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Located in the heart of America’s Midwest, Woodcraft Woodworking Store is a family-owned business that has been providing quality woods and tools for the passionate woodworker since its establishment in 1998. Through their wide selection of domestic and imported hardwoods, specialized tools and products, the store caters to all skill levels from beginner to experienced craftsman. The knowledgeable staff take pride in ensuring each customer has a positive shopping experience by offering helpful advice on selecting the appropriate woodworking materials.

On the back end, Woodcraft Woodworking Store also offers educational seminars, demonstrations and one-on-one instruction sessions with professionals to help aspiring woodworkers expand their knowledge. From popular basic classes like starting out with hand tools to more advanced courses such as turning bowls and artistic lathe work, they make sure there’s something for everyone. Ownership takes pride in carefully curating the selection of products sold that are tailored specifically to woodworking enthusiasts who desire quality materials and durable results along with unparalleled customer satisfaction.

History of Woodcraft

Woodcraft was founded in 1928 by its namesake Owen H. Kane. He opened his first store in Boston and sold woodworking supplies, tools, machinery, and books to both professionals and hobbyists alike.

Over the following decades, Woodcraft expanded rapidly, opening new stores under different names across the country. As their business grew and evolved, their product selection also went through various changes. In 1951, the company changed its name back to Woodcraft and began offering exclusive power tools and accessories for its range of customer needs.

In 1962, the company took a large stride forward by launching its first catalogs across America which helped to expand their reach even further. In 1968 they introduced a full line of woodworking hand-tools and advanced machinery too; this allowed customers to find all they needed in one place no matter what level of experience they had with woodwork.

As technology advanced over the succeeding years Woodcraft was there keeping pace with a whole range of improvements in tooling materials as well as advances in product design that would help make woodworking easier than ever before; new machines included computer-controlled routers and CNC-controlled lathes to name just a few.

Furthermore, Woodcraft added more products to meet their customers’ increasing needs: books on technique, safety gear and protective clothing were now available as well as finishes for projects from stains to sealers; everything that any aspiring or professional artisan could need were now available through these stores .

Woodcraft has continued with this same commitment for excellence into modern times. They provide sales assistance from knowledgeable staff members who can assist either Hobbyists or Professional craftsmen with their projects each step of the way from initial concept through completion; furthermore customers can take advantage of remote services such as ordering online or using dedicated phone lines for customer service inquiries amongst other things. The company also hosts events such as month long celebrations at selected branches where special daily deals are offered to mark different occasions or specific festival days too such as woodworking showflights or exciting demos featuring impressive machinery operated by renowned professional artisans and craftspeople.

Products & Services

Woodcraft Woodworking Store offers a wide array of products and services to both the experienced and amateur woodworker. The store has everything necessary – from hand tools to power tools and specialty woods, supplies, finishes, and hardwoods – to help anyone create great pieces of furniture and artwork. For the experienced woodworker, Woodcraft offers courses in a variety of topics, including sharpening techniques, joinery techniques, finishing methods, and more. Additionally, customers can customize projects with their own designs by taking advantage of its full-service custom woodworking shop. The shop has custom milling capabilities for sawn lumber and sheet goods as well as the skills to build one-of-a-kind furniture or craft items from exotic woods. Correspondingly, in an effort to further share the knowledge of wood working, Woodcraft delivers free seminars throughout the year on topics such as bandsaw technique methods and carving basics. Moreover, customers can rent time in a workshop equipped with advanced power tools or sign up for woodworking camp classes led by professional instructors who will teach them about new skills that are essential for successful woodworking projects.

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Woodcraft’s Unique Selection of Woodworking Resources

Woodcraft Woodworking Store offers a wide range of resources for anyone interested in woodworking. From tools like saws, planes, and sanders to a variety of different kinds of lumber and accessories such as finishing touches, adhesives and stains, the store provides everything necessary for making furniture or other projects quickly and easily. They have a great selection of hardwoods–everything from cherry to walnut and mahogany–as well as softwoods like pine and cedar. Customers can even find specialty woods like rosewood or bubinga.

In addition to the vast array of wood materials available at the store, Woodcraft also offers an impressive number of finished products as well as help with any project they are working on. Customers will also find books, DVDs, instructional material and magazines that provide helpful techniques for creating beautiful pieces out of wood. Woodcraft also boasts an expansive selection of power tools—from routers to drills—along with safety equipment so crafters can work with confidence. The store’s staff is made up of professionals who have experience in every aspect of woodworking so questions can be answered quickly and accurately. With access to customized cutting services and free educational seminars, Woodcraft offers plenty for any homeowner or hobbyist looking to improve their carpentry skills.

