Woodworking Show Portland Oregon


The Woodworking Show in Portland Oregon is a must-see event for those looking to amp up their creative projects. From seasoned professionals to beginning hobbyists, this show has something for everyone. Attendees will have the chance to walk through hundreds of booths offering the latest techniques and products related to woodworking. They’ll also be able to learn how different processes work and interact with vendors who can offer valuable insights on working with wood as a medium. With dozens of presentations and demonstrations throughout the event, guests will have plenty of opportunities to find innovative solutions that inspire their creativity. And if you’re really feeling inspired, there will also be freedom classes offered so that attendees can immediately get started on expanding their skill sets. The experience garnered from attending this show will easily help you unleash your creativity and bring any project ideas you have to reality.


The Woodworking Show Portland Oregon is an annual event that attracts woodworkers from all over the country and beyond. It takes place for three days at the Oregon Convention Center, offering a combination of workshops, seminars, demonstrations, and shows that cater to all skill levels. With a wide variety of exhibitors and activities available, including classes from internationally-recognized professional woodworkers, there is something for everyone at this event.

Workshops at the Woodworking Show Portland Oregon provide participants with hands-on experience in creating their own projects. Whether it’s furniture making, cabinet design, joinery techniques or boatbuilding, attendees can learn the basics and advance their skills in any area they’re interested in while working on their own projects under the guidance of experienced professionals. There are also lectures by experts who provide an introduction to new technologies as well as practical tips for more traditional methods of woodworking. And if you want to talk shop with other enthusiasts attending the show, there are numerous social events where like-minded people get together to discuss their craft and swap ideas.

Other than workshops and lectures, visitors will find plenty of shopping opportunities throughout the exhibition hall too. Everything from hard-to-find tools to exotic hardwoods are on offer via a variety of exhibitors from across the globe. The show also features vendors selling everything from power tools to fine finishing materials so you can get all your woodworking supplies under one roof!

Who Should Attend

The Woodworking Show Portland Oregon is an event that is perfect for experienced woodworkers, as well as those who are just starting out on the journey. Whether you’re looking for advice and inspiration for a specific project or problem, or you want to stock up on supplies and tools, this show has something for everyone. From the passionate hobbyist to the seasoned professional, all types of woodworkers will benefit from the many lectures and demonstrations given, as well as have access to over 400 vendors offering tools, materials, and furniture. You will also be introduced to new trends in woodworking and technological advances within the industry. It’s a great opportunity to network with other like-minded individuals who share your passion and knowledge of working with wood. Even if you’ve never done any woodworking before, there is so much at this event that everyone can enjoy!


The Woodworking Show Portland Oregon is one of the most exciting, specialized events in the region. It will be taking place from June 11th to 13th at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, and it promises to be a treat for wood workers of all skill levels. Attendees can expect to find an array of creative, top-quality products and goods on display by experienced woodworking vendors who specialize in everything from woodturning to industrial sawdust extraction systems.

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Within the show’s many vendors, attendees can browse through a variety of unique items like hand-carved spoons and bowls, miniature replicas of classic furniture pieces, custom cabinetry, handmade accents for both inside the home and outdoors, and much more. In addition to these products, visitors may also discover toolsets with essential accessories tailored to their individual needs – power tools you could use for any woodworking project around your home or business and shop-grade machinery that would add another dimension to over-arching creations. Many vendors will also offer expert advice help visitors make decisions about what best fits their wants and needs. Live demonstrations are often provided throughout the event as well – giving attendees an up close and personal way to learn different tips and strategies with which they can improve their skills immensely.

Preparations and Guidelines

1. Pre-Registration: All attendees should pre-register for the Woodworking Show to ensure a faster check-in process, helping to provide a safe event environment.

2. Mask Wearing: All attendees must wear masks throughout the event for their safety and respect of other guests. Additionally, staff and volunteers will also be wearing masks during the event.

