Nashville Woodworking Show


The Nashville Woodworking Show is a time honored tradition in the city of Nashville, Tennessee. For over 30 years, woodworking enthusiasts have gathered together to showcase their handmade pieces and explore their creative passions. The show first began in 1988 when a small group of local woodworkers formed a club and started meeting regularly to work on projects and teach each other new techniques. Over the years, the group grew in popularity and expanded from its small garage origins into a full-fledged yearly show. It was held at various locations throughout the city before moving to its current home at the Music City Center.

Every year, approximately 10,000 attendees come to the show with many making an entire weekend out of it by taking part in workshops, demonstrations, and competitions. They come from all over the world to purchase lumber, tools and other supplies for their next project. The event also hosts renowned speakers who offer advice on everything from proper tool maintenance to intricate joins used during cabinetry construction. Additionally, hundreds of exhibitors set up booths offering vendors every imaginable item related to woodworking such as furniture plans, books, and even custom-made pieces as well as opportunities network with like minded individuals.

Since its inception ,the Nashville Woodworking Show has become one of the premiere woodworking events in America attracting enthusiastic participants from all around the country all while providing expert knowledge and cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

What You Can See and Do

At the Nashville Woodworking Show, attendees can see and do a wealth of activities. For starters, there are a number of different exhibitors that are presenting their wares and services. There is likely to be an array of tools, unique woods, supplies, books and magazines available that visitors can browse through. On top of that, workshops are held at the event where knowledgeable professionals share tips and tricks to hone one’s craftsmanship in woodworking. Also, demonstrations showcasing various techniques take place throughout the day so everyday people like yourself can catch some insight from craftsmen as they go about their trade in real time. Put all these components together, and you have an awesome experience perfect for any woodworker enthusiast when visiting the Nashville Woodworking Show!

Benefits of Attending

The Nashville Woodworking Show is a premier event for those in the woodworking field to come together and connect. It’s a great opportunity to meet and network with other like-minded woodworkers, as well as to find new clients or collaborators. Moreover, the show offers special workshops and learning opportunities that can help woodworkers hone their craft. Those attending will have access to specialty woodworking tools and techniques that can be seen and tried at the show. It’s a great way for experienced woodworkers to brush up on old skills, while newcomers have the chance to learn from seasoned professionals. Additionally, one can also find rare and hard-to-find materials at the show, which can add a unique touch to any project. Whether you’re an experienced professional or just getting started in the field of woodworking, The Nashville Woodworking Show is certainly an event worth attending!

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Different Ways to Participate


Attendees of the Nashville Woodworking Show will have the opportunity to see demonstrations, get helpful advice from experienced woodworkers, learn new techniques, and purchase supplies. There will be many booths with exciting products to browse and explore. Attendees also benefit from engaging in discussions with other woodworking enthusiasts.


Another way to get involved in the show is by volunteering. There are many volunteer opportunities available for those who want to help out. Volunteers can assist with setup and takedown of the show, greet attendees, give tours, provide information about different vendors or attractions, and much more. The experience gained by volunteering at the show can be invaluable and make a lasting impact on future woodworking projects.

Contest Participation

Participants of the Nashville Woodworking Show will have an additional chance to show off their skills by entering one of the many contests that take place throughout the event. Contests could range from design competitions to carvings challenges, painting demonstrations or even creative planking displays. The winners in each category may receive prizes or recognition for their hard work. Contest participation is an exciting way for attendees to test their abilities in a challenging yet fun environment!

Exploring the Local Market

The Nashville Woodworking Show offers the opportunity to explore a variety of different vendors offering their unique products and services in the fields of woodworking, artistry, and craft. Attendees of this show can find woodworking supplies ranging from specialty blades and machinery to timber, screws and nails. There are artisan shops which offer custom-made furniture pieces and workshop tours that showcase woodwork techniques used by experienced craftsmen. Additionally, one is able to meet local craft fair vendors selling art, jewelry, décor items,handcrafted toys, and home-made jams. Overall, Nashville Woodworking Show’s attendees have a great variety of options right at their fingertips!

Tips for Making the Most of the Show

Planning ahead:
Before attending the Nashville Woodworking Show, it is important to plan ahead. It is essential to have an idea of what you are looking for and what type of demonstrations or classes you would like to attend. Also research woodworking vendors that will be in attendance; make a list of ones that could potentially meet your needs, and consider making appointments with them in advance. Finally, determine how much money you can afford to spend and go over the show’s schedule so that you do not miss out on any events.

Practical Advice:
When attending the Nashville Woodworking Show, it is important to wear comfortable shoes since most people remain on their feet through quite a bit of walking. It is also a good idea to bring a notebook and pen so that information pertaining to new pieces of equipment or techniques can be written down for future reference. Additionally, if there are workshops being offered, be sure to give yourself time prior to the event in order to understand its contents and follow along during the presentation appropriately.

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Unique Purchases:
The Nashville Woodworking Show gives patrons the opportunity to browse products from specialized vendors from across the world. Consider visiting those vendors who offer items that generally cannot be found locally; perhaps take advantage of special offers or discounts the vendor might be offering at their booth as well! Additionally, try talking with experienced woodworkers about specific tools or techniques which may help broaden your skill set when crafting items back home.


The Nashville Woodworking Show shared a unique opportunity for woodworkers to increase their skills, knowledge and visibility in the woodworking industry. The event was aimed at hobbyists as well as professional woodworkers of all skill levels. Attendees had access to lectures from established and experienced woodworkers, trade shows featuring newly released tools, products, and supplies needed to create beautiful projects in their shops, and social activities designed to foster networking with like-minded individuals.

The Nashville Woodworking Show offered a valuable experience for those connected with the craft of woodworking. Attendees could expect to learn the most up to date trends within the industry as well as more general tips on working smarter and connecting with fellow enthusiasts. Even if it was just an introduction into the world of woodworking, there were classes and workshops that could teach any newcomer the basics of building furniture or crafting hardwood items. Additionally, it gave people insight into opportunities available through smaller local businesses that are dedicated to the craft. The trade show floor gave access to new tools and devices meant for any level of woodworker providing product details that one may not have been aware of previously. It was also a great chance to network with other like-minded individuals and establish partnerships that could bloom from a single conversation at the show. All in all, The Nashville Woodworking Show enabled everyone associated with this particular art form to engage on many different levels from learning what’s new in the industry, trying out new products and building relationships for future projects or collaborations.

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