Woodcraft’s Comprehensive Support for Woodworking Projects

Woodcraft offers comprehensive support for woodworking projects in their stores as well as online. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced woodworker, Woodcraft has something for everyone. You can find ready-to-buy kits that allow you to assemble furniture such as beds and tables, pre-cut wood pieces, tools and accessories to help complete any project, instructional books and video tutorials to teach new techniques, and more. The store staff is knowledgeable and always willing to help customers with selecting the right materials or demonstrating how to use a particular tool properly. Woodcraft also hosts workshops taught by professional artisans in local stores who provide tips on craftsmanship. Plus, all store locations offer free demonstrations every week! Furthermore, their efficient delivery services make sure that the products you need are delivered on time no matter your location. With their unbeatable selection of supplies and unparalleled customer service – it’s no wonder people keep coming back to Woodcraft again and again.

Woodcraft’s Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Woodcraft is committed to providing the highest quality products and exceptional customer service. Our team of experts ensures that every item we sell meets the most rigorous standards. We believe in offering our customers the best possible experience, whether they’re shopping online or in-store.

At Woodcraft, we take pride in our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We have a wide variety of woodworking tools and supplies that are suitable for both beginner and veteran woodworkers alike. To make things even better, our staff is trained in the latest technologies so we can help guide you through your project with ease. Whether you’re looking for something simple like a jigsaw or something more complex like cabinetmaking machinery, we’ve got you covered.

We also offer classes and educational experiences to help empower people with knowledge about how to use their tools correctly. Our experts are available whenever needed to help answer any questions or troubleshoot potential problems that may come up during your project as well. We also guarantee low prices on all of our products which makes us an industry leader when it comes to value! All of these benefits combine together to make Woodcraft store one of the best places for all your woodworking needs.

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Recent Expansion and Growth of Woodcraft

Since being founded in 1928, Woodcraft has grown to become one of the largest retailers of woodworking supplies, tools, and educational resources in the United States. In 2019, they opened up eight new stores in different parts of the country, including their first store in Las Vegas. To make their products more accessible to customers across the US, they also launched a website that allowed users to purchase products from any location. In addition to launching their new website, Woodcraft made changes to their store layout by introducing interactive technology that allows customers to get real-time product reviews from experts in the field. These changes enabled them to expand their product range and build relationships with customers through educational webinars and classes taught by professionals. They also added an on-site woodshop where anyone can take classes or just have fun making something without needing prior experience or knowledge. With these investments into customer service and expansion into new markets, it is clear that Woodcraft has seen significant growth over the past few years and continues its commitment to bringing high-quality tools and resources to woodworkers everywhere.

Woodcraft’s Contributions to the Popularity of Woodworking

Woodcraft Woodworking Store has made a significant contribution to the increasing popularity of woodworking over recent years. Its selection of tools and materials is unrivaled in the industry, allowing customers to find nearly every supply necessary for their next project. The store features quality materials from popular brands such as Porter-Cable tools and Incra jigs, providing aspiring woodworkers with an easy way to build quality projects at home.

Additionally, Woodcraft offers comprehensive educational resources designed to help woodworkers hone their skills. With in-store classes hosted by experienced instructors and an extensive library of online tutorials, anyone interested in the craft can get started safely and confidently. Beyond just providing supplies and education, Woodcraft also serves as a hub for news from within the industry, allowing experienced craftsmen to stay up to date on new trends for crafting furniture or other projects. This helps ensure that the store’s members are never at risk of falling behind in the latest skill sets or technological developments related to woodworking. Furthermore, Woodcraft also organizes annual events such as woodworking competitions and charity projects aimed at celebrating creativity and giving back to communities, further promoting a sense of community among its passionate customers.


Woodcraft Woodworking Store has been providing innovative woodworking solutions to its customers for years. From the latest in tool technology to supplies and advice, Woodcraft offers a comprehensive range of products that meet the needs of both novice and experienced woodworkers. The store offers a wide variety of top-of-the-line tools and materials tailored to individual requirements, as well as helpful advice and guidance on choosing the right materials, tools, and techniques for each project. In addition, Woodcraft’s commitment to customer satisfaction and ongoing research into industry developments ensure that they remain at the forefront of innovative woodworking solutions. With an unwavering focus on providing quality products, information and support, Woodcraft is a trusted resource for every woodworker’s workshop.

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