3. Social Distancing: Guests are asked to observe social distancing practices in common areas throughout the show, such as walking paths and seating areas.
4. Hand Sanitization: Hand sanitizer stations will be set up around the show for guests’ personal convenience. These stations will be easily visible and accessible throughout the event space.

5. Cleaning Protocols: Staff and volunteers will ensure that common areas are frequently cleaned with disinfectants to help prevent any potential germ spread among guests or any staff members present at the event.

6. Temperature Checks: Temperature checks will be conducted at all entry points of the venue as an added safety measure against COVID-19 spread amidst an indoor setting like a woodworking show or convention center where large numbers of people are likely to come into contact with one another in close proximity irrespective of rules such as social distancing or mask wearing protocols being observed by patrons or visitors that day..


The Woodworking Show Portland Oregon invites woodworkers of all skill levels to come and explore the craft. Attendees will be able to watch skilled professionals demonstrate their craft and get an in-depth look at the various techniques used, from traditional hand tools to power equipment. From sawing, cutting, and shaping, there will be demonstrations on how to understand wood types and grain, developing a skillful surface finish, using hand tools with precision accuracy, and honing sharp edges. Those experienced in the craft can gain insight on more advanced techniques such as mortise and tenon joint building, dovetailing, box joints and much more. Beginners of the practice can gain an understanding of the basics without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated. Whether attendees are just starting out or seasoned veterans looking to take their abilities to the next level – they can expect hands-on guidance from knowledgeable presenters who truly embrace this fantastic craft!


The Woodworking Show Portland Oregon brings to life the incredible history of woodworking and artisan crafts in the Portland area. Visitors will have the opportunity to see various craftspeople and artisans at work, as well as experience firsthand what goes into creating some of these art forms. Attendees can also take part in workshops taught by experienced woodworkers and get tips from experts on how to construct unique wooden furniture and masterpieces. The show is held annually in different venues throughout Portland, so visitors can enjoy unique experiences while exploring the city’s rich culture. Fans of history and vintage items will be sure to find something interesting every year as antique furniture, tools, collectibles, and much more are included in the show for patrons to explore. The event also features demonstrations about various skills related to woodworking such as joinery, turnings, cabriole legs design production methods and repair techniques along with projects from local makers. Special events are also included like a conversation lounge where guests can engage in dialogue with local woodworkers or have their antiques appraised by certified professionals¬—all taking place within the comfortable atmosphere of an iconic city like Portland that boasts decades-long tradition of craftsmanship and creativity.

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Planning Ahead

When planning a visit to the Woodworking Show in Portland Oregon, it is important to take the necessary measures up front to ensure the most stress-free and rewarding experience possible. First, it is worth checking out the exhibitors’ list and deciding which demonstrations or workshops you would like to attend while at the show. You can easily find these lists online. Prioritizing your activities beforehand will help make sure that you do not miss out on any unique opportunities while at the show.

In addition, try looking up lodging options in advance as well as nearby restaurants, so that you are better prepared for your stay in Portland. Knowing where the nearest accommodation and food establishments are located helps with planning your time efficiently. Packing light is also key if you plan on taking advantage of the interactive exhibits and enjoy a hands-on experience during your stay.

Finally, having a plan for what days you plan on attending will be very helpful when buying tickets for entry into the event; pre-sale tickets are usually less expensive than onsite ones. Additionally, pre-buying tickets allows you to skip ticket lines and have more time during your visit there to browse around different booths or partake in interactive workshops offered by vendors at the show.


The woodworking show in Portland Oregon is an ultimate experience for woodworkers and aspiring makers. Whether participants are interested in learning from professionals, attending educational seminars, purchasing tools and supplies, or simply being inspired by the awesome work of their peers, the show provides a comprehensive platform to help them reach their goals. With so much information and variety under one roof, attendees leave with a sense of confidence and accomplishment knowing that they have been well-equipped to take their skills and projects to the next level. From networking opportunities to gaining new techniques and techniques, to discovering fresh materials and products, there’s something for everyone at this incredible event. For anyone looking to find answers on how to become a better woodworker or maker, attending this show is a must!

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