The Woodworking Talk Show


The Woodworking Talk Show is a podcast series dedicated to informing and entertaining woodworkers of all levels. Through interviews and discussion with experts, the show strives to create a passionate woodworking community and bring the knowledge, experience and fun from the woodshop out into living rooms everywhere. The show was started by John Heisz, a professional working craftsman in Canada, who wanted to bring the amazing things that come out of his shop, as well as other inspiring projects all around the world to listeners everywhere.

Overview of the Show

The Woodworking Talk Show is a web-based show that covers all aspects of woodworking and carpentry. It features interviews with some of the top professionals in the industry, covering topics ranging from the history and traditions of traditional woodworking to breakthroughs in modern industrial crafts. Through these interviews, viewers are able to gain insight into new techniques and latest developments in the field.

In its first year since launch, The Woodworking Talk Show has been very successful, garnering 3 million views and more than 650,000 subscribers. Not only is it a popular series across YouTube, but it also has featured interviews with some leading builders in furniture restoration and design as well as experts from the tool manufacturing industry. Furthermore, the series has covered new trends in woodworking technologies such as CAD software or 3D printing applications.

Overall, The Woodworking Talk Show promises to bring fresh ideas to people interested in learning more about this versatile craft. From historical carpentry techniques to modern innovations in industrial woodsman artistry, viewers can learn exciting new skills while being informed on what’s happening today in the world of woodworking.

The Appeal of Woodworking Talk Show

The Woodworking Talk Show has become increasingly popular in the woodworking community due to the show’s ability to generate massive returns on investment (ROI). The show features a series of videos and podcasts that showcase interviews, projects, tips and tricks from experienced woodworkers from all over the world. The show not only educates viewers on various aspects of woodworking, but also connects them with expert craftsmen who have invaluable insight and experience.

The ROI generated by the Woodworking Talk Show is reflective of its popularity; the combination of quality content and regular updates is attractive to both novice woodworkers as well as professionals in search of new inspiration. The reach of the show spans well beyond the United States; it is popular even in more distant countries such as South America, Australia, Asia and Europe. This broad audience means that viewers can connect with a variety of perspectives on how to utilize their tools, resources and craft in interesting ways.

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The Return On Investment (ROI) generated by The Woodworking Talk Show manifests itself in more tangible forms too. Increased subscriber growth means steady revenue from sponsorships, donations from viewers and other forms of financial support – which fuels further production budget and helps promote the show for even bigger gains in viewership each season.

Exploring the Hosts

The Woodworking Talk Show has been a big success because of the show’s three hosts( Jed, Jimmy and Jon).

Jed brings a unique insight to the show”he is an expert woodworker who shares his knowledge by teaching viewers how to work with various tools. He also talks about safety issues related to woodworking so that others may learn from his experiences.

Jimmy is highly knowledgeable in the history and techniques of various types of woods. His enthusiasm for the craft and strong passion for connecting people with traditional techniques makes him invaluable as a host.

Jon comes from an engineering background which gives him unique insights into how design elements and construction need to come together in woodworking. He pairs this technical knowledge with his ability to communicate complex concepts clearly, making him an invaluable asset to the show’s success.

The hosts have initiated several initiatives over the years aimed at helping people discover and explore their own capabilities when it comes to woodworking. This includes attempts to create online woodworking forums, where beginners can ask questions and get advice from experienced makers, or giving detailed step-by-step tutorial videos/blog posts that teach viewers everything from basic safety rules all the way up to more advanced topics such as carving or marquetry work. People have praised these efforts for not only providing the right amount of detail but also presenting it in such a clear way that even someone completely new to working with wood can understand and apply it.

Expert Guests and Insightful Interviews

The Woodworking Talk Show takes great care to ensure that their guests are experts in the field of woodworking. They search high and low for professionals and passionate hobbyists who have a wealth of knowledge to share with viewers. During the show, their guests provide tips and advice on all aspects of woodworking including selecting tools, safely performing tasks, choosing woods, constructing projects, joining techniques, finishing methods, and more. Furthermore, viewers learn about various wood species and their properties as well as how to read grain orientation. Ultimately, viewers come away from every episode feeling informed and inspired to tackle whatever project they are working on.

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Interact with the Show

Viewers can engage with the show online by following the Woodworking Talk Show on social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, where they can ask questions and get advice from experienced woodworkers. Additionally, viewers can participate in the show’s live Q&A sessions, which are hosted weekly on Instagram Live. There are also various meet-ups and workshop events associated with the Woodworking Talk Show that take place all over the world. In some cases, members of the cast attend these events and give inspiring speeches or lead workshops to teach participants new woodworking techniques and tricks.

The Appreciation of Craftsmanship and Quality Woodworking

The Woodworking Talk Show celebrates the diversity of woodworking as a hobby by showcasing different kinds of woodworking projects. Through this, viewers gain insight into the different techniques and tools used to create beautiful pieces that they can recreate with success. Some projects that have been showcased on the show include cabinetry, furniture, and sculptures. Viewers can also follow along as hosts demonstrate techniques for joinery, finishing and working with unique materials like traditional Japanese-style joinery. Additionally, some episodes feature wooden jewelry and art projects using simple power tools like scroll saws. With all these different approaches to woodworking being presented on The Woodworking Talk Show, viewers get an overview of everything one might need to know about this fascinating medium.


Viewers can connect with the show’s team on their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.
The Woodworking Talk Show has received a lot of positive feedback from viewers. Many viewers appreciate the diverse topics that the show covers, such as making furniture, working with different materials, and techniques to use in the shop. They also enjoy the breadth of knowledge that comes into play on each episode and how it helps them improve their own woodworking skills. There’s even a section for viewers to submit their questions or tips for additional help from hosts and other expert woodworkers from around the world.

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