furniture, we offer a wide range of customization options for our log and barnwood furniture. Whether you’re looking for unique accents to spruce up a room or an entirely custom design, we can help you make your dream piece a reality. Our experienced craftspeople use high-quality materials to construct beautiful pieces that will last a lifetime. We have everything from natural logs to reclaimed barnwood, so you can create the perfect rustic look in any home. From full bedroom sets to individual pieces like cabinetry and hutches – whatever size or shape you need – we have the experience and capability to make it happen. You can even choose colors and textures, finishes and patinas for each piece. No matter what type of wood furniture you are looking for – Vienna Woodworks has the resources available to help you create the perfect rustic masterpiece!

Comparing Wood Types for Log Furniture

When considering a piece of log furniture, two of the most common wood types are pine and cedar. Both woods are incredibly popular in the crafting of quality rustic furniture, but which type is better? The answer to this depends on personal preference and intended use.

One advantage that pine has over cedar is cost. Pine tends to be cheaper than cedar when it comes to buying lumber, so those shopping on a budget will often opt for pine. However, cedar is denser and sturdier than pine when fully dried out. Although more expensive in terms of initial investment, this added durability means less chance for warping or breakage as exposure to moisture can occur during the lifespan of the furniture.

Another quality that sets these two woods apart is their colouration when left untreated. Pine has a lighter hue in colour compared to cedar’s warm brown tones and helps create an inviting atmosphere that makes it suitable for interior living spaces or porch areas; however, with regular maintenance such as sealants and varnishes – these effects can be altered either way depending on the desired end look.

Other factors should also be considered when deciding between pine and cedar such as knot patterning (pine tends to have more knots) and whether one wood is more aesthetically pleasing than another in terms of graining lines which will require sanding down at times if desired. Ultimately, Vienna Woodworks offers both materials as a top choice for barnwood furniture and log furniture – ultimately it comes down to what appeals more personally to you aesthetic tastes or overall budget restrictions.

Care and Maintenance of Rustic Furniture

Caring for rustic furniture can be a bit tricky because they are made of natural materials and therefore need some special attention. Before cleaning, it is important to know what type of material your furniture is made from. For example, barnwood furniture is often made from rugged pine that has been weathered over time and takes a special treatment when cleaning. Vienna Woodworks’ rustic furniture usually consists of Red or White Cedar that needs to be oiled at minimum twice per year in order to maintain its beauty. Log furniture can also be delicate and needs to be avoided from harsh detergents and chemicals as much as possible which can strip away the oils preventing further weathering that keeps wood moist, supple and looking great.

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To care for your rustic furniture use only non-detergent soap and warm water mixed with a soft bristled brush or sponge to wipe down the surface of the wood. Avoid using steel wool as it can remove too much of the protective varnish. Regular dusting should also occur one to three times a week depending on how frequently it is used. When dusting use a dry cloth in circular motions but avoid pressing down on the surface so you don’t damage it. Timber surfaces should also periodically be oiled with mineral oil as this helps restore any lost moisture on wooden surfaces while also protecting them against water damage and sunlight exposure. Lastly, store all pieces indoors whenever possible especially during extreme weather changes as these temperatures could cause any type of wooden surfaces to crack or warp over time if left exposed outside too long at a time.

Showcasing Vienna Woodworks Furniture Galleries

Vienna Woodworks prides itself on providing customers with high-end furniture collections fit for any home. Whether you are looking for rustic, log, or barnwood furniture, Vienna Woodworks has the perfect piece for you. Our diverse style galleries will showcase some of our signature pieces and inspire you to add a touch of woodwork elegance to your home. From panels to chairs and tables made from reclaimed wood, we guarantee that each piece is built with attention to lasting detail and quality craftsmanship from our trained artisans. In addition, each piece is handcrafted with natural materials such as pine, cedar, and oak which adds unique beauty and character to your room setting. With a vast array of colors, sizes and styles available, find the perfect choice for your home at Vienna Woodworks Furniture Galleries today!

Case Studies

Vienna Woodworks is an experienced manufacturer specializing in rustic, log, and barnwood furniture. With a portfolio of projects spanning different styles and sizes, they have earned their reputation as a reliable go-to for quality custom-made furniture.

From luxury homes to upscale resorts, Vienna Woodworks is known for its beautiful craftsmanship. Their portfolio showcases the remarkable transformation of spaces with elegant rustic designs that make each room quaint and inviting. Each piece is lovingly crafted to customers’ specifications which makes them one of a kind.

In addition to completing individual projects, Vienna Woodworks often works on larger scale jobs such as entire guest houses or revamping porches and patios with outdoor furnishings. They can even handle specialized requests from designing custom cabinets and fireplace mantels to building bedroom sets and dining tables.

No matter the scope or style of the project, the dedication of Vienna Woodworks shines through in all of their work—from chic log beds to classic barn chairs that take you back in time. Their passion for quality craftsmanship results in beautiful pieces that will last for decades if not generations.


At Vienna Woodworks, we offer a wide selection of beautiful rustic furniture that can bring a touch of class and charm to any living space. Our log furniture is made from naturally-aged lumber from local Appalachian forests, bringing a natural beauty to your home or office. And our barnwood furniture is crafted from reclaimed wood, preserving the rich history of American craftsmanship for generations to come. Each piece of our rustic furniture is handcrafted with care, ensuring that you can appreciate not only its unique character but also its quality construction and long-lasting durability. With so many advantages, it’s no wonder that these lovely pieces have become increasingly popular throughout the United States and Europe. Whether you’re looking for a cozy living room set or a timeless heirloom piece, Vienna Woodworks’ rustic furniture provides the perfect combination of beauty and value.

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