Norman Orsinger Woodworking

Introduce Unique, Character-Building Details

Norman Orsinger Woodworking has been a family-run business since 1980. Founded by master woodworker Norman Orsinger, he has been creating beautiful pieces of furniture using craftsmanship and quality materials combined with an eye for detail.

Each piece of furniture is made with careful attention to the character of its components and the details that make a piece unique. All pieces are designed with input from Norman himself – even after 40 years in the business his striving for perfection still shines through on every piece he creates. Every piece is carefully handcrafted, making sure that each part fits together perfectly, adding strength and beauty to each masterpiece.

The company focuses less on trends and more about perfecting their craft, believing that tradition and finesse are key when crafting fine pieces of furniture. Every member of the family works diligently to ensure their customers receive top-notch products, created with patience and passion.

At Norman Orsinger Woodworking customer service is paramount as they strive to meet clients’ needs while telling their story through lasting works of art that can be passed down generations. Through this charcter building approach to woodworking, it’s obvious why Norman Orsinger Woodworking continues to be held in such high regard today.

Detailed Photo Gallery

Norman Orsinger Woodworking produces high-quality custom woodworking pieces for customers across the country. To showcase the craftsmanship of their talented team, Norman Orsinger Woodworking has created a detailed photo gallery on their website. This photo gallery displays stunning images of the unique pieces that they have crafted for customers in a variety of environments. Additionally, each image includes essential details about the piece such as its location, type of wood used, and other finishes applied. By including helpful information with their photographs, Norman Orsinger Woodworking is able to draw attention to the pieces they produce while also giving potential clients a better understanding of their quality and versatility when it comes to custom woodworking projects.

Feature Videos of the Creating Process

The videos could begin with a background story of the team and the business, as well as highlighting key people on the Norman Orsinger Woodworking team. Focus on interviewing each individual member of the team, discussing their experience and skills as well as emphasizing the dedication they put into creating beautiful pieces. The videos should also feature them in action, demonstrating their craft from start to finish. This can include close-up footage of sawing, sanding and polishing each unique piece with interviews about why certain techniques were used for specific designs. Furthermore, discuss why certain woods were selected for the task. Short snippets or the entire process can be shown in sequence, which will give viewers an understanding of the time needed to complete a masterpiece. The viewers will gain insight into the passion and creativity that come together to create one-of-a-kind fine woodwork even before it’s finished product is available.

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Social Media Presence

Norman Orsinger Woodworking has a great opportunity to engage with fans and customers through social media. The company should start by amplifying their existing content on the platforms they are already active on”Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. This can include sharing photos of finished products or works-in-progress, videos highlighting recent projects, or stories from customers or employees.

In addition to amplifying existing content, Norman Orsinger Woodworking should look into creating fresh content for the blog and other social media channels that is tailored to their followers’ interests. This could include posts about woodworking trends or tips for using their products, diy project ideas and tutorials, step-by-step instructions for beginner woodworkers, plus product sneak peeks and announcements of new launches. Engaging posts like this will make it easy for customers to stay informed about what’s happening in the company and help make sure that Norman Orsinger Woodworking stays top-of-mind when people are looking for woodworking supplies.

Buyer’s Guide

Norman Orsinger Woodworking offers a wide range of quality woodworking products to suit every buyer’s need. From handcrafted furniture pieces to kitchen cabinets, we have something for every home or office. However, with such diverse options, choosing the right materials and designs can be overwhelming.

That is why Norman Orsinger Woodworking has developed a Buyers Guide to help you make an informed decision regarding the best type of materials and pieces that fit your needs. Our guide outlines the various types of woods available, as well as their properties related to weight and strength. We also discuss the different types of finishes that are available so you can feel confident selecting the aesthetic side of your project as well. If you are looking for high-end luxury pieces, we also provide explanations pertaining to custom-crafted items, for those who seek a truly special piece in their home. Whether you are an experienced woodworker or someone new to the world of woodworking crafts, this guide is sure to give you guidance on finding the perfect solution for your needs.

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Your Project

This tutorial will show you how to recreate a beautiful cherry wood bookcase from Norman Orsinger Woodworking. The following materials and tools are needed for the project:


– 3 sheets of ¾ inch sheet plywood
– 8 pieces of 2×2 poplar boards
– 8 pieces of 2×4 cherry boards Tools:
– Circular saw
– Power drill and drill bits
– Clamps
– Tape measure/ruler
– Sander or sandpaper blocks First, use the circular saw to cut the 3 sheets of plywood into 10” wide strips. Next, nail and glue the 8 pieces of 2×2 poplar boards between each piece of plywood. After that, use your power drill to create pilot holes through the boards and in between them, then screw the joists into place using screws every four inches; predrill if needed. Then, measure out eleven 12” marks on your eight pieces of 2×4 cherry board and cut with your circular saw. Finally, attach these shelves with clamps lined up against either side at premarked locations with wood screws using your power drill and pilot holes. Once all these steps are completed, lightly sand all areas for a smooth finish and admire your new bookcase!

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