What Was Rockler Woodworking First Known As


Rockler Woodworking started as Rockler Woodworking and Hardware in 1954, when founders Norman and Elaine Rockler opened their flagship store in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Although the small shop initially only sold items such as mail-order pattern kits for making jigsaw puzzles and birdhouses, it quickly became known for its top-notch customer service and broad selection of high quality hardwood. Within a few years, the store had widespread success and attracted customers from all over the country who sought out specialized tools and supplies they couldn’t find anywhere else.

As interest in woodworking increased over the next two decades, so did Rockler Woodworking’s offerings; by the 1970s, they had expanded to include a range of finishes that could bring any piece of furniture or cabinetry project to life. During this same period, they began selling hardware to make it easier for do-it-yourselfers to build projects from scratch. From kits for building cutting boards to pre-fab drill bits for carpentry tasks, Rocker was setting a new standard for woodworking supply stores across the US. At this time, they were also well known for expanding their catalog every year with fresh ideas from fellow woodworkers ” eventually leading them to become one of the most trusted names in DIY wood crafting both in stores and online.

Starting Out as a Metal Fabricating Shop

Rockler Woodworking was originally founded back in 1954 as a metal fabricating shop. It was run by two partners, Norman Rockler and Norm Laub. The pair saw the potential of woodworking and soon began to facilitate making parts for woodworkers all over the Midwest. They started out with providing hardware such as knobs, screws, etc. but soon expanded their services to include fabrication services for larger and more complex projects, like fireplace mantles and porch railings. Before long, these products began to be available for sale nationwide, with an online store increasing accessibility even further. This ability to provide quality wooden supplies on a larger scale helped lead Rockler Woodworking to become one of the leading suppliers of woodworking supplies in the industry today.

Metal Experts of the 60’s

Rockler Woodworking first began in 1954 as a small construction shop in Minneapolis. It was known mainly for its metal fabrication for the most part, including things like custom furniture and metal cutting tools. Its founders, John M. Rockler and Carl S. Rockler, were both experienced metalsmiths with much knowledge in the field of metalworking that stretched back to their fathers. In the early 1960’s they began expanding into other areas of wood planing and crafting.

At the time, these skills weren’t widely taught or used either by hobbyist or professionals alike so Rockler sought to capitalize on this new opportunity. Through their acquired skills, they developed a set of high-quality wood planers that packed plenty of engineering prowess into an affordable package. This earned them widespread acclaim amongst hobbyists, enthusiasts and professionals alike who all took notice to the quality products produced by Rockler Woodworking that produced precision results that rivaled more expensive models on the market at the time.

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In order to keep meeting their increasing customer demand, they continued researching new techniques and ways to improve on existing tool models through classic trial and error methodologies until eventually becoming one of the largest companies of its kind in North America by 1970s – a name synonymous with professional grade woodcrafting tools and supplies for today’s creatives!

Shifting Focus to Specialty Woodworking

Rockler Woodworking was first known as Rockler Companies, Inc. Founded in 1954 by Norm and Joyce Rockler, it began as a home-based mail-order catalog business. With Norm’s background in the construction industry, the initial product offering focused on hardware items and hard to find tools for the craftspeople and professional tradesman. As their customer base grew, so did their selection of specialty woodworking items such as power tools, blades and bits, small parts storage products and supplies, carving tools, and much more. With this growth came an opportunity to rebrand the company. During this time Rockler Companies changed its name to Rockler Woodworking & Hardware in 1995 with a new emphasis on serving the growing woodworker community. This focus helped position the company for significant growth over the subsequent years by building an expansive distribution network including retail stores across North America along with a world-renowned online store offering an extensive selection of woodworking products from around the world”something that had never been done before.

Rapid Growth

Rockler Woodworking was first known as Rockler Companies, Inc. Founded in 1954, it began as a mail-order business out of a small workshop in the small town of Excelsior, Minnesota by Husband and wife team, Herman and Stella Rockler. Rocklers provided blueprints for craftsman to build furniture and fixtures from hardwoods such as oak and mahogany. In 1967 they opened their first retail location in Minneapolis, followed by locations in Chicago and San Francisco in1976.

In the thirty years between 1976 and 2006, Rockler experienced rapid growth by expanding both their retail stores across the United States as well as their eCommerce platforms internationally. By 2006 they had eighty-seven physical stores located throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. They had also created an extensive online product catalog including hardware, tools, lumber supplies and more that shipped to customers around the world. Along with an expansive blog focusing on woodworking advice posts and tutorials for beginning crafters or professional craftsmanship projects alike, Rockler became synonymous with providing quality materials for woodworking projects of all sizes.

Rockler Today

Rockler Woodworking was first established in 1954 as Rockler-Metz Corp. It was started by three entrepreneurs: brothers Jay and Neil Gershen, and their partner Ernie Metz. The company began as a wholesale inventory company for plywood, paneling, moldings, hardware items and construction materials. Soon after its launch, Rockler-Metz developed an innovative new hardware product to connect wood pieces together without having to use nails or screws – the Rockler Joining System. This woodworking clamping system quickly became the most popular tool among hobbyists and amateur carpenters around the world. Over time, the Rockler-Metz reinvented itself and focused its own energy on becoming an online resource for craftsmen seeking high quality technical assistance with their projects – as well as providing them with access to thousands of unique specialty parts that could be used for a variety of applications. Eventually, in 1991 its name changed from Rockler-Metz Corp to what it is known today as: Rockler Woodworking and Hardware.

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Final Reflection

Rockler Woodworking was first known as the Miller-Rockler Company, which was founded by Norman Rockler in 1954. Under his leadership, the company became a leading source of woodworking supplies and tools. The company initially focused on providing carpentry tools to professional lumbermen and furniture makers, but over time it also started to cater to home hobbyists.

By the late 1970s, Rockler had become one of the biggest sellers of tools, hardware, glues and finishes in North America. The success of Miller-Rockler was attributed to Norman’s innovative marketing strategies that involved mixing catalog sales with retail store sales events which allowed customers to try samples.

As time progressed the company changed its name from Miller-Rockler to simply Rockler Woodworking and expanded its reach beyond North America into Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. By coupling catalog sales with interactive website features such as project placement forums ” where customers could seek advice from experienced professionals “the company created additional revenue streams for itself through ecommerce activities. In 1979 they opened their first showroom in Minneapolis and today they have more than 90 stores in the US alone.

As Rocker celebrates its 66th anniversary this year, it is evident that Norman’s vision has come a long way since then. With an ever growing global customer base, a wide variety of high quality products ranging from basic kits to high end craftsmanship tools ” as well as online tutorial videos and virtual workshops ” Rocker has undoubtedly become a leader in the DIY woodworking community worldwide! Intuitively catering to both professional woodworkers and hobbyists alike via various channels has been key in their success story

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