What Do Commercial Woodworking Finishing Companys Do


Commercial woodworking finishing is the practice of applying a protective sealant to a variety of wood products. This process prevents damage, discoloration, and water retention caused by environmental wear and tear. The benefit of using commercial woodworking finishing is that it enables businesses to extend the life of their wood creations while maintaining an attractive aesthetic. The result is a product that looks better, lasts longer, and provides an enhanced value.

A professional commercial woodworking finish company uses high-quality tools and techniques, such as sanding, staining, sealing, lacquering or waxing. With the use of specialised equipment designed for the industry the services provided can be extremely precise allowing for a customised finish to be applied. Professional finishers have access to a range of stains and sealants and other coatings including paints which offer various sheens from matte to glossy finishes depending on the requirements.

In addition to providing a lasting protection from UV rays and moisture damage, finishers are also able to enhance the natural character of the grain pattern in woods by adding specific dyes or stains that accentuate coloured channel graining and create unique styles unique to particular projects. After preparatory work is done – such as cleaning dirt and mill scale – then additional treatments can be added – such as faux finishes like distresses textures etc.

The expertise held by qualified professionals ensures that allapplication processes are precisely implemented and monitored overtime-leading to premium results with maximum cost efficiency in terms of time expended along with longevity expected from such treatments applied carefully over time. Commercial finish companies understand not just how important durability with respect to protecting surfaces from scratching and UV light but also beauty through colour balance between existing shades within the grain itself as well as complimentation among different furniture pieces involved in any particular project at hand

The Different Types of Commercial Wood Finishes

Commercial woodworking finishing companies offer a range of services to help maintain and protect the look and feel of wooden surfaces. Their services range from basic sanding and cleaning treatments to more complex refinishing processes. They also provide protective coatings for extra durability in high-traffic areas, sealants for resistance against elements like moisture and heat, as well as UV protection to prevent fading. These companies use a variety of different finishes that can alter the colour, texture, or character of a wooden surface. Popular finishes include stains and varnishes which are designed to provide long-lasting protection and beautification. Additionally, there are lacquers that give the surface a glossy finish and paints to give it a vibrant hue with plenty of options for sheen level. Waxes can also be employed to enhance the woodgrain visually and lend additional luster to wood pieces that have been left natural.

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Understanding the Process of Wood Finishing

Commercial woodworking finishing companies provide a variety of services related to the final stages of the woodworking process. This usually involves staining, sealing, varnishing or oiling the surface of wooden objects. The purpose of this is to enhance their beauty and protect them from wear and tear that results from normal use. Finishing can also help to make woods more water-resistant and mould-resistant, which further prolongs the life of the object.

The specific steps involved in the finishing process vary depending on the desired result and may include sanding, buffing, steaming, gluing, planing and turning. In addition, other treatments such as fireproofing may be used to enhance natural features or add elements of protection against extreme temperatures or conditions. Companies also often employ extensive testing methods to ensure that finish products are consistent in colour quality, stain resistance and preferred finish. Finally, companies will often apply a mild preservative treatment at this stage to protect the finished product from fading due to sunlight or natural exposure.

Advantages of Professional Wood Finishing Companies

Commercial woodworking finishing companies specialize in refinishing and restaining furniture, cabinets, moldings, panels, and other wooden surfaces. They can provide commercial customers with a wide range of services to restore the beauty and luster of their wooden fixtures. Companies typically offer sanding, staining, lacquering, and other custom finish techniques. These professionals can also apply UV inks or paints to create any look desired.

The advantages of utilizing a professional wood finishing company are numerous. Professional finishers have experience handling different types of woods, stains and finishes for a wide range of projects. Working alongside qualified artisans ensures precise results with minimal damage to the piece being worked on. Custom finishes allow clients to choose from a variety of styles that will fit with their existing décor or create an entirely new look from scratch. The high-quality products used by many professionals will often provide greater durability than those you may find in do-it-yourself stores. Professional finishers also have access to specialised equipment that allows them to accomplish more intricate jobs quickly and effectively. Utilising professional finishers will ultimately result in better looking and longer lasting pieces of furniture that last for years without needing repair or maintenance renewal.

Common Mistakes Made in DIY Wood Finishing and How To Avoid Them

Commercial woodworking finishing companies do a variety of services to ready wooden projects for use. These range from sanding and staining, to applying protective sealers such as lacquer or varnish, to specialized tasks like crack filling or brushing the surface. They use a wide array of tools, technologies and techniques to ensure the best results possible.

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DIY wood finishing can be a tricky process and there are quite a few common mistakes that can be made along the way. One of these is that people often try to rush the process, or skip steps that they don’t think are necessary. It’s important to follow all instructions regarding preparation of the wood and any type of finish being used. Doing so will help to ensure a good finish. Another mistake is not sanding between coats: it’s important to start with coarse grit sandpaper and move up in grade preferably wet-sanding between coats for a completely smooth and level surface on which you can apply successive coats of finish. Applying too much finish at once can cause pooling, runs and drips; this should only be done when specified in the instructions. Finally, allowing adequate drying time after each coat ensures better results over multiple coats; waiting 24 hours between successive applications is an absolute must for most products.


Commercial woodworking finishing companies apply protective finishes to items that have been crafted from wood. This includes furniture, flooring, cabinets, doors and other specialty items. Professional finishers use a variety of methods and materials to ensure that the final product is of superior quality. They use specialized tools and techniques to fill gaps, sand surfaces and apply sealers. The finishing process does not stop with just applying a coat or two of polyurethane because it also involves detailed work such as rubbing out surfaces, staining and tinting. These services are critical for protecting the item from deterioration due to humidity, water damage, UV exposure, daily wear and tear as well as cleaning products.

The investment into using professional wood finishing services is an investment in quality that should not be overlooked or underestimated. A professional finish will bring out the best qualities of the wood piece or surface by protecting it from elements that can cause it damage over time while still maintaining its natural beauty. Not only that but a professionally finished item will significantly increase its overall value by creating an attractive look that will last for years come – making it well worth your money in the end!

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