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The Winfield Woodworking Catalog has been a trusted source for quality craftsmanship and attention to detail in the world of woodworking for many years. We offer an amazing selection of materials, tools, and accessories with one goal in mind: to make your woodworking project successful and enjoyable. Our core values are rooted in our customer satisfaction and craftsmanship guarantee. We strive to provide solutions that will help you build anything you can imagine. From the beginning woodworker to the more experienced enthusiast, we have something for everyone. At Winfield Woodworking Catalog, we provide top-notch customer service, excellent customer support, high-quality materials and supplies, as well as competitive pricing so that every customer can find exactly what they need for their project success. Plus, all orders ship fast! With dependable products backed by our amazing team of professionals, it is easy for us to stand behind our commitment to customer satisfaction – along with ensuring excellence in quality products and excellent customer service. Our professional staff is here to help guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

Quality Products

The Winfield Woodworking Catalog is home to top-of-the-line tools, materials, and products designed for those who value quality craftsmanship. Ranging from lumber to power tools, the catalog offers a wide assortment of materials—all guaranteed to get the job done right. Whether you’re a professional woodworker or a hobbyist looking for quality materials, the Winfield Woodworking Catalog is an excellent source of supplies.

Winfield Woodworking features a vast selection of lumber varieties including mahogany, pine, teak, and ash. All this wood comes pre-sanded and ready-to-use, meaning no extra time spent sanding down rough edges or pieces! In addition to their selection of lumber, Winfield also boasts a great range of power tools like circular saws and scroll saws. This makes any and all projects easier by providing the best equipment available on the market. The catalog doesn’t stop there however; users can find nails and screws of all sizes as well as clamps and vises of varying shapes and sizes for extra stability when working with larger pieces. For any project requiring paint or other finishings there are plenty of options within Winfield including stain blocker sealers and more!

No matter if you are expert carpenter or dabbling in DIY projects at home, everyone needs quality materials to succeed. That is why it is essential to keep all your hard work safe with strength tested materials from Winfield Woodworking’s catalog. They provide everything anyone could need in one convenient location offering easy access to high end supplies that simply cannot be found elsewhere!

Professional Craftsmanship

Winfield Woodworkings chooses the finest, most consistent materials for all of its products. The pieces are created by experienced woodworkers who understand the natural beauty and character of wood. Each product is cut to exact specifications and hand-sanded to create a smooth surface. Attention to detail is critical when constructing Winfield Woodworkings products, our craftsmen pay special attention to all the fine details, including handcrafted dovetail joints and one-of-a-kind decorative accents. Every step of our process involves great care and precision, guaranteeing that each finished product will be both functional and a pleasure to use. Our designs prevent the settling of dust or debris between intricate parts, extending the life and beauty of your furniture for years to come. All finishes applied to our products are non-toxic choices that draw out the natural characteristics of each piece without adding any harmful chemicals that would detract from their look and feel.

Sustainable Practices

At Winfield Woodworking, sustainability is at the forefront of every step in our production process. We are dedicated to creating high-quality products that focus on both sustainable and eco-friendly practices without sacrificing quality. All of our materials are carefully sourced, and our vendors are selected based on their commitment to sustainable practices. Our saws, glues, and finishes utilize renewable energy sources to ensure a minimal environmental footprint throughout our entire manufacturing processes.

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We prioritize quality over quantity in all the items we manufacture. All of our furniture is made using durable hardwoods such as maple, cherry and walnut — woods that have been responsibly grown and harvested from sustainable forests. To vastly reduce wood waste, we cut each piece for maximum efficiency with careful consideration for design symmetry and shape. In an effort to improve indoor air quality and decrease environmental pollutants, we also furnish water-based protective sealants on each item produced. This not only ensures protection against everyday wear but it is also a much cleaner solution than solvents or oils used traditionally in other woodworking processes.

Winfield Woodworking prides itself on providing ecologically responsible solutions while crafting pieces of heirloom qualities that will last for generations to come. With this level of commitment to sustainability, you can be assured your new furniture will not only be eco-friendly from its production cycle but will stand the test of time!

Pricing & Discounts

Winfield Woodworking offers customers a wide range of discounted prices and discounts to help them save money. Customers can shop from the wide variety of woodworking supplies to find what they need at prices that fit their budget. The discount pricing structure for Winfield Woodworking consists of: volume discounts, seasonal discounts, bulk orders, item discounts, customer loyalty rewards programs and special promotions.

