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Used woodworking machinery is popular in Ohio for craftspersons like woodworkers, carpenters and builders. One great example of a customer who had used woodworking machinery from Ohio is Steve Cortez from Akron. After more than 20 years of putting together chairs and cabinets as a hobby, Steve decided to go into business for himself building custom hardwood furniture for local customers. After finding that buying new machines was cost prohibitive, Steve consulted with the technicians at Used Woodworking Machines Ohio to find the right equipment to fit his needs. After six months of shopping around and testing various pieces of used machinery, Steve acquired an older model miter saw, a jigsaw, planer, joiner, and band saw – all at prices well below what it would have cost him to buy new models. Today Steve has a thriving business building his own unique tables, chairs and other beautiful pieces of crafted furniture!


Used woodworking machinery Ohio is a rapidly growing area, thanks to the increasing volume of shops that specialize in refurbishing antique and vintage woodworking machines. Used woodworking machinery can be found easily in most places in Ohio, from large retail stores that specialize in woodshop tools and supplies, to small local machine shops. Ohio also has an abundance of used machinery merchants who carry a wide selection of well-refurbished and perfectly working equipment. These business owners typically inspect each piece before offering it for sale, providing peace of mind to potential buyers.

There are many benefits to shopping for used woodworking tools and merchandise. Used machines can be significantly less expensive than brand new models without sacrificing quality or performance. Also, the increased availability of refurbished pieces allows for consumers to have a larger variety of options when searching for precisely the type of machine they need for specific projects or applications. Buying used eliminates concerns about mechanical issues as well, since most reliable sellers thoroughly check their machines for quality assurance before selling them on the market.

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For serious hobbyists or professionals looking for reliable tools at reasonable prices, used woodworking machinery might be one of the best decisions they make in their craft. Potential buyers should take into account all factors such as cost savings versus durability when deciding whether purchasing used is right for them. Furthermore, taking into account potential warranties available may come into play as well – with some items being covered by special post-purchase protection plans offered by some vendors – ultimately giving buyers more bang for their buck.

Benefits of Purchasing Used Woodworking machinery in Ohio

Buying used woodworking machinery in Ohio can bring many benefits to the process of crafting furniture or other projects. One of the most significant benefits is cost savings, as buying used equipment can be much more affordable than purchasing something new. Additionally, buying used machines often means getting access to specialized or high-end equipment that might have otherwise been out of reach.

Woodworking machinery available in Ohio ranges from basic tools such as saws and drills to specialized machines like lathes and spindle moulder systems. Smaller pieces of equipment like sanders, routers, and circular saws may also be available for purchase in a variety of forms such as handheld electric models or larger stationary platforms. For those looking for even more advanced options such as jointers, tenoners and automated saws, used models are often available from reputable sources at prices which can significantly cut down on upfront costs.

Finding Reliable Suppliers of Used Woodworking Machinery in Ohio

When searching for used woodworking machinery in Ohio, it is important to consider a variety of options and not limit yourself to just recommended companies. To ensure you get the best deals for your needs, use online resources to compare suppliers and their offerings. Analyze customer reviews and ratings for each supplier to gain insight into the level of service they provide. Additionally, inquire about any warranties or guarantees on machines or parts from each supplier to make sure that you receive quality products. Networking with other woodworkers can also be a great way to find reliable suppliers in Ohio as they may be able to offer advice on which companies are best equipped to meet your specific needs. Visiting local stores that offer used woodworking machinery can also be a great way to learn more about potential suppliers and how reliable they really are.

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Maintenance and Repair

When working with any type of woodworking machinery, safety should always be at the forefront of your mind. PPE (personal protective equipment) is an essential tool when working on used woodworking machinery in Ohio or anywhere else for that matter. When possible, try to wear safety goggles and/or face shields, as well as a respirator if you are sanding or dealing with any type of airborne dust particles. Hearing protection should also be considered so that loud noises from machines don’t cause any hearing damage over time. Additionally, it may be beneficial to wear gloves and a good pair of sturdy work boots in order to protect your hands and feet while operating machinery.


If you are looking for great savings on woodworking equipment without sacrificing quality then used woodworking machinery might be the right option for you. Ohio is home to a number of companies selling these services in a variety of price ranges and specializations. With the money saved from purchasing a used machine, you can put it into other elements of your business such as material purchases or training opportunities. Investing in yourself is always a wise choice. Take some time to do your research and consider the advantages of buying used woodworking machinery. With the money saved, you can start working on projects that will move your business forward.

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