What To Ask For For Christmas 2019 Woodworking


Christmas time is a magical time of year, where the air is filled with excitement and joy. For many of us, the season brings back fond memories of childhood Christmases ” decorating gingerbread houses, stringing up popcorn for garlands, and building snowmen in the backyard. This year add a special new activity to your holiday repertoire: woodworking!

For those looking to get crafty this Christmas, woodworking offers a wide range of possibilities and challenges. Depending on skill level and experience, you might find yourself creating decorative ornaments for your tree, building a miniature shelf for decorations or presents, or constructing an intricate birdhouse.

The best part of woodworking is that it can be done by people of all ages. Teens who want something to do during their winter break can easily learn basic skills, while more seasoned hands will enjoy developing elaborate projects out of different types of wood. And what better way to bring a family together than working on a project together.

The possible gifts associated with this type of project are also endless: handcrafted wooden toys for children, doorstops made from scrap material as stocking stuffers, or birdhouses decorated like snow globes to hang around the house or outside in the garden! Whatever you decide to make ” or ask for – knowing that you created something with your hands will give this holiday season even more cheer!

Gift Ideas For Beginners

Beginners interested in woodworking for the holidays may appreciate some basic tools like a saw, hammer, drill and clamps. A variety of different sized carving chisels can also be great for creating ornate designs. For those wanting to take their skills further a jigsaw, table saw or lathe can be great additions. Beginner kits that contain a number of essential tools could also be great options too.

Other holiday related activities for beginners include baking, which can be enjoyed by all ages and skill levels. A beginner’s baking starter kit with various utensils and natural ingredients is useful for any aspiring baker looking to create festive treats. Craft projects inspired by the season may also delight as artsy types. Some ideas include hand-decorated Christmas cards or handmade wreaths and tree decorations using simple materials such as glitter, fabric or even recycled items like plastic bottles and cardboard tubes.

Brace For Woodworking

Gift Ideas For Experienced Woodworkers

For experienced woodworkers, consider giving a gift that allows them to work on different types of projects. Woodworking kits are an excellent choice and come in many varieties, such as furniture building, decorative carpentry, woodturning, and intarsia. Craft stores often have a selection of woodworking project kits that range from beginner-level to advanced-level projects. For the experienced woodworker looking to take their knowledge to the next level or simply customize projects with personal details, consider giving them supplies or tools including chisels, drill bits, clamps, precision measuring tapes or guides for accurate cuts. A subscription for a popular magazine full of patterns, plans and skill building ideas is also a great choice for the advanced woodworker. Finally, special-order woods or router templates can provide an exciting challenge or allow them the chance to make even more custom pieces.

Gift Ideas For Professionals

If you are looking for the perfect gift idea for a professional woodworker this Christmas, consider getting them something that speaks to their craft. Feature a case study of a professional woodworker talking about how they create special gifts – items like custom furniture, personalized jewelry boxes, or specialized cutting boards. Ask them questions such as what inspired their design process and what techniques they used to create the piece. Other great gift ideas include books on woodworking strategies and techniques, a guide to new tools and products available for woodworkers, or a subscription to an online magazine or forum dedicated to the subject. An assortment of essential supplies like clamps, chisels, saws, drills and more would also be warmly welcomed by any self-respecting professional woodworker. Finally, nothing beats the feeling of being appreciated – no matter which tool or item you choose in the end make sure you add a personalized message with your gift!

Where To Find The Perfect Gifts

If you are looking for the perfect woodworking gifts for Christmas 2019, check out the following online stores.

1. Craftsy – Craftsy provides a wide range of woodworking supplies, tools and project kits that make excellent gifts for beginner, moderate or experienced woodworkers. You will find a great selection of individual and combination tools from brands such as Dremel, Rockwell and Triton.

What Are Butterfly Joints For Woodworking

2. Woodcraft – Woodcraft is one of the most popular online retailers of woodworking supplies and tools. They also offer special project kits that contain everything you need to complete a woodworking project such as plans, instructions and supplies.

3. Lee Valley Tools – Lee Valley Tools offers some high-end woodworking accessories like clamps and vises for sophisticated carpentry work as well as precision measuring instruments and innovative jigs that make complex joinery easier to master.

4. Wood Turningz – Wood Turningz specializes in lathes and other turning accessories so if your favorite carpenter or DIY enthusiast enjoys using a lathe this is a great place to shop for them! They carry some very nice quality mid-range turning machines so shoppers can pick something up to suit their budget without sacrificing reliability or performance.


Woodworking can be a rewarding and enjoyable hobby, offering a unique opportunity to create and craft unique pieces of furniture and art. Christmas is the perfect time to try woodworking as a hobby as it can provide you with endless creative opportunities to make special gifts for your friends and family. There is nothing quite like giving a handmade present that you have crafted with your own hands using the timeless art of woodworking. You could ask for basic supplies such as wood, saws, clamps, planes and sandpaper; or more advanced tools like electric routers and jointers. For those looking to take their skills even further, why not consider some other items such as carving tools, chisels or a rotary tool for engraving beautiful detailed patterns? Whatever items you choose for your gift this year, remember that working with wood will bring you joy all year round! So encourage your readers to invest in the tools necessary to dive into the wonderful world of woodworking this Christmas season!

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