Spokane Woodworking Store

Community Engagement

The Spokane Woodworking Store is committed to engaging with the local community in all aspects of woodworking. They host events for woodworking enthusiasts of all ages, so everyone can learn about the craft and participate in the fun. Some of their events include woodworking classes for all skill levels, demonstrations on various techniques, and even contests where participants can win prizes. They also partner with local schools and organizations to provide educational opportunities for kids and adults to learn more about woodworking and its history. Events are often themed around holidays or special occasions like Father’s Day, making them a great way to build relationships and bring people together.

Expert Q&A

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself and your journey in woodworking?

A: My name is John and I’m the owner of Spokane Woodworking Store. I’ve been passionate about woodworking ever since I was a child, when my grandfather taught me the basics of how to build things with wood. Since then, it’s grown into a massive part of my life.

I started my business in 1995 after going to woodworking school and developing a strong knowledge base in the craft. Over the past 25 years, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to grow my business from just myself to today having six full-time employees, specializing in custom furniture for homes, offices and businesses alike!

It has taken many years of hard work and dedication to get where we are today, but building high quality furniture for so many clients has been an incredibly fulfilling experience.

Store Tour

The Spokane Woodworking Store is the premier woodworking shop in Spokane, Washington. We offer a wide selection of woodworking supplies, tools, and equipment for all your woodworking needs. Our mission is to provide our customers with quality products at competitive prices.

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We have a huge showroom full of beautiful pieces of crafted furniture, cabinets, and accessories made of only the best quality materials. Our knowledgeable staff is always available to answer any questions you may have about our products or your project plans.

We offer classes on several topics related to woodworking such as joinery techniques, finishing methods, assembly processes, and much more. Our skilled instructors will teach you how to plan out your project and make it a success.

Our virtual tour begins in the main area of the store where you can take a look at our various wood species including pine, oak, walnut, cherry and many others. You will also find large display shelves containing some of our current projects that include intricate designs from Colonial American architecture to modern contemporary looks. As you move further down the showroom you will find the tools section that includes power-tools ranging from jigsaws to sanders as well as hand-power tools such as chisels, planes and saws.

At the end of your virtual tour we are sure you’ll be able to appreciate why we call ourselves “Spokane’s Woodworking Headquarters”. Be sure to check out our website for more information on classes we can offer or contact us directly and start building your dream creation today!

Discount Deals

The Spokane Woodworking Store is offering a limited time only promotion for all customers! Receive 10% off select woodworking tools when you purchase two or more items. This offer applies to saws, chisels, and planers – perfect for any woodworker looking to upgrade their toolset! Hurry in while supplies last!

Customer Testimonials

One customer from Spokane Woodworking Store couldn’t say enough about their helpful and knowledgeable staff. She said, “I’m new to woodworking and was feeling pretty overwhelmed when I walked in, but the staff spent a good amount of time with me, walking me through tools and helping me choose which ones to buy for my project. They were friendly, professional, and provided helpful advice without being pushy. I left feeling much more confident about starting my project. Highly recommend!”

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Another customer mentioned that they had been in to the store a few times after they finished their project ” just to get advice on additional projects or ask some questions. Each time they went in, the staff was eager to help and answer all of their questions. “They have a great selection of tools and materials so it was easy to find what I needed. I definitely recommend this store ” especially if you’re new to woodworking like me!”

A third customer praised the store for their selection of high-quality lumber stating that it was unlike anywhere else he had shopped at in town. He said, “Their inventory is top notch ” there’s such a wide range of woods to choose from. Everyone that works there is really helpful too; they gave me advice on which type of wood would be best suited for my particular project and even discussed techniques that could help me achieve the look I wanted.’

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