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Welcome to Ozark Woodworker, the premier tool and equipment provider for all of your woodworking needs. Our high-quality products, combined with our knowledgeable staff, make us the perfect choice for both expert and new woodworkers alike. Take your craftsmanship to the next level with Ozark Woodworker!

Need To Know Facts

The Ozark Woodworker has been a family-run business since 1981 and is proudly based in Arkansas. The founders, Jack and David Norris, started the company as a small furniture shop with an emphasis on quality craftsmanship. As the company grew, they continued to focus on ensuring that each piece was designed with both the customer’s individual needs in mind, while also upholding high standards of quality.

From benches, tables and chairs to bedroom furniture, entertainment centers and office accessories, the Ozark Woodworkers are considered masters of their craft. Utilizing traditional tools and techniques learnt from generations past, these wood artisans ensure every detail is given special attention – no matter how small. This includes special finishes for each specific piece like wax sealants or distressed paint giving every completed furniture item a unique signature look. With attention to detail and years of expertise, these craftsmen are beautiful works of art just waiting to be admired.

No two pieces of furniture from Ozark Woodworker are alike due to their immense dedication to custom design work. Whether fashioning unique bookshelves for that hard-to-fit corner in your library or designing that perfect kitchen island for your home’s centerpiece – these craftsmen take pride in knowing that every distinctive item will make its way into someone’s long-term plans day after day. As if that weren’t enough they also offer upholstery services allowing customers to customize any armchair or sofa they have purchased.

Not limited merely to residential settings, Ozark Woodworkers also do commercial projects as well as repairs and restoration work making them a one stop shop for all woodworking needs large or small! With over 35 years in business and countless satisfied customers it’s easy to see why more continue to swear by this Arkansas based company year after year!

The Process

Step One: Selecting the Wood: Ozark Woodworker takes great pride in selecting the highest-quality wood for each piece of furniture. From sustainably-sourced hardwoods like walnut, alder, and cedar to reclaimed barnwood, every choice is made with care.

Step Two: Design & Planning: Ozark Woodworker takes your vision and brings it to life! Sketching out exact measurements and designs for each piece of wood, all custom orders are designed and tailored to fit your style and needs.

Step Three: Creating & Crafting: Our time-tested methods involve everything from sawing the boards by hand to sanding down each piece to perfection. Attention to detail, care, and precision are incorporated into every step of the crafting process ” reflecting Ozark Woodworkers commitment to quality craftsmanship.

Step Four: Finishing Touches & Last Call Quality Control Check: Before any of our furniture goes out ” we take one final quality control check. Final touch-ups are made through staining or waxing techniques as needed and hardware is securely affixed before shipment or delivery!

Where to Buy Good Woodworking Tools


Ozark Woodworker sources their materials from responsible and local vendors. Their primary materials are locally sourced timber and hardwoods, including oak, walnut, maple and cherry woods. They aim to keep their carbon footprint low by only sourcing wood that has been sustainably harvested, meaning the wood is taken from managed forests in order to ensure the continued growth of forests for coming generations. They prioritize using these local resources instead of importing products from other countries. As a result of this commitment to sustainability, they are able to provide an accurate estimate on the life cycle of each piece they produce so that customers know what impact their purchase has on the environment and how long their furniture will last. In addition to sustainable forestry, Ozark Woodworker also reduces waste by up-cycling wood off-cuts into smaller items such as chopping boards and toys. Through these practices, Ozark Woodworker operates in an ethically responsible way while producing high quality furniture for their customers.

Behind The Scenes

The Ozark Woodworker focuses on the practice of woodworking and working with wood as an art form. They provide ample training and guidance to help their craftspeople hone their skills. Some of the training includes detailed instructions on how to operate power tools, advanced finish techniques for smaller projects, and safety considerations related to larger projects. Learning about different types of woods and various ways to join pieces together is also part of the process. With decades of experience in a variety of woodworking styles, the instructors are able to provide a comprehensive learning experience that encourages creative exploration.

In addition to the technical aspects of woodworking, Ozark Woodwork provides guidance on the creative side of creating art from wood. They strive to foster creative expression by providing inspirational stories about their artists’ journeys as artisans. These stories share personal experiences about overcoming obstacles and obstacles in developing custom pieces for clients that often challenge them with unique requests. By learning from these stories, craftspeople learn what it takes to turn passionate ideas into tangible pieces that bring joy to others across the world.


I recently visited Ozark Woodworker and was truly impressed. From the moment I stepped in the door, I was warmly welcomed by the charming owner, Paul. He answered my questions and explained each product to me with genuine care and knowledge. The store was full of beautiful wood crafting supplies all carefully organized, making it easy to find exactly what I need quickly and efficiently. With everything from routers to carving tools, I could tell Paul really loves woodworking as he showed me around his shop and described every item he offered for sale with such enthusiasm.

The thing that made me go back was the customer service at Ozark Woodworker though. Paul felt like an old friend who wanted to make sure I had what I needed quickly so I could get back to work on my project. He spent extra time helping me pick out the right tools for my job and gave me his professional opinion on shop projects without being pushy at all! Plus, he had a great sales staff who were always available if there’s something they didn’t know right away. This personalized experience made visiting Ozark Woodworker a pleasure every time!

First Cut Custom Woodworks

In The Community


• Ozark Woodworker donated 5% of sales on “Grateful Dead Week” to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.


• Ozark Woodworker hosted a pop-up shop in their store and donated proceeds to Camp Sunshine, an organization dedicated to giving respite, support, joy and hope to children with life-threatening illnesses and their families.

• Ozark Woodworker held a work day for Home Sweet Home, building furniture for underprivileged families in the area.

• Ozark Woodworker sponsored a local youth group from the mission team trip to Mexico, donating 10% of all retail sales towards medical supplies for the people in need.

• Ozark Woodworker organized a Carpentry Workshop at the Denny Civic Center beginning summer 2018 onwards, free for those who join this program for wooden craft making class once per month.

•Ozark Woodworker provided food and hygiene products to families in need due to the Covid-19 pandemic by collaborating with local food pantries in every area they serve.


The success of Ozark Woodworker is a testament to the power of hard work and dedication. With decades of experience, their skill at crafting high quality woodworking products has enabled them to create some truly remarkable pieces. From tables and chairs to ceiling fans and furniture, they have brought joy to customers around the world with their craftsmanship.

It is clear that Ozark Woodworker is dedicated to providing quality products and services for their customers. As such, it is exciting to consider what other amazing creations this company could develop in the future. They could continue to make furniture and other home furnishings, but perhaps venture further into designing unique pieces like interactive wine racks or items specifically crafted for outdoor activities. Whatever the case may be, it will be interesting to see what Ozark Woodworker comes up with next!

As we come towards the end of this profile on Ozark Woodworker, we’d like to challenge our readers to think about what else this incredible business can achieve with its skillset in woodworking. What new ideas could they bring forward? How can they leverage their creativity even further? Starting your own business in any industry takes courage – imagine the possibilities someone with a passion for woodworking could create when combined with grit and determination. We are excited by what Ozark Woodworker brings forth next and look forward to discovering more from them soon!

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