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Philadelphia Woodworks was founded in 2019 by two woodworking enthusiasts, Eric and Ken. Since then, the business has grown to become a premier woodworking learning studio in Philadelphia.

Eric and Ken both shared a passion for woodworking that transcended the classroom. After spending many years teaching woodworking classes in local high school-level shop classes, they decided they wanted to make a bigger impact on their community by crafting quality pieces with other passionate woodworkers like themselves. With these goals in mind, Philadelphia Woodworks was born.

Since its inception, Philadelphia Woodworks has grown from an idea into a full-fledged business offering classes and workshops for everybody from beginners to advanced levels of expertise. The curriculum provides an essential education about the artistry of working with different types of woods and includes topics such as using hand tools and power tools. Additionally, their classes offer hands-on demonstrations and projects that professionals need to learn intricate joinery techniques or just the skills to build something out of plywood for a home project.

In addition to learning about traditional machinery processes, students also have an opportunity to explore more modern methods such as 3D printing and CNC routing technology at Philadelphia Woodworks. There are opportunities for people of all experience levels to network with one another through events held on site – such as monthly open studios – as well as off-site visits arranged through field trips hosted by instructors who specialize in various techniques like metalwork or upholstery work, carving or marquetry. For those looking to foster connections within the greater woodworking community in Philadelphia there is no better way than participating in workshops offered at this venue.

Necessary Woodworking Tools

Highlight Class Enrolment Benefits

Joining a class at Philadelphia Woodworks comes with numerous benefits. When enrolling in a course you become part of an engaged network of experienced woodworkers who can help guide you through the journey of learning and creating new projects. Through this active community, it is easier to receive support, find great ideas, and even build collaborative relationships.

In addition to access to an enthusiastic group of people, Philadelphia Woodworks provides workshops that are completely equipped and ready for students to use. This includes all the necessary tools, training on their usage as well as courses that provide comprehensive skills in the art of woodworking. Furthermore, those enrolled in a class have access to discounts on materials bought directly through Philadelphia Woodworks locations. Making it more affordable for students and hobbyists who may not be able to invest a lot initially into starting the craft.

Offer Testimonials from Previous Participants

“After taking a class at Philadelphia Woodworks, I finally know how to use my tools properly and it’s opened up a world of possibilities.” – John Smith

“The classes at Philadelphia Woodworks taught me the ropes and gave me the confidence I needed to do more with woodworking. Highly recommend!” – Sarah Jones

“My experience at Philadelphia Woodworks was amazing. The staff was knowledgeable and friendly and the classes were very informative and interactive. 10/10 would recommend!” – Joe Blankenship

“I’m so glad I discovered Philadelphia Woodworks! Not only did they provide great instruction but also an enjoyable atmosphere in which to learn with other like-minded individuals.” – Mary White

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Showcase Student Projects

Recent classes at Philadelphia Woodworks have produced an array of beautiful and unique projects for their students. One of the most popular recent projects was a custom cutting board that was personalized with each student’s initials. This project taught students how to use joinery techniques in order to construct tight-fitting joints, as well as how to select the appropriate type of wood and use sharpening stones to create a precise blade edge when cutting. Other projects included a wooden storage box complete with compartments, hand-crafted coffee tables, and even decorative birdhouses. All in all, participants in our woodworking classes gain vital skills and leave with stunning pieces that they can be proud of!

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