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Woodworking has a long and rich history in the Columbia, South Carolina area. The craft is as old as the city itself. Woodcarvers, cabinet makers, joiners and other skilled artisans have been working diligently for centuries to shape trees into furniture, sculptures, buildings and a myriad of other projects. The city of Columbia boasts one of the oldest woodworking societies in the United States – The Columbia Woodworking Club. Founded in 1950 by W.W. Skeen and a group of local woodworkers with dreams of establishing an educational foundation to cultivate the traditional skills of woodworkers through lectures, seminars, and workshops on all aspects of woodworking.

Today, there are numerous woodworking experts in the region actively continuing this legacy. Their fields range from fine furniturecraft to functional millwork that adorns local businesses every day; custom cabinetry, hand-carved mantels, staircases and more are all are crafted daily by these true artisans in Columbia who use modern tools such as miter saws, routers, table saws and others along with traditional techniques such as chiseling and planing by hand to create unique pieces that cannot be replicated using computerized CNC machines. Getting started on your own projects is easy too; shops like McIntyre Tools & Supply offer a full selection of high quality rental tools and supplies for any size project you may want to take on.

Types of Tools Available

Woodworking tools in Columbia, SC come in many forms. One of the most common types of woodworking tools are carving tools, such as chisels, saws, knives and planes. Other important core tools include veneer saws for cutting thinner pieces and bandsaws for curved pieces. Sanders are useful for creating smooth finishes to projects, both with hand-held sanders or stationary grinders. Power saws have multiple uses from constructing frames to small detailed projects. For complex joints, mortising machines are used to cut accurate angles that fit with precision. Lastly, drill presses can create holes quickly and accurately for faster assembly without compromising durability.

Local Shops

Local artisans have long been creating and customizing tools for woodworking by hand in Columbia, South Carolina. The local shop owners have decades of experience in crafting tools that are tailored to the needs of their customers. Through interviews, customers can gain insight into the process of customizing and building tools for their projects.

The shop owners often take great care in ensuring that each piece is carefully constructed with attention to detail. Not only do they select the unique design elements and materials necessary to complete a project, they also provide invaluable advice on how best to use the tool during that project. They know how delicate woodworking can be and what will give you the most results.

Each owner has different stories about how they create their products, where they source their materials from and what unique methodologies and approaches they use while developing new ideas with craftsmanship. They offer services such as re-sharpening, restoration, handle fabrication and so on. Customers can learn how each owner gets their tools crafted and why certain techniques or methods work better than others on a specific project from hearing these stories in person or through photos online.

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By getting a true understanding of the skill involved in crafting quality tools for woodworking in Columbia SC, customers will be able to make more informed decisions about which products are suitable for their own projects – guaranteeing success every step of the way!

Benefits of Shopping Locally

The benefits of shopping for woodworking tools in Columbia, SC are numerous. From reliable customer service staff who know the ins-and-outs of the product to on-site experts who can provide valuable advice and support, buying locally ensures customers get the best results. Experienced staff are able to give customers tips, tricks, and recommendations tailored specifically to their needs. Research is minimized because they can quickly provide an overview of each product’s abilities and suitability. Even if it’s something as simple as an exchange, return or repair process; local retailers ensure that the right answers are given every time. This level of convenience comes with well-informed advice from professional craftsmen in the area. The local knowledge cultivated by experienced craftspeople provides not only a high-quality woodworking experience but also invaluable insights into custom projects that are tailored according to personal preferences and style. Local stores provide a hands-on approach which allows customers to test different tools before making a final purchase decision. Additionally, locally purchased tools enable efficient repairs and maintenance options for those tough projects or broken pieces that require special attention or craftsmanship. You truly cannot beat having personal access to these long standing professionals!

Safety Tips

When working with woodworking tools in Columbia, SC, it is important to remember that safety should always come first. Personal protective equipment is essential in keeping yourself and those around you safe while working with these commonly used power tools. It’s important to wear safety goggles, gloves, and closed-toe shoes when using these tools. This will help to protect your eyes and hands from flying debris and machinery, as well as protect your feet from slipping on any sharp or slippery surfaces. Even dust masks should be worn to reduce inhaling wood particles or fibers that can lead to health complications. Make sure the work area is well-lit and clear of clutter, including screws, nails, sawdust or any other unforeseen items that may endanger you or anyone nearby. Feeding too quickly into a tool can cause kickbacks or binding so we need to be careful when controlling wood speed into the machine. Finally, please inspect the machine before each use for cracks, breaks loose components etc., an often overlooked yet very important part of maintaining your WORKING TOOLS SAFELY IN COLUMBIA SC

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Finishing and Maintenance

Cleaning Woodworking Tools:

After you have completed your woodworking project and the wood sealant has fully dried, it is important to clean the tools you have used in order to keep them in optimal working condition. Begin by wiping down each tool with a rag and lightly moistened with mild dish soap or warm water. Make sure to get into all of the crevices and corners – all dirt, sawdust and residue should be removed. If a tool needs more intense cleaning due to resin or glue build-up, submerge it in turpentine for about 10 minutes and then thoroughly scrub away any remaining residue from the surfaces. Finally, buff the tools dry with a clean cloth and they should look brand new!

Storing Woodworking Tools:

Not only should you take care when cleaning your tools, but where you store such equipment will also help prolong their life expectancy. It’s best to store each tool separately, either on wall-mounted pegs or in drawers labeled according to type. Once stored away, make sure that everything stays dry – moisture causes metal surfaces to rust which could damage blades and other parts as well as making such tools hazardous for use. When moving from one job site to another or transporting items over long distances, wrap them all together snugly in paper towels or plastic bags so they don’t suffer any undue friction (which leads to chipped paint finishes).


There are many resources available in the Columbia SC area to support woodworking and those who are passionate about this craft. The Woodworker’s Emporium is a local store dedicated to providing quality products and services for those interested in woodworking. They carry a variety of tools, supplies, materials, and accessories. Woodcrafters Guild of South Carolina is an organization dedicated to promoting the craft of woodworking and connecting craftsmen from all over South Carolina. For those looking for plans, ideas, or tips on their projects, The Woodfather Shop offers comprehensive tutorials and courses that can help get you started with any project. For something more hands on, A Cut Above Sawmill provides classes taught by knowledgeable professionals where you can gain experience and skills related to woodworking. Supporting local businesses helps keep the community strong, so it’s important to take advantage of the wealth of resources available in Columbia SC for the enthusiastic woodworker.

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