Woodworking Advent Calendar


A woodworking advent calendar is the perfect way to embrace the holiday season and put your creative skills to the test. Every day on an advent calendar brings forth a new project or challenge to perform, with different levels of difficulty and skills required. It could be a simple task that takes only a few minutes one day, or a more complex project that takes several days to complete. The ultimate goal of a woodworking advent calendar is to create something unique and special out of pieces of scrap wood or found materials over the course of twenty four days, beginning December 1st. The completed project can range from handmade wooden decorations for your home, such as little doves or trees, to detailed paintings or wall hangings. With so many ideas available, no two woodworking projects will be identical! It’s sure to be an exciting journey that builds upon one another in order further develop your own craftsmanship skills each day.

Materials Needed for Your Unique Calendar

Wood: The most important item to have for a woodworking Advent calendar is the wood itself. Depending on the look you want your calendar to have, you can choose from a variety of woods such as pine, walnut, oak, mahogany, birch, poplar and more.

Saw: To make seamless cuts in your wood of choice you will need a saw like a jigsaw or scroll saw. This tool will allow you to craft different shapes such as boxes or drawers for your calendar pieces.

Hay Bales: Hay bales can provide a creative way to add visual interest and texture to your Advent calendar. You can use hay bales around each wooden box or drawer creating an interactive wall décor piece with all of the calendar items inside it.

Sandpaper: After cutting and shaping each piece of wood with your saw of choice, using sandpaper will help to refine any rough edges that may not quite fit perfectly into place.

Glue and Nails: Glue and nails are both essential supplies needed when assembling your wooden Advent calendar. Glue can help hold pieces together while nails give them extra stability until the glue dries completely.

Paint or Stain: To complete the look and feel of your uniquewooden Advent calendar you may want to finish it off with paint or stain. If staining, choose a colour that highlights the natural grain of the individual boards used throughout this project.

Collecting and Prepping the Supplies

One of the first steps in making a woodworking advent calendar is collecting and prepping all of the supplies needed. This includes purchasing, cutting, sanding, and staining any pieces of wood that will be used to assemble the frame and cubbies. Hardware such as small screw-eyes, hooks, keyhole features, dowel pegs, hinges, knobs and handles can be collected as well. Wood glue should also be purchased for assembling and attaching any wooden parts in order to have a sturdy finished calendar. Additionally paper or fabric scraps could be gathered for covering the cubbie bottoms if desired. Lastly all of the necessary tools for drilling pilot holes, cutting pieces to exact measurements, countersinking screws and other detailed work should be gathered before beginning assembly. Once these items have been collected and prepped you’re ready to start putting together your advent calendar!

Styling Your Woodworking Advent Calendar

The woodworking advent calendar is a festive, creative way to count down the days until Christmas. It’s a great project for parents and children to work on together. With just a few pieces of wood, some paints, and access to a power tool like a drill or jigsaw, you can create a unique wooden wall hanging or tabletop display with fun decorations behind 24 different doors. You can customize your calendar by choosing colors and patterns that match your décor, such as in pastel shades for the classic winter look. Then paint the doors of each box with festive holly leaves or stars and add phrases like “Merry Christmas”, “May your holidays be full of joy,” or special holiday-related messages. Finally, add whimsical twigs with small objects such as tiny pinecones, bells, chocolates, or even handmade gifts behind each door. Hang up the calendar on a wall in your living room or in an entry way for all to admire throughout the season.

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Detailed Step-By-Step Tutorial

Make your holiday season shine with a homemade woodworking advent calendar. This step-by-step tutorial will guide you through the entire process of creating a beautiful advent calendar created from wood. First, you’ll need to decide on the dimensions of your calendar and purchase the necessary supplies like boards and screws. Next, you’ll layout the frame pieces and then attach them together using screws and glue. Once your frame is set, you can begin to make individual boxes to fit for each day in December. You can work on making these boxes by measuring out their dimensions, cutting them to size and attaching them together with screws. Finally, you can use your own creative touch by staining or painting the parts of your calendar and adding decorations like words or images related to Christmas or wintertime. With patience and effort, you can create an advent calendar that will cherish for years to come!

