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Sumner, Washington is a charming and vibrant city in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. Rich with history and two centuries of tradition, this small town is home to some of the best woodworking artisans in the Pacific Northwest.

Surrounded by natural beauty including majestic mountains and lush, forested valleys, Sumner has all that a woodworker can dream of. Numerous local and regional lumberjacks provide plentiful hardwood materials ready to shape into beautiful and functional creations. Baker’s Saw Mill is the oldest mill in town offering rough-cut logs for outdoor projects. Grabel’s lumber offers fresh cut Douglas fir stock perfect for interior furniture pieces or cabinetry work. Artisan Galore features a range of unique tools for any size project and Legacy Woodworking Tools brings an entire showroom of advanced machinery to every shop.

The town has attracted many established woodworkers from across the country offering unique classes, tools and qualities that would otherwise be hard to find elsewhere. The downtown area hosts workshops featuring nationally recognized professionals who come to share their expertise with like-minded craftspeople. An annual Woodworking Festival celebrates this love for fine craftsmanship with vendors from all over coming together to showcase their skills.

Famous Sumner dwellers include celebrity chef Robin Leach, rock musician Layne Staley, as well as professional baseball player Kameron Loe who started his career playing on Sumner’s high school team. Many more have come out of Sumner thanks to its long-standing tradition as an outpost of elite lumber prowess; gathering aspiring minds striving towards excellence in creating finely crafted works throughout its two-century history.

Woodworking Hubs in Sumner

Woodworking opportunities in Sumner, WA vary depending on who you talk to. The community of woodworkers is vast and diverse, composed of individuals of all ages and backgrounds looking to explore the craft in their own unique way.

John has been a longtime woodworker in Sumner, having moved to the town thirty years ago after he retired from his career as a toolmaker. During that time, he founded one of the area’s oldest woodworking communities, teaching classes in how to use lathes, scroll saws and other machines in order to create furniture and other wooden items as well as repair existing pieces. His deep knowledge combined with his legendary patience are two reasons why everyone who brings a project his way leaves happier than when they came within!

Gus has been working in Sumner for over ten years now and focuses on custom-made cabinetry for residential homes. Not only does Gus specialize in making things look beautiful; but he takes pride in creating functional projects that last over time as well as providing detailed support during installation. His popularity means that somebody always has him booked weeks or months out so acting fast if you’re interested is key – luckily there’s plenty of references vouching for his quality of work!

Finally Tonya can be proudly called Sumner’s ‘Queen of Painting’. Having taken up woodworking laterally after retirement she quickly found herself drawn into refinishing techniques and painting various projects with intricate detail work. Her work includes everything from classic European style antiques to bold contemporary expressionism; proving her versatility knows no bounds! Meeting Tonya is guaranteed to leave you feeling inspired to continue developing your talents too.

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Local Woodworking Events

Woodworking Sumner Wa hosts numerous events throughout the year, ranging from small workshops to larger exhibits and shows.

For upcoming workshops and classes, visit the Event Calendar at their website. Entry fees usually range between $5-$25 and payment is accepted via cash or credit card at the door. All sales are final and no refunds are available.

For larger exhibitions, there is usually an entry fee applied to each participant and exhibitors are required to register before the deadline. The fee also covers a welcome package including any materials needed for the duration of their stay. Participants must also provide their own tools and any necessary supplies for woodworking projects. Registration fees vary by event, with some events featuring discounts for students or multiple participants registering together.

To attend one of the larger exhibitions, participants must fill out an application form that can be found on Woodworking Sumner Wa’s website or email them for more information about specific events. Completed applications should be sent in no later than one week prior to the day of the show in order to become eligible for participation in any of their larger exhibitions.

Benefits of Woodworking in Sumner

Woodworking in Sumner, WA offers numerous benefits for individuals who are interested in this craft. One of the main advantages is that there are a variety of grants and awards available to woodworkers from the local government. For example, the city awards a yearly grant of $500 to help cover the cost of materials for wood production ventures in the area. Additionally, there is the Sumner Small Business Support Fund which provides grants up to $2,000 per project with no matching funds or fee requirements; these grants target industries such as micro-manufacturing, retail stores and web businesses that use green techniques such as sustainable building practices and renewable energy sources. Other award categories include an annual Woodworker Award for projects that emphasize craftsmanship above all else, and a Community Partner Award for businesses that actively partner with local schools, community organizations, workforce development programs and other groups to promote economic growth within Seattle’s manufacturing sector. Finally, there is an Open Architecture Initiative that seeks to recognize innovative projects in design and construction featuring renewable materials or processes. With these grants and awards available to woodworkers in Sumner WA they can not only benefit financially but learn new techniques related to their craft while impacting their communities with sustainability-focused designs.

Famous Sumner Woodworking Projects

Wood Railing – This lumber project is a stunning feature of one of the homes in Sumner. The wood railing was custom crafted at a local wood shop with an eye for detail and perfect craftsmanship. The customer seemed to be very pleased with the outcome, exclaiming that it was “exactly what they’d imagined it to be”.

Benchcraft Woodworking

Wall Shelf – Another popular woodworking project in Sumner was this classic wall shelf design. It was made from MDF, employing stylish curves and details which gave it a unique look as compared to other shelves. The customer said they thought it went beyond their expectations and gave their space an elegant accent piece which was easy to assemble!

Outdoor Table – Perhaps one of the most popular projects from the summer season, this sturdy outdoor table serves as an ideal furniture piece for garden parties or barbeques. Constructed mainly from teakwood, this solid piece can easily withstand adverse weather conditions along with daily use. A satisfied customer had nothing but praise for the creative process taken by the craftsman in order to bring their vision alive!

Advice for Aspiring Woodworkers in Sumner

For aspiring woodworkers in Sumner, WA, there are plenty of resources and opportunities to deepen their skills. There are several local woodworking groups, such as the Pierce County Woodturners Association and the Tacoma Area Wood Artisans Guild. These groups offer ways to stay connected with other like-minded individuals while gaining insight into the industry through sharing knowledge and experience. Networking events are commonly organized by these associations, which provide an ideal platform to develop relationships with peers.

Professional development for woodworkers is also available in Sumner. The Janicki Industries Model Shop offers specialized classes for builders of all skill levels seeking advanced certification programs or simply brushing up on particular carpentry techniques. Additionally, there are a number of trade schools in the area such as Clover Park Technical College and Bates Technical College, where woodworkers can further their studies with courses that teach advanced skills from CAD/CAM applications to advanced joinery techniques. For more career-oriented professionals, job postings for local companies specializing in custom cabinetry and millwork regularly appear online or through word-of-mouth networking events organized by local woodworking organizations.


Woodworking is an intricate craft that has been practiced by master artisans for centuries. It can be a rewarding experience when done with expertise, precision, and skill. In Sumner, Wa, there is a thriving woodworking community that is comprised of talented individuals who are passionate about their craft. Through collaborations and events at the area’s various artisan centers and co-ops, these skilled artisans have shaped the development of the town’s unique handcrafted goods. From furniture to decor to kitchen utensils, Sumner woodworkers offer something special to its residents and visitors alike.

In order to keep this craft alive, it’s important to support local woodworking businesses in Sumner Wa by purchasing high quality handmade items. By doing so we can help ensure that woodworking remains an integral part of the local economy for years to come. We encourage readers to get involved in the Sumner woodworking community and show their support for locally made products!

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