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Introduction to Sinclair Woodworking

Sinclair Woodworking is a family-run business that has been established since 1963. As one of the oldest woodworking companies in existence, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service. We specialize in custom woodworking services, such as cabinetry, furniture pieces, and restaurant fixtures. Our experienced team can create whatever imagined by the customer.

We ensure that each piece we build is well-crafted and uses only the finest materials available on the market. We place great emphasis on sustainability and environmental conservation when it comes to sourcing our materials for each project. In addition, with every piece we construct, we consider both form and function” which means that all our products are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional for its purpose as well as long-lasting due to our rigorous sanding processes.

These features set Sinclair Woodworking apart from other competing businesses in the industry by offering clients an ideal combination of stylish design and durability” combined with courteous customer service and tailored solutions. With these key values in mind, it’s easy to understand why so many of our customers come back again and again to take advantage of what Sinclair Woodworking has to offer!

Product Range

Sinclair Woodworking provides a wide variety of services, from custom furniture to cabinetry and millwork. They also specialize in sculptures and other specialty woodworking services such as carving and finishing. For custom furniture, the woodworking shop offers options including benches, chairs, stools, tables, cabinets, closets, armoires, bars and more. Additionally, their cabinetry department offers full or partial kitchen remodeling services with custom cabinet installation as well as built-ins like bookcases, fireplace mantels and entertainment centers. The millwork profession includes trim work such as window frames and door designs. Finally they offer a unique service in creating original sculptures crafted out of wood. Their sculpture pieces include wall hangings to figure sculptures to carvings featuring wildlife or other modes of artistry customized to the customer’s preference. Furthermore they provide a variety of finishes such as lacquer or natural resin checks upon request for their products that are all individually handcrafted one at a time with care and attention to detail.

Unique Process

Sinclair Woodworking is a custom carpentry shop specializing in beautiful, handcrafted pieces. Our company focuses on detail and craftsmanship throughout the entire design and construction process. We carefully select the right combination of hardwoods, finishes and materials to construct durable features that last for generations.

To ensure proper design and construction of each piece, we employ a unique hands-on approach to create each item with precision and care. Our craftsmen use wooden tools such as mortise chisels, hand drills, rasps, and planes to construct the items with pinpoint accuracy that adds aesthetic value to our designs. We also utilize digital technologies such as CNC routers, measuring instruments and sanders to achieve perfect slivers, angles, curvatures and cuts without compromising the grain or texture of the wood below.

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At Sinclair Woodworking, we take great pride in seeing our clients enjoy their top-of-the line products for years to come!

Examples of Recent Projects

Project 1: Constructed an 8-foot-long custom maple hardwood countertop for a client. The design was executed with premium joinery and tightly fitted board surface. Stained in a rich mahogany finish, the countertop provided a stunning addition to the client’s kitchen design. Before and after photos are attached which illustrate how Sinclair Woodworking helped elevate the room to create an aesthetically pleasing yet highly functional area in the client’s home.

Project 2: Built a cherry wood entertainment center to fit a client’s specific width, depth and height measurements. The piece was outfitted with beveled glass doors, antique bronze door pulls and adjustable shelving making it suitable for all types of media components. The customer was ultimately thrilled with the result as evidenced in the before and after photos.

Project 3: Delivered an elegant custom desk to a customer in need of an organized workspace solution. Crafted from high-grade oak with intricate detailing including dovetail joinery and chamfered edges, this desk was both stunning and sturdy ” perfect for years of production use by its new owner!

Project 4: Designed and constructed an exquisite walnut armoire to serve as a wardrobe storage option for one of our clients. Made using precision cut mortise & tenon joinery techniques and finished with hand rubbed oil for durability, this armoire created instant visual appeal within their bedroom space. Photos showcase both projects before and after completion!


Interview with Sinclair Woodworking Employee

Q: How long have you been working at Sinclair Woodworking?
A: I’ve been here for about 8 years now, ever since I graduated college.
Q: What do you enjoy most about working at Sinclair Woodworking?
A: What I enjoy most is the fact that it’s a family-owned business and that everyone looks out for each other and works together as a team. There’s such a strong sense of camaraderie among us, which makes the work environment enjoyable.
Q: What do you think sets Sinclair Woodworking apart from its competitors?
A: One thing that sets us apart is our completely custom wood designs ” we don’t mass-produce anything. It allows us to focus on individual design requests from our customers to make them something truly special and one of a kind. Plus, our production process always uses high-quality materials, so even when multiple pieces are created for a job, each one will be perfect!


1. “My dining room table is absolutely stunning! I can’t thank Sinclair Woodworking enough for my custom-built piece of furniture. Their expertise and precision craftsmanship couldn’t be matched. Very satisfied customer.”

2. “I was looking for the perfect coffee table to match my living room décor, and Sinclair Woodworking was able to create it for me”just as I envisioned it! They were extremely accommodating and delivered a great product that I’m proud to show off!”

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3. “The team at Sinclair Woodworking helped me design a beautiful armchair from scratch that fits perfectly in my home office! The quality wood, excellent communication services and timely delivery”all around 5 stars!”

4. “I found the staff at Sinclair Woodworking very organized and helpful throughout the entire ordering process. Not only did they turn around my piece quickly, but the result exceeded my expectations!”

5. “Sinclair Woodworking made ordering super easy, thanks to their customer support staff who patiently walked me through every step of the process. And when they delivered the perfect bookcase on time, all worries vanished! Impressive job.”


Sinclair Woodworking provides custom woodworking services to meet your needs. With years of experience, our team of highly-skilled craftsmen specialize in creating stunning pieces that deliver a look and feel no one else can provide. Whether you are looking for a modern or classic style, we can accommodate your taste and budget. For the finest custom woodworking services, contact Sinclair Woodworking today! We guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the results. Don’t wait any longer; call us now and turn your vision into reality!


1. Sinclair Woodworking YouTube Channel: Offers a range of instructional videos to demystify woodworking techniques and improve skills. Includes how-to tutorials on specific processes ranging from understanding saw blades to joinery techniques, intermediate-level projects such as building cabinets and furniture, and complex techniques like creating inlays or finials.

2. The Sinclair Woodworking Blog: Features articles with advice on tools and materials, shop tips, project ideas, and more. Everything from beginner guides on drilling to advanced techniques for applying finishes is covered in-depth with step-by-step images and illustrations.

3. The Sinclair Woodworking Community Forum: Use the forum to ask questions, share experiences, get important information on products and tools, and interact with woodworkers around the world from the comfort of your own home. There are also special interest groups for specialized topics like scroll saws or intarsia projects that offer support and expertise for all skill levels.

4. #SinclairWoodworking Twitter Hashtag: Follow the hashtag on Twitter for updates about new projects, events and activities by Sinclair Woodworking affiliates at locations near you. Plus engage with people who are working in all areas of woodworking, learn about product discounts available from retailers around the US, discuss helpful blog posts from experienced woodworkers in the field, find out about upcoming seminars or classes in your city ,and even exchange advice amongst fellow enthusiasts digitally!

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