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The NWA Woodworking Show is one of the premier shows in the country. It brings together enthusiasts and professionals from across the woodworking industry to celebrate craftsmanship and provide an opportunity to discover new tools and techniques. This show features a wide variety of woodworking products, on-site demonstrations, workshops and seminars, plus special exhibits by major retailers that feature their best offerings. The NWA Woodworking Show provides attendees with a unique opportunity to purchase tools and materials at discounted prices, as well as take part in product demonstrations, competitions and other activities associated with the craft of woodworking. The show is perfect for those who are just getting started in the field or those who are already experienced professionals. Whether you are looking for tips to improve your current projects or simply want to become more knowledgeable about various aspects of woodworking, this show will offer something for everyone. For any woodworker passionate about building furniture and other projects with their bare hands, attending the NWA Woodworking Show is sure to be inspiring and educational experience you won’t soon forget!

Overview of the Annual Event

The Nwa Woodworking Show is an annual event held each year near Springdale, Arkansas. It usually takes place in either March or April and typically lasts for two to three days. The show is hosted at the John Q. Hammons Center, located in the heart of the city and is a major event for woodworkers in northwest Arkansas. During the weekend of the show, attendees can expect a variety of activities to get involved with; including woodworking workshops, demonstrations from professional woodworkers, live music entertainment, food vendors, and other exhibitors from local businesses. Additionally, there are often raffled prizes available for those in attendance that register during the event. Each year more than 4,000 people from around the region attend this unique gathering to celebrate all things craftsmanship and carpentry related. The event continues to grow with each passing year as visitors flock to partake in fellowship among fellow woodworking enthusiasts and view how far the field has advanced over time.

Exhibitors and Interviews

The Nwa Woodworking Show will be hosted this year in Bentonville, Arkansas from August 30 to September 1. This renowned show is a celebration of all types of woodworking and carpentry arts. Participants include both local and international artisans who will share their expertise and craftsmanship with the public in a wide variety of interactive presentations, demonstrations, workshops, and more.

Exhibitors at the Nwa Woodworking Show come from around the world and offer artistry ranging from furniture making to woodcarving to restoration work. They range in experience levels – from beginner makers to professional craftsmen – but all share a deep respect for the rich culture of woodworking.

Interviewers at the show will also provide insight into what motivates each exhibitor’s passion for their craft, as well as offering advice for aspiring woodworkers just getting started on their journey. Some of those interviewed will offer tips on selecting the right materials and taking the time to understand different techniques that they use while working with wood. Attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions along with seeing examples of items created by these talented woodworkers firsthand.

In addition to providing visitors with helpful guidance on their own projects, special spotlights every day at the Nwa Woodworking Show feature woodsmithers who specialize in producing unique works of art, furniture pieces, sculptures, toys and more. These spotlights provide an up close look into each artist’s process; allowing everyone attending to take inspiration away from these amazing displays!


The Nwa Woodworking Show is a great way for hobbyists, professionals, and craftsmen to get together and learn from each other’s experience. There will be a variety of hands-on experiences and demonstrations that guests can take part in. Guests can learn how to use traditional carpentry tools such as planes, saws, chisels, clamps, drill pressess, jointers, biscuit joiners and more. Attendees will also have the opportunity to explore different finishing techniques like sanding, staining and varnishing. Those looking to improve their skill set can attend workshops by experts who will talk about topics like woodturning and wood sculpting. There are also short courses on green woodworking practices featuring the basics of splitting logs and carving spoons. Last but not least, the show offers live demonstrations where recent innovations in the world of woodworking are presented.

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Educational Opportunities

The Nwa Woodworking Show is teeming with educational opportunities for woodworkers of all levels. Attendees are invited to join courses and seminars designed to help them hone their skills and further their knowledge in the world of woodworking.

In each course and seminar, attendees will learn how to use both hand and power tools, as well as how to properly sand, finish and care for their projects. They will also be introduced to basic security instructions on how to safely operate the machines found within a workshop. Additionally, students will gain insight into tips and tricks to go beyond the basics in their work ” such as carving intricate shapes, bridging gaps in fragile pieces, utilizing advanced joinery techniques, staining complex surfaces and other methods of refinement. Furthermore, experienced instructors will provide advice on setting up a home shop or commercial enterprise from start to finish. Maybe even more so than what could be acquired from simply reading about it!

