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Introduce a ‘In the News’ section

Peachtree Woodworking Supply Company is proud to announce the launch of a new section, ‘In the News’. This section will provide customers with a chance to stay informed about recent awards, stories, and accolades that Peachtree Woodworking Supply Company has been feted with.

Recent news items have included Peachtree Woodworking Supply Company being honored at the 2011 Impression Awards for their innovative product design in the hand tools category; an article featuring their state-of-the-art dust collection system in DIY Magazine; and recognition from industry experts who have commented on the high quality of their wooden products.

Now, customers can easily access this information when they visit Peachtree Woodworking Supply Company’s website. It provides not only a good overview of the company’s achievements but also helps to highlight some of its key advantages as a leading wood supply business. From award-winning innovations to more general stories related to woodworking, In The News is an accessible way for customers to stay up-to-date.

Include a ‘Customer Tips’ section

The Peachtree Woodworking Supply Company believes that the best way to ensure customer satisfaction is by encouraging the input of its customers. As such, the company has developed a Customer Tips section dedicated to helping customers make the most out of their purchases. The section will feature tips from customers on topics including choosing tools, improving technique, and time-saving tips. Customers can leave feedback and suggestions on how to maximize usage of Peachtree products or services for greater success and satisfaction with each project. The Peachtree Woodworking Supply Company prides itself in being able to provide helpful advice from its expert staff of professionals as well as from other woodworkers in the industry that have benefited greatly from using their products.

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Create a ‘Woodworking Tutorials’ section

Peachtree Woodworking Supply Co. is proud to announce the launch of its new Woodworking Tutorials section! This section will provide helpful tutorials for popular woodworking projects, ranging from beginner level to advanced. These tutorials will give detailed step by step instructions on how to complete a wide array of projects. Each project includes a list of materials required, tools, and detailed instructions on how to finish the piece. The tutorials also include helpful tips on the best practices, techniques and styles used in various aspects of the project. In addition to written instructions, many tutorials also incorporate pictures and video guides to help bridge any learning gaps that may appear when following standard instructions. We believe that this section will be beneficial for both our novice, as well as experienced woodworkers alike ” all eager to pick up new skills and ideas!

Add a ‘Woodworking Events’ section

Peachtree Woodworking Supply Company is dedicated to providing its customers with the best in woodworking supplies and support. To continue this commitment, we have added a new Woodworking Events section to our website. This section includes information on recent and upcoming events that Peachtree Woodworking Supply Company has proudly supported. From barbecues and woodworking shows to carpentry workshops, there are a variety of events related to woodworking that Peachtree Woodworking Supply Company has taken part in or will be involved with in the future. Our event page contains all the necessary information for possible attendees, including location and date details. With this new addition, participants have the ability to view upcoming events related to woodworking at a glance. Keep an eye on our Woodworking Events page for more updates about upcoming activities and events!

Introduce a ‘Creative Ideas’ section

Peachtree Woodworking Supply Company is delighted to announce the launch of their Creative Ideas section. As a new addition to the company’s offerings, this section provides customers with one-of-a-kind and inspiring ideas for woodworking projects. This collection of projects introduces a wide range of potential pieces and offers something for everyone, from aspiring hobbyists to professional manufacturers. Those interested in creating stunning furniture designs can find distinctive plans with step-by-step instructions from our experts. Also featured are unique DIYs for quick and easy crafts that make great gifts or personal decor. Projects like games, personalized plaques, organizers, pet beds and cool signs will all be included. Our Creative Ideas section also includes top tips for tools and supplies needed to complete each project. Peachtree Woodworking Supply Company hopes the Creative Ideas selection will spark creativity within each customer and create beautiful finished products.

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Include a ‘Highlight Reel’ section

Highlight Reel

From culinary creations to decorative art pieces, the Peachtree Woodworking Supply Company produces masterpieces from wood. Our experienced staff of carpenters and artisans have been crafting finely-crafted masterpieces for decades, and we are proud to share their work with the world.

Take a look at our highlight reel to see what we can do:

Video 1: This time-lapse shows a detailed chair designed by our artists being built from scratch. Watch how each component fits together perfectly!

Video 2: Here is a behind the scenes look at our warehouse and showroom where every piece of furniture is lovingly crafted.

Images 1 & 2: These stunning photos feature a custom bedroom set created from high quality woods including maple, oak and ebony.

Images 3 & 4: These unique sculptures were hand carved from black walnut and now add style and sophistication to this modern kitchen space.

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