Showcase Photos and Keepsakes

A woodworking advent calendar is a fun and creative way to count down the days leading up to Christmas. It is an excellent way to showcase favorite holiday photos and cherished keepsakes. Each of the 24 drawers can be filled with different mementos, including pictures of family, friends and special events. The back of each drawer can also be personalized with traditional Christmas themes, such as Santa Claus, snowflakes, ornaments, etc. A great crafts idea for children is to make handmade gifts that fit perfectly into the drawers, ranging from decorations and homemade coupons to DIY photo frames. Alternatively, festive knick-knacks or candy pieces can be added as an extra surprise for each day’s reveal. The finished calendar becomes a treasured heirloom piece that families can use each year throughout December until Christmas morning arrives!

Sealing the Woodworking Advent Calendar

The Woodworking Advent Calendar is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season. The calendar has 24 wooden drawers, each one containing a surprise item related to woodworking. It’s up to you to fill the drawers with items that make the countdown until Christmas extra special. Once filled, it’s important to protect your calendar from outdoor elements and keep it looking beautiful for years to come. To that end, sealing the Woodworking Advent Calendar is essential for durability and long-term use. This can involve sanding any rough edges of the individual drawers and spraying them with a clear sealant or varnish. If you choose, you can also apply an adhesive on the back of each drawer before sealing them shut. This will provide added stability and help prevent wear-and-tear over time. Finally, ensure that all surfaces of the wood are completely treated with a sealer or lacquer before storing it away for later use. Making sure you have sealed your advent calendar properly provides peace of mind that your hard work won’t go in vein – and becomes stunning heirloom for generations of Christmas celebrations

Ways to Add Artistic Touches

The woodworking advent calendar is a creative and fun way to mark the days leading up to the end of the year. By using basic woodworking techniques, such as cutting and sanding, you can make an advent calendar that is truly unique and personalized. To add an artistic touch to your project, consider these options:

1. Paint or stain the wood in a festive holiday colour. Doing so will give your project a bright and cheerful aesthetic while also making it easier to use a special marker when counting down days on the advent calendar.

2. Incorporate detailed designs into the bottom or sides of this piece. For example, you could create Christmas tree-shaped cutouts in various sizes along with stars or snowflakes, among other shapes. This will make your project look even more unique and attractive than ever before!

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3. Add decorations to the front side of your woodworking advent calendar that reflect the spirit of Christmas such as bells, holly leaves, and ribbons. You could also attach small baubles with strings behind each day slot for extra decoration.

4. Personalize your project by adding names or initials on top of the wooden board or sides of it in order to make it more personalised; this will require some saw-cut lettering skills which can be learned online or watched through quick tutorials online!

Safety Tips for Woodworking Advent Calendars

It’s important to practice safe woodworking when assembling an Advent calendar. It is important to maintain personal safety while working with tools and materials. Wear long pants and closed-toed shoes when working with any kind of saws or other sharp objects. Also, make sure you avoid contact with electricity or any of the materials used in the craft. Additionally, use proper breathing protection when cutting, sanding, or finishing projects.

Make sure that you give yourself plenty of space while working on your Advent calendar. If possible, try to stay away from walls and other obstacles that might get in the way of your tools’ operation or movement. Pay attention to what is around you at all times so that a tool does not slip off your work surface during use and injure someone else in the area. Always be aware of one’s own limitations, allowing yourself sufficient time for construction, as well as clean up afterwards and storage of unneeded materials until needed again (if ever). Be mindful and always use safety belts/harnesses/blocks when doing jobs that require heights such as hanging up decorations.

Also remember to keep children away from all tools until they are old enough to properly listen to instructions on the safe use of them without fear or apprehension and give special attention if they are curious enough to want to help with building and decorating the Advent calendar! Age-appropriate activity sets can provide a great way for kids and families involved in this project together – cut out items that can be decorated with their imagination! Make sure that all parts are free from sharp edges before handing them over for the young ones’ utilization; it would also be a good idea to store hazardous supplies away from their reach even after completion of build process.


The memories you make while creating a handmade woodworking advent calendar for your family could last for generations. These keepsakes create a special moment out of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Taking time to build something with your own two hands is an incredible experience, and one that will be remembered fondly by those around you.

The best part about constructing a wooden advent calendar is watching as it transitions from merely boards of lumber into something unique, customized and personal. The creative flair given to each individual piece throughout the process makes it easy to be proud of the end result. Alongside being challenging and immensely gratifying, these projects often bring families together in unexpected ways.

Making your own woodworking advent calendar allows for creativity and originality in a holiday tradition that has been around for decades: counting down to Christmas Day! Every day of December can be celebrated differently by carving a design into wood pieces or writing holiday sentiments. An annual tradition of creating something new each year can build up kind memories that truly last a lifetime.

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