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Popular Woodworking is one of the oldest and most influential woodworking magazines in the United States. Founded in 1975, it covers a wide range of topics related to woodworking, from traditional hand tools and techniques to more modern machinery and methods. Popular Woodworking’s content has attracted an avid following among woodworkers of all skill levels and locations. The magazine’s headquarters are located in Loveland, Ohio, and reaches readers nationwide through its print and digital publications. In addition to its print coverage, Popular Woodworking’s website contains free-to-view projects, tips and tricks, product reviews, instructional videos, as well as a blog featuring interviews with renowned woodworkers around the world. Its circulation continues to grow due to its comprehensive breadth of subject matter and focus on staying current with ever-changing technologies.

History of Popular Woodworking

Popular Woodworking magazine was first launched in October 1979. It began as a “blanket” publication, meaning it included articles on all aspects of woodworking, from basic skill building to tool making and beyond. The editor, Jonathan Binzen, also wanted to give readers how-to guidance in designing and building furniture with an emphasis on traditional joinery- and hand tool techniques.

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Popular Woodworking continued to expand its scope under the editorial direction of Thomas McKenna. The publication offered not only project plans and technical details, but also emphasized the history behind woodworking techniques; for example, explaining why dovetails and mortise-and-tenon joints were used instead of other techniques. A wide variety of topics were covered including carving, turning, furnituremaking and making boxes out of exotic woods such as ebony and rosewood.

In 1998 Popular Woodworking relocated to Cincinnati, Ohio where they remain today. After 15 years at the magazine’s helm Thomas McKenna stepped down and Executive Editor Glen Huey joined the team. Under Huey’s editorship Poplar Woodworking has focused on high quality content including new projects every year (with detailed plans) complete with drawings as well as inspiring stories about master craftsmen from around the world­­”all designed to educate woodworkers whether beginners or professionals with valuable insights about woodworking technique  or new skillsets for success in their endeavors.


Popular Woodworking is a magazine specifically targeted at woodworkers of all skill levels. It is based in Cincinnati, Ohio and was originally founded in 1985 by internationally-renowned woodworkers Rick and Karen Hackett. With more than 30 years’ worth of content, Popular Woodworking continues to provide readers with the best information on new tools and techniques, as well as advice from experts on selecting the right lumber for projects. Additionally, every issue has step-by-step plans so that readers can easily build their own pieces of furniture or decorative items.

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Popular Woodworking’s main editorial office is located in Cincinnati, however it also has regional offices located throughout North America including those in Toronto (Canada), California, Illinois, New Jersey, Indiana, Michigan and Florida. Its magazines are printed and distributed throughout many countries around the world including Canada and some parts of Europe. Furthermore its website offers access to articles written by professional woodworkers from all over the world as well as tutorials that target specific wood working techniques for both beginners and experienced carpenters alike. Lastly its online store sells tools, supplies and project kits that can be used for various projects from basic carpentry to more complex builds such as those seen within its pages.

Focus Areas

Popular Woodworking is based in Cincinnati, Ohio and has established presence in several woodworking areas such as carving, cabinet-making, furniture-making and woodturning. The website offers instructional articles for free on each of these topics, with the mission to help woodworkers of all skill levels improve their craft. The company also publishes an print magazine eight times per year which contains detailed plans for building projects and videos that explore techniques from expert woodworkers. In addition, Popular Woodworking regularly hosts workshops at its physical locations around Cincinnati where they offer demonstrations and hands-on instruction. These workshops are open to both beginner and experienced woodworkers. Finally, the website has a dedicated forum where experienced woodworkers can discuss technique tips and troubleshooting tricks within the various fields of woodworking.

Pros and Cons of Popular Woodworking

Popular Woodworking is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The publication has been a trusted source for woodworking enthusiasts since its founding in 1977.

The pros of Popular Woodworking include detailed plans, step-by-step instructions and high-quality images which make it easy to understand the process. Additionally, the materials used are generally the best available, ensuring a beautiful finished product. There are also articles available on various techniques so even beginning DIYers can feel confident tackling projects.

On the downside, Popular Woodworking requires careful measurements to make sure everything fits together correctly and there may be a lot of waste involved as some items may need cutting down to size. This can increase costs as purchasing larger pieces often comes at a higher price than smaller ones that fit a project perfectly. In addition, despite how detailed instructions are, sometimes it can still be difficult to follow along particularly if you are a beginner with no prior woodworking experience.

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Popular Woodworking is a magazine and website dedicated to providing useful information about the craft of woodworking. It includes how-to articles, techniques, tools reviews, and project plans. The magazine also offers online resources as well as print editions. Popular Woodworking operates from its headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. This is the main base from which they disseminate all their content to its loyal readers.

If you’re looking for the nearest store for purchasing tools, materials, or other woodworking supplies, then your best option is to search online using your location where you’ll likely find the closest shop with all your needs. There are even local websites that are dedicated solely to connect woodworkers together in order to facilitate collaboration on projects together or simply share experiences and stories with one another. Alternatively, you may also be able to locate an independent carpenter who should be able to suggest shops locates close by or even work on a special commission job if necessary.

In conclusion, Popular Woodworking is located in Cincinnati, Ohio where they have established their headquarters and control operations from there. From their headquarters they publish content both digitally and through paper printouts that followers can purchase all around the world. For those looking for more specific items related to woodworking can use online search engines such as Google Maps or look into local community networks like Meetup Groups and subreddits in order narrow down potential locations for these materials for use in new projects or even mentorship opportunities.

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