Volume Discounts: When purchasing in bulk, customers are able to get a volume discount on their purchase price. This can be advantageous for customers who want certain items in large quantities for a job or project.

Seasonal Discounts: During certain periods throughout the year, Winfield Woodworking will offer seasonal discounts on specific items or departments. For example, during the holiday season, customers may receive discounts on select tools or supplies.

Bulk Orders: Bulk order discounts are available when ordering multiple items in one transaction. This can help a customer get larger projects completed by getting all their supplies in one purchase and save money as well.

Item Discounts: Customers also have the option of taking advantage of manufacturer’s item-level discounts when buying different products from vendors supplying Winfield Woodworking with product offerings.

Customer Loyalty Rewards Programs: Winfield Woodworking offers customer loyalty rewards programs to reward their returning customers with benefits such as increased savings on future purchases and other bonuses like free gift cards or access to exclusive sales events.

Special Promotions: As part of their marketing efforts, Winfield Woodworking has several special promotions and limited-time offers that customers can use to get additional savings on specific items or departments within the store such as furniture and cabinetry.

Ordering & Delivery

Ordering from Winfield Woodworking is a simple and straightforward process. Customers can either order online or by phone. All orders must include a valid credit card for payment.

When ordering online, customers will be asked to fill out an order form that includes their contact information and item selection. They will have the option of selecting expedited delivery if necessary. Once the customer has entered all the necessary information and completed the check-out process, the order will be processed in 1-2 business days and shipped using the customer’s preferred shipping method, which can range from standard ground delivery to express priorities depending on their needs.

When ordering by phone, customers will be able to speak directly with a customer service representative who will take their order over the phone and provide any answers to questions they may have about products or services. Customers also have access to our expanded product line when shopping by telephone. Once the order is placed, payment arrangements can be made securely over-the-phone following industry standard practices such as encrypting customer data. The customer service representative secure payment from an accepted credit card and help arrange for delivery of the items purchased using either standard ground delivery or priority freight depending on availability date specified at time of order confirmation. In some cases, customers may also choose to pick up their orders themselves at one of our pickup points located throughout most states in the US (cross reference exact location list).

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Reviews & Testinonials

Winfield Woodworking is a family-owned business established in 1982 that specializes in providing high quality wooden creations for home, office and garden use. Over the years, customer reviews have been overwhelmingly positive from those who used their products. Many of the reviews mention that they appreciate the careful attention to detail when it comes to construction, design and finishing of their products. Customers also enjoy the well thought out flare and aesthetic designs that come with Winfield Woodworking’s pieces, making them both practical and beautiful additions to any home or workspace. Furthermore, customers love how customer service works closely with them to make sure all questions are answered quickly and effectively over the phone or through e-mail. They find this dedication is invaluable when it comes to such an important purchase decision as furniture. All in all, people find Winfield Woodworking’s products reliable, stylish and a great investment worth spending money on.


Winfield Woodworking Catalog offers countless possibilities for woodworking projects. The catalog is filled with a wide range of wood materials and supplies, suited to all levels of DIY-ers—from the beginner to the serious pro. In the Projects section, you can find examples of beautiful projects that have already been completed with products from Winfield Woodworking Catalog. Many customer reviews are also featured to provide personal insight into how the products performed and what results were achieved. From small furniture pieces, wall hangings, and shelving units to larger carpentry pieces like pergolas, porches, and decks, our catalog has something for everyone. For every level of experience and challenge, Winfield Woodworking Catalog has you covered! Not only do we offer quality building materials but also industry-leading advice regarding safety practices and proper use instructions. Whether you’re looking to craft a perfect birdhouse or build an outdoor shed for your tools, Winfield Woodworking Catalog is here to help you achieve success in any project you have in mind!


Winfield Woodworking is the team of experts you can rely on to provide superior quality products, service and experience. Whether you’re looking for high-end industrial machinery or an intricate carving design, Winfield Woodworking has all the tools, supplies and expertise necessary to make your next project a success. From decades of building relationships with vendors and manufacturers, our knowledgeable staff can assess your project needs from start to finish. Quality-built woodworking products are available at unbeatable prices backed by wonderful customer service. Make Winfield Woodworking your first choice for all things related to woodworking and craftsmanship!

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