Ted Mcgrath Woodworking Reviews


Ted Mcgrath has been a professional woodworker in the industry for over 30 years. He is renowned for creating some of the most comprehensive and detailed sets of plans available to DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. Ted’s plans are impressive in their scope ” comprising everything from simple beginner projects like birdhouses and dog houses, to intricate outdoor furniture or elaborate bookcases, even down to easily customisable jewelry boxes! His attention to detail and practical design advice make his plans easy to follow and ensure that you can replicate his work with confidence.

Not only that, but Ted is well known for taking the time to explain the how’s and why’s behind woodworking techniques, such as cutting thicknesses correctly, working with different joinery types, sanding techniques, establishing correct depth in pilot holes etc. He also provides any necessary safety precautions before starting out any projects based on them. In addition, he has also provided video guides which provide a step-by-step walk through for over 16000+ plans available on The Tedswoodworking Plan Store. Furthermore, Ted’s reviews have earned him an extremely positive reputation in the world of carpentry & woodwork – boasting an incredibly high level of customer satisfaction rate!

Overview of Teds Woodworking Plans

The Ted Mcgrath Woodworking Plans provide a comprehensive overview of the essential supplies and tools needed for woodworking. The plans include detailed, step-by-step instructions to make woodworking easier than ever before. Each plan includes an in-depth analysis of all the components involved in building the desired project. This includes exact measurements, diagrams, and illustrations to ensure accuracy and success when designing or building your woodworking project. Additionally, these plans include safety guidelines for handling tools and materials, tips for fixing common problems that might arise during construction, and a list of helpful resources for further guidance on particular topics related to woodworking. In addition, each plan has its own individual video tutorial which can be used as additional reference while undertaking your project. By incorporating detailed instructions with information regarding material selection, tool usage and safety procedures into your plans, you can be sure your projects will end up exactly how you envisioned them.

Benefits of Teds Woodworking

Ted McGrath Woodworking offers plans for a wide range of projects from beginner to advanced levels. Its comprehensive assortment of plans organized into categories makes it easy for customers to find suitable projects and get started on them quickly. With Teds Woodworking, customers also get access to an in-depth guide which provides help on tools and techniques, as well as how to select the best materials for their particular project. Furthermore, users can watch hundreds of step-by-step tutorial videos which break down complex tasks into clear and simple instructions.

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One notable benefit of Ted McGrath Woodworking is its detailed blueprints that are suitable both for beginners and experienced woodworkers alike. The plans are clearly and concisely laid out with measurement numberings accompanying the illustrations so even newcomers can build their project according to plan quickly. Furthermore, each blueprint comes with a list of all hardware (such as screws, bolts, nails etc) required along with alternate building methods such as if you don’t have certain power tools ” all of which goes towards making sure a customer has all they need to start off at any skill level and progress accordingly.

Teds Woodworking reviews consistently cite one aspect that sets it apart from other similar services ” unlimited lifetime access that covers additional features such as expert advice from professionals based upon the user’s skill level and an extensive library filled with over 16,000 plans. This gives registered customers continual value in building most types of woodworking projects throughout their lifetime ” offering something no other competitor is able to provide long term access of this magnitude.

User Reviews

User reviews of Ted Mcgrath’s Woodworking plans tend to be positive overall. Users report that the plans are easy to read and understand and that you don’t need to be an experienced woodworker to build following them. Additionally, some users have praised the variety in the instructions provided for different types of projects, such as working with different woods, creating intricate designs, and using more advanced tools.

Users have also mentioned that the extensive support provided by Ted’s team is helpful when creating more complex projects as they can help make sure all steps are understood correctly. Some users have found mistakes in some plans but they can generally be fixed easily by talking to Ted or his team if needed. Additionally, some users have commented that there a lot of plans included with their purchase so it gives great value for money.

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On the other hand, one complaint about these woodworking plans has been about clarity in detailed instructions – some users suggest clearer written instructions could help in understanding each project better. Additionally, some users have commented that additional resources such as forum boards where experienced woodworkers give advice on common issues would be beneficial. All in all though, TedsWoodworking plans seem to be well worth their price given the range and quality available.

Price Comparisons

Price comparison is an important factor when purchasing any item. Many customers might be enticed to purchase plans from Teds Woodworking in order to save money as compared with other woodworking competitors. Depending on the type of product plan that a customer wishes to purchase, Teds Woodworking often offers different discounts on their products. Customers can save up to 50% or more on select items and plans. Customers looking for a good deal will also find free shipping at Teds Woodworking, which makes them the most affordable solution overall. Ultimately customers will want to consider the quality of materials used, customer service offered and the level of detail provided by each plan before making their decision and determining whether Teds Woodworking is the best value for money option for them.


Overall, Ted McGrath’s woodworking plans make it easy for anyone to get started with a woodworking project that suits their skill level. The detailed plans are clear and organized, providing customers with various levels of complexity so they can find the one appropriate for their own level. All the tools, materials, and help needed to complete a project are included in the comprehensive package. The online videos provide additional advice and guidance in following along with the build-specific plans, providing customers with additional support along their journey. With these great benefits, choosing Ted’s Woodworking Plans helps make any woodworking dream come true!

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