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Woodworking Lincoln Ne is an established and respected name in the woodworking community. It was founded by local woodworker Paul Wilson to help serve and foster a well-rounded woodworking community in Lincoln Nebraska. Since its founding, Woodworking Lincoln Ne has been known for its quality craftsmanship and beautiful results. From furniture making to custom installations, Woodworking Lincoln Ne has it covered. They specialize in cabinetry, hardwood flooring, mantels, handrails, specialty carvings, kitchen countertops, outdoor structures and more. With highly experienced professionals on staff, they also provide custom services such as personalized carvings, paneling designs and more. Whether it’s a new design or restoration of existing pieces, their team will work with you from planning to completion to ensure you get exactly what you need out of the process. In addition to offering their services for commercial enterprises in the area, they are also deeply rooted in providing woodworking education classes for those wishing to learn this unique trade. This includes beginner classes on safety basics all the way up to carving techniques focused on advanced projects like chess sets or sculptures. With every project they take on or teaching course they offer ” Woodworking Lincoln Ne is helping keep alive the aspect of craftsmanship that has been passed down through generations right here in the heartland of America.


Woodworking in Lincoln, Nebraska dates back to before the city was even established. The earliest settlers had to rely on their own resources to build structures and furniture out of wood. From log cabins to wood chairs – each one was crafted by hand and often was the only option available.

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, several businesses began providing custom woodworking services for people looking to increase the beauty or functionality of their homes. Examples such as furniture builders and cabinet makers dotted the landscape of what would eventually become modern-day Lincoln. This era saw a flourishing of highly skilled craftsmen whose work was considered art more than just ordinary carpentry.

As Lincoln grew into a city, so did its woodworking firms and facilities. Today, there are numerous shops located around town specializing in woodworking, from custom-made furniture makers to antique restoration experts. Woodworkers not only make beautiful pieces for individual homeowners but also provide essential cabinetry for homes, businesses, schools and hospitals throughout Lincoln. Many local neigborhoods have seen homes that have been completely renovated with beautifully installed hardwood flooring or unique wooden accents like built-in shelving or fireplace mantels.

Woodworking is alive and well in Lincoln today thanks to its dedicated artisans who have passed down their skills from one generation to the next, enabling a diverse range of products from contemporary style furniture to traditional heirloom pieces. Whether you’re renovating an older home or simply adding a touch of character with custom furnishings, visiting a local lincoln woodworker can help lead your project dreams into reality!

Arts & Crafts Scene

Lincoln Ne has recently seen a rise in its local DIY scene, with many enthusiastic woodworking hobbyists flocking to the area to share ideas on projects and techniques. For those who wish to take up woodworking as a hobby, Lincoln Ne offers a variety of woodworking classes, workshops, and shops at which they can learn the craft. Beginner level classes typically vary from basic sawing and drilling skills to more advanced cabinet making, carpentry, and furniture-making sessions led by industry professionals. Local galleries like UPCOMING events are great places for amateur woodworkers to find inspiration for their own projects or build relationships with other craftspeople in the community. Local hardware stores also cater to amateur woodworkers, providing all the materials one needs to get started on their project from lumber and adhesives to finishings and varnishes. With such an active DIY culture, there’s no limit for what aspiring home do-it-yourselfers can create if they decide to try their hand at Lincoln Ne’s thriving local woodworking scene.

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Tools & Materials

Woodworking in Lincoln Ne comes alive with the selection of materials and tools available to woodworkers in the area. These range from basic hand tools, like chisels and saws, to high end precision machines like jointers, planers, and lathes. Most power tools can be found at local hardware stores, or ordered online quickly and easily. For often-needed specialty materials such as hardwoods, turning blanks, plywood panels, and unique tooling items there are a variety of shops offering limited selections that may be just right for a project. In addition to these options, one can also find roughly carved content suitable for customizing purposes such as gunstocks and bowls. Whether going with locally sourced items or ordering more specialized product lines online, woodworking in Lincoln Ne is full of possibilities. One should not forget finishes, stains, glues and other necessary items when discussing supplies. The availability of these things as well as kit projects make up an incredible repertoire of projects to explore when looking do do some serious woodworking in Lincoln Ne!