Special Features

The Nwa Woodworking Show will host a number of special features this year, including a Spotlight on Unique Offerings that are sure to please. Attendees will have the opportunity to browse through a selection of handpicked woodworking pieces from all over the world, many of which can be purchased directly from the exhibitors. In addition, the show will feature special guests from around the globe who specialize in different areas of woodworking. Prominent woodworkers and craftsman from North America, Europe and Asia will be present to discuss their work and offer tips and advice on how to create beautiful wooden creations with accuracy and precision. Furthermore, there will be workshops throughout the weekend on a variety of interesting topics such as design, construction techniques, joinery methods, tool usage and much more. There is also a contest open for both amateur and professional woodworkers where participants can showcase their best carpentry works before an esteemed judging panel made up experts in their respective fields.

Benefits of Attending

The Nwa Woodworking Show is a unique and invaluable event for woodworking enthusiasts and professionals alike. Attendees have the chance to witness live demonstrations from expert craftsmen, learn about the latest industry developments from leading manufacturers, purchase high-quality supplies of the highest quality at discounted prices, and network with like-minded individuals. The Show also provides a great opportunity to trade secrets and exchange tips on how to better your craft. Not to mention, a visit to the show will help expand your understanding of woodworking as well as assist you in developing essential skills that will benefit your job or hobby. In addition, there often are door prizes and chances to win valuable items which further increases value of attending the show. By visiting the Nwa Woodworking Show, you can keep yourself up-to-date with new methods and technologies used in woodworking while gaining insights into trends in the field.

Tips for Enjoying the Show

If you’re planning to attend the Nwa Woodworking Show, here are some tips to help you make the most of your experience.

1. Do some research: Before the show, take time to browse the exhibitors’ list and decide which ones you want to visit. This will help ensure that you don’t miss anything of interest or have difficulty in finding what you need.

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2. Come prepared: Have a clear idea of what type of woodworking projects you’re looking for and bring with you any related materials (such as drawings, sketches or measurements). A pencil and paper can be helpful for jotting down notes from different vendors or taking pictures of specific items of interest.

3. Ask questions: Plan out a few questions ahead of time so that when talking to vendors, exhibitors and other experts at the show, they can provide you with answers and insights that are tailored to your own woodworking needs. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – this is how woodworking experts learn themselves!

4. Try new tools: The Nwa Woodworking Show is an excellent opportunity to get hands-on practice using woodworking tools such as saws and clamps that could help make your project even better. Take advantage of demos being offered during the show in order to gain insight into how they work before deciding if buying them is something worth considering in the future.

5. Investigate techniques: Each exhibitor brings their own unique set of techniques and tricks for successful woodworking projects, so it’s worth investigating what methods each has shared in the past or can demonstrate at the Show – many times these will result in improvements both in time saved and quality achieved if applied correctly!

6. Bring an open mind & enjoy yourself!: At last but not least ” have fun! Take part in conversations about different types of projects, meet fellow hobbyists and potential mentors who share your same passion for creative craftsmanship, take home knowledge & confidence in developing individual skills & explore all possibilities available!

Photo Galleries

The Nwa Woodworking Show is an event that brings woodworkers of all levels together to celebrate their craft. It features displays of the highest quality workmanship, demonstrations and seminars, as well as competitions in different categories. These categories include novice, amateur, and professional levels. The Nwa Woodworking Show also has a selection of vendors selling tools, supplies, and other products related to woodworking. Visitors can take pictures with some of the amazing pieces created by the exhibitors or attend one of the many workshops covering topics such as joinery techniques, furniture making, and finishing techniques. Additionally, there are exhibitions from leading manufacturers and suppliers highlighting their latest products for visitors to explore. A select few galleries are also on display to showcase the best photographs taken during the event. These galleries feature a variety of unique angles and perspectives from around the venue that capture attendees in action creating one-of-a-kind pieces of art using various types of wood and equipment. By attending the Nwa Woodworking Show, enthusiasts get an up close look at inspiring works while also learning more about new skills and technologies within this fascinating domain.


The NWA Woodworking Show will offer an exceptional experience for both new and experienced woodworkers. Participants can expect to learn the latest techniques, interact with skilled artisans, and explore a variety of tools and materials. Attendees can bring their own projects to work on during the show or have them evaluated by experts. Various educational sessions will also be available, including demonstrations and product presentations. Additionally, exhibitors will be displaying the latest in technologies and supplies, as well as offering great deals on equipment and services. The show promises to provide a fun environment for woodworking enthusiasts of all skill levels. With the mix of opportunities for education, exploration, shopping, and networking makes this event truly unique!

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