Psi Woodworking Lsr3 Wood Lathe Steady Rest


The Psi Woodworking Lsr3 Wood Lathe Steady Rest is a specialized accessory designed to help woodworkers securely hold and shape large or small pieces of wood on a lathe. Usually made of solid steel with hardened points of contact, it consists of three adjustable legs that are placed against the spinning material, ensuring it is secured firmly in place during turning processes. This reduces vibration and allows for accurate cutting on wood turning projects, making them much easier and more enjoyable. The rest offers excellent support when using chisels, planes, or other tools so that intricate designs can be achieved with ease. With its easy assembly and lifetime warranty, the Psi Woodworking Lsr3 Wood Lathe Steady Rest is an invaluable tool for any serious woodworker or hobbyist alike.


The Psi Woodworking Lsr3 Wood Lathe Steady Rest is designed to provide greater accuracy and precision while wood turning on a lathe. Its unique construction allows it to fit most any lathe, regardless of size. It also offers the user a great deal of flexibility when working with larger projects. The adjustable arms can be positioned so that the rest remains in contact with the wood throughout the entire turning process, providing better control and improved stability for intricate spindles and larger bowls. This level of accuracy helps ensure a higher-quality finish and fewer mistakes. Additionally, it features an easy-to-access jar for tools or parts which make swapping tools more efficient during a project. Overall, this steady rest is an excellent tool for those looking to expand their turning skillset and gain greater precision when creating complex pieces from wood.

Design Features

The Psi Woodworking LSR3 Wood Lathe Steady Rest is an easy to use and set up model featuring a unique spin-and-lock cam system that allows the operator to make quick adjustments. The design also utilizes spring loaded tension arms that provide proper weight with no effort, while its foot stands offer excellent stability and give ample working room around the lathe. Additionally, this steady rest has a sliding wall bracket feature that enables operators to convert it into multiple positions for a range of wood turning applications. For user convenience, the device has an adjustable handle for easy grasping when setup or removed from the machine and comes with pre-drilled mounting holes for quick installation on most models of wood lathes. It is built from solid cast iron, making it robust and long lasting as well as highly accurate with minimal vibration during use.

Dimensions and Weight

The Psi Woodworking Lsr3 Wood Lathe Steady Rest has an overall size of approximately 6.4 inches by 8.8 inches. It has a total weight of 1.7 pounds, which assists in providing stability when turning larger pieces of wood on the lathe. The unit is comprised of aluminum and steel components, with non-corrosive powder-coated finishes to reduce rusting or wear over time. The main body is constructed from sturdy reinforced plastic, while the applicable and adjustable shoe sole is made of thermoset urethane and steel parts for superior clamping pressure when holding the wood securely in place. Additionally, each segment includes three stainless-steel screws that attach to the base for extra protection against shifting out-of-place during woodturning operations.

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The Psi Woodworking Lsr3 Wood Lathe Steady Rest offers a wide range of benefits for woodworkers. These include:

1. Stability – The Steady Rest provides excellent stability and support when turning spindles, allowing you to create items with more uniform wall thickness.

2. Versatility – As a professional-grade attachment, it is well-suited for various lathe sizes and accommodates shapes up to 4 inches in diameter. Also, you can adjust the distance between the headstock and tailstock to suit your needs precisely.

3. Support – With its solid steel construction, the Lsr3 Wood Lathe Steady Rest offers ample foot and armroom which prevents fatigue from long work periods by minimizing pressure points on your arms and feet. In addition, the non-marring jaws hold stock securely in place so that even larger pieces do not slip when you turn them.

4. Security – It has a durable locking mechanism which ensures that the Steady Rest will stay firmly fixed during operation and not wobble while in use so that it can provide accurate results every time.

How to Use

1. Place the lathe steady rest into a position that has enough clearance so that it does not interfere with the movements of the wood lathe.

2. Secure the steady rest in place using an appropriate securing method, such as screws or bolts if your model comes equipped with those features.

3. Adjust the size of the steady rest jaws by loosening or tightening the handle screws located on each side. Ensure that they are adjusted to be slightly larger than your workpiece material width and diameter.

4. Place your workpiece into the chuck and adjust it to the desired shape according to your needs and measurements with a caliper or ruler.

5. Align the steady rest central supports with your turning piece, and make sure that there is an equal distance between each support jaw’s inner surface and your workpiece’s circumference/ outline security/ surface.

6. Tighten up all three of the thumbscrews located at each end of central supports until secure and aligned correctly for greater stability for larger projects such as barrels or chamber blocks .

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7. Turn on power switch for wood lathe and you have successfully set up and used your Psi Woodworking Lsr3 wood Lathe Steady Rest!

Tips and Tricks

1.Always ensure that the rest is secure and tight on the spindle before starting to turn with it. Check for any possible wobbling or movement of the rest by pressing down lightly with your fingertips and make any necessary adjustments.

2.Make sure the arms of the Steady Rest are level, parallel and equidistant from each other before you begin turning with them. This will help to keep your workpiece at a consistent diameter as you turn it.

3.Try using light cuts when using a steady rest as this will reduce wobbling and vibration in the workpiece which can lead to inconsistencies in shape and surface finish.

4.Always use proper safety measures when operating the lathe and setup the lathe at a comfortable distance so that need not be bending over too much to reach it.

5.Make sure that all tools used are correctly sharpened and are fit for purpose as dull tools often result in uneven surfaces due to inconsistent cutting edges.

6.It is best practice to use quality abrasives such as grinding wheels or sandpaper pads when finishing off a workpiece with a steady rest as they both provide excellent finishes while keeping vibrations minimal during operation


The Psi Woodworking Lsr3 Wood Lathe Steady Rest is a unique and effective woodworking tool with many beneficial features. It is constructed of high-quality aluminum, making it strong and lightweight. The unique design allows for excellent control and stability while providing improved accuracy when creating complex forms. The four mounting points provide maximum support to the workpiece and give you a more secure grip. Additionally, the large size of the rest gives you plenty of available space for working on larger projects while the adjustable roller design ensures that the rest can be adjusted quickly and easily to suit any size or shape piece. With its durable construction and adjustable design, the Psi Woodworking Lsr3 Wood Lathe Steady Rest provides incredible versatility, enabling you to tackle all sorts of projects with one single tool.

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