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Woodworking is an age-old craft with its roots stretching back centuries. It involves the crafting of various wooden products and structures which require both skill and precision. Benches have been an integral part of woodworking throughout history, used in almost every major furniture-making project. Benches provide a work surface as well as a spot to store tools and other supplies.

In Canada, woodworking benches have been popular for many generations, providing the workspace necessary for the craft to be done safely and effectively. Canadian furniture makers have relied on these benches to create everything from Windsor chairs to bookcases to bedroom sets. As the demand for quality Canadian crafted furniture continues to increase, so does the need for sturdy woodworking benches and other essential woodworking tools. Canadians now choose from many different styles of benches ranging from traditional workshop models to modern designs.. From classic workbenches featuring vises and drawers, to adjustable saw horses made from durable metal frames ” Canada has something for everyone looking for a perfect workspace.

Overview of Woodworking Benches Available In Canada

Woodworking is a popular hobby across Canada and having the right bench to work on can be a game changer. When looking for the right woodworking bench, it is important to consider the features available in different models. Popular features of woodworking benches include storage in the form of shelves, drawers or compartments for tools, as well as surface area for working on projects. Some woodworking benches even feature special additions such as built-in router tables or saw attachments specifically designed for various types of projects. Main features to look for when comparing woodworking benches include construction, portability and weight limits. It’s also important to consider the operating power requirements needed for additional accessories like routers or saws. Canadian buyers should also compare prices across factors such as local taxes and shipping costs as this can often have an impact on overall cost.

Review of the Best Woodworking Benches In Canada

1. Kreg-PRO bench: This is one of the most popular and versatile woodworking benches to hit the Canadian scene, praised for its solid frame construction, adjustable height, and integrated shelf system. It has a 4.9/5 rating from customers and is currently priced at $449.99 and is available in leading hardware stores throughout Canada.

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2. POWERTEC Work Bench : This multifunctional work bench offers plenty of utilitarian features as well as a highly-durable build quality, with customers scoring it 4.8/5 and unanimously praising it for its easy assembly and a great value for money ratio. Price wise, it’s offered at an affordable yet manageable sum of $179 and can be purchased online at Amazon or top Canadian home improvement stores.

3. Seville Classics Ultra Graphite Wood Top Workbench : If you’re looking for one of the sturdiest workbenches out there, check out this unit from Seville Classics which boasts an ultra graphite top, strengthened steel legs with adjustable feet pads, and a maximum user supported weight capacity of up to 6000lb! Customers seem to love it with a 4.7/5 rating on average so far, with current pricing set at $399 USD ” Great deal! You can purchase one of these beauties at Amazon or any major retailer in Canada stocking them up

Benefits of Owning a Woodworking Bench

Owning a woodworking bench can have a range of benefits that allow you to take on a variety of ambitious challenges. With the use of a woodworking bench, you are able to do more than just basic woodworking ” you will also be able to undertake projects such as turning, carving, drilling and other intricate tasks. Turning involves making things with round curved shapes and is ideally suited for making spindles, balustrades and table or chair legs; a task that is impossible without the use of ample movable space provided by a workbench. Carving provides an aesthetically pleasing finish which requires detailed work with precision tools; and with the use of your bench, this process becomes streamlined with accuracy and control. In addition to these processes, other intricate tasks become possible due to the countless number of peripherals available including vices, routers, circular saws etc., allowing you greater levels of productivity no matter what type of project you are taking on. Ultimately, owning a woodworking bench allows you to achieve any level of detail in your projects as it gives provides you with an all-in-one work environment perfect for all types craftsmanship goals.

Tips for Choosing the Right Woodworking Bench

When it comes to selecting a woodworking bench, it’s important to consider both your needs and the overall quality of the product. The most important factor in ensuring that you get the correct bench for your workshop is choosing a bench that can support all the types of work you do. Look for benches with heavy-duty construction, such as cross members and a box-beam top frame, so that your bench can endure longer without needing extensive maintenance or repairs. Consider if you need any additional features such as shelving, height adjustment capabilities, added storage space or built-in vise mechanisms.

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Once you’ve selected a suitable bench for your workshop, there are few tips you should follow to ensure your bench maintains its integrity throughout its lifetime: waxing or oiling surfaces regularly to protect against wear and tear; checking often for loose bolts, screws or joinery; applying wood finishes whenever needed; and completing basic repairs promptly before they become major problems. Proper maintenance will help ensure that your woodworking bench will last many years of use!


No matter what level of woodworker, there are many methods and techniques that can be learned in order to gain more knowledge on working with woodworking benches. Basic tools such as chisels, planes, saws and hammers should be considered essential accessories when selecting a workbench. Practicing strategies such as creating mortises and tenons is an excellent way to strengthen skills in building tables and chairs, while the use of marking gauges, clamps or a doweling jig can make constructing drawers faster and easier. Other options such as planning an edge profile or jointing boards together requires knowledge of advanced techniques involving power tools like a router and jointer. Having an understanding of different types of lumber also plays a role when selecting the right material for projects. For instance, understanding which type of hardwood will hold up better over time is essential for furniture making. The possibilities involved with woodworking benches are vast and ongoing research into new products and tools will help keep up with the ever changing trends and innovations that occur in this field.

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