Popular Projects

Popular woodworking projects in Lincoln, Nebraska range from refurbishing antique furniture and creating custom cabinets to crafting tables and chairs with intricate designs. Some of the most common projects include building bookshelves for the home or office, making closet doors and frames for windows, constructing porch swings, creating intricate displays for antiquities or crafts, building wooden boxes and crates to store items or transport goods, constructing storage sheds and much more. Experienced woodworkers specializing in these areas can also take on custom requests such as carving animals into furniture pieces or creating unique signs using a variety of painting techniques. Many experienced woodworking businesses in the area offer consultations so customers can work directly with them to create their dream products.

Professional Woodworkers

Woodworking in Lincoln Ne is a great way to explore the many talented and experienced craftsmen who have developed their talents in order to create unique designs, services and products. Whether you are looking for custom cabinetry, furniture-making or general woodworking, professional woodworkers can offer an extensive range of services. Not only do they provide a wide array of options but they also provide high-quality workmanship that will last for years to come. Some woodworkers may specialize in personalized items like jewelry boxes and custom furniture pieces, while others may be able to build outdoor pavilions or commercial signage. With such a wide variety of available options, there is sure to be one that fits your needs and budget perfectly.

Additional services offered by some woodworking professionals may include detailed finishing techniques like staining or painting that can add life and color to any project. In addition, experienced artisans are often available who specialize in intricate carving techniques with hand carved pieces as well as more advanced machinery technology like CNC routers if some pieces need more detailed fabrication. Whatever type of job your project requires, finding the best professional woodworkers in Lincoln Ne is easy when you take time to research job experience and customer feedback for each crafter prior to hiring them.

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Unique Finishes

Unique finishes are a great way to add an extra level of detail and personality to your woodworking projects. In Lincoln, NE there are some fantastic options for incorporating unique finishing techniques into your woodworking pieces. For instance, stains can be used to accentuate the color and grain of the wood and give it an interesting and eye-catching look. Finishes such as shellac, lacquer, oil finishes, and wax can also add a unique touch. Using paints, dyes and glazes can further customize your project with vibrant colors and intricate designs. Clear coatings such as waterbased, polyurethane or varnish can bring out a smooth shine that is pleasing to the eye. Whether you want a matte look or a glossy sheen, many products are available to achieve whatever look you desire. With some patience and practice you can create truly distinct pieces that will last for years to come!


Woodworking Lincoln Ne resources can be found in many different places. For the DIYer (Do-It-Yourself) woodworker, starting a new project can seem daunting but having access to quality resources can help make the process easier.

Online, there are forums and websites dedicated to woodworking that feature detailed tutorials, galleries of projects others have shared, and discussion of techniques specific to Lincoln Ne. These websites are a great source for ideas and inspiration for your project.

In the area there are stores specializing in equipment for the passionate woodworker. From hand tools to automated saws, more advanced tools like drills, lathes, planers, mortisers and sander may be purchased from these specialty stores. Also they may offer supports services like repair and sharpening so that you always have the equipment working at its peak performance levels.

Additionally, there may be special classes available within Lincoln Ne that provide hands on instruction in woodworking techniques both traditional and modern as well as which types of woods work best for certain projects. Whether it’s a weekend class or something more comprehensive these courses can greatly increase your knowledge base in this enjoyable craft


Woodworking Lincoln Ne provides an important service to the local culture by combining creativity, hard work, and skilled craftsmanship. From basic furniture making to intricate cabinetry and installations, woodworking artisans have the necessary skills and tools to bring a client’s conceptual ideas to life with exceptional results. By designing unique pieces of furniture that assist in enhancing the aesthetic beauty of any space, woodworkers contribute greatly to the local economy and help build a strong sense of community among those involved in this specialty trade. These high-quality pieces are also made from locally harvested or sustainably sourced material; this commitment towards helping ensure a brighter future for Lincoln’s local environment is another sign of the importance of woodworking Lincoln Ne within the city.

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