Yost 7 Inch Woodworking Vise


The Yost 7 Inch Woodworking Vise is a high-quality tool designed specifically for woodworking applications. This vise is made of cast iron and feature a 7 inch jaw capacity that quickly adjusts for a variety of widths or clamping sizes. A trademarked double guide system provides greater stability and strength during construction, no matter which direction the jaw opens in. It also features bronze guides, an Acme threaded spindle and 2 1/2″ handles that make it easy to adjust the clamping pressure as needed. With its heavy-duty construction and innovative design, this vise provides a secure grip on workpieces and fastens them tightly for optimal performance. Additionally, the Yost 7 Inch Woodworking Vise is backed by a lifetime warranty for peace of mind.

Types of Yost Woodworking Vises Available

Yost 7 inch woodworking vise is a trusted brand and offers various models of steel and cast iron vises depending on the particular needs of the woodworker. Their heavy-duty industrial grade vises provide exceptional performance and longevity and allow for numerous applications, such as joinery or carpentry. The most popular models include the Standard Duty Extra-Tall Steel Vise, Heavy Duty Hi-Viz Vise, Multi-Functional Swivel Base Vise, and their Heavy-Duty Industrial Grade Cast Iron Vise. Each model is highly customizable with several options available, such as swivel base, stationary base, flat jaws, curved jaws, soft jaws inserts etc., making them suitable for cutting timber, sheet material and other general shop tasks. Yost also offers specialty accessories to go along with their vises so that users can customize their setup to best fit their needs.

Yost also produces hobbyist grade woodworking vises designed for home workshops which feature high quality construction at a reasonable price point. These vises are made from more lightweight materials such as aluminum alloy or high carbon steel which make them easier to maneuver around a workspace but still provide dependable grip and stability for small scale operations in your garage or backyard shed. Many come with detachable body parts or add-on accessories allowing greater control over clamping power or flexibility of operation – perfect for light duty activities like sawing up planks or featherboards during sanding sessions.

Benefits of a Yost Woodworking Vise

The Yost 7-Inch Woodworking Vise is a heavy-duty vise designed for serious woodworking. Its quick-release design, solid steel frame and large jaws make it an ideal tool for everything from clamping doors shut, to holding awkward workpieces in position for intricate woodworking projects. There are several benefits to using this vise, such as:

1. Ability to hold securely ” The solid steel frame and large jaws help clamp objects in place tightly, so they won’t move or shift while you’re working.

2. Ease of use ” The convenient quick release lever makes it easy to move the vise from one project to the next without having to adjust or reset the handle every time. This greatly simplifies the process of repeating a piece of work multiple times.

3. Versatility ” With its 7” jaw opening and removable soft jaw caps, this vise is great for holding items with odd shapes that don’t fit into standard clamps or jigs. It can also be used as a drill press by mounting it directly onto a workbench top and using it in conjunction with a separate drill press stand.

4. Durability ” Despite its relatively light weight (less than 35 pounds), the cast iron construction and heavy steel components provide strength and stability over the long haul so you know it will last through countless projects and years of use.

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The Advantages of Installing a Yost Woodworking Vise

The Yost 7 Inch Woodworking Vise is an ideal choice for woodworkers who need a sturdy and reliable vise. This top-notch, made in the USA vise features cast iron construction, solid steel sliding rods and carbon steel screws for durability and long-term use. It also has a removable seven-inch jaw width, providing plenty of space to clamp large objects, as well as fine tuning adjustments easily via its adjustable handle.

The installation of a Yost Woodworking Vise provides you with numerous advantages when it comes to handling all your woodwork projects. With its heavy duty construction, it can withstand all kinds of heavy workloads with ease while still providing you with a tight grip on your workpiece. Furthermore, its durable build allows it to maintain its performance even after years of use because of the strong materials used in its construction. Additionally, it ensures fast and accurate alignment during clamping due to the carefully machined and tuned serrations on the sliding bars. Not only that, but it also boasts a steady handle damper for added control over movement and fine-tuning adjustments. Lastly, you can comfortably secure large items thanks to the wide jaw capacity provided by this vise.

Woodworking Projects That Can Benefit from a Yost Vise

Incorporating a Yost 7-inch woodworking vise into your projects can greatly benefit the quality and precision of your woodworking. With up to 3,000 psi clamping pressure, this heavy-duty vise can precisely hold boards firmly in place for planing, routing, sawing, or any other process that requires accurate board alignment. It is also great for joining and gluing up large segments of wood. The 360 degree swivel base provides full articulation for easy adjustment between pieces.

The Yost vise is perfect for any project where accuracy and repeatability are key”from fine furniture building to rough carpentry work like timber framing and cabinetry construction. For example, it would be ideal to use when constructing a cabinetry project such as built-ins or raised panel doors. It would also be great for building frames used in furniture making such as dining room tables and chairs or bookshelves. Similarly, the Yost vise can prove invaluable when constructing jigs and saw sleds needed to build intricate choices with a high level of accuracy. Additionally, when cutting multiple pieces accurately at once such as long tenons forming miter joints on door frames or chair arms this tool really shines by providing even clamping pressure across all surfaces.

Various Tips for Choosing and Installing Yost Vises

When choosing a Yost 7 Inch Woodworking Vise, it’s important to consider the size of your workpiece. A smaller vise can easily secure a small piece of wood, but may not be able to accommodate larger pieces. The mounting system you choose will be based on the size and weight of the vise and your own personal preference.

When installing a Yost vise, make sure to place it on a flat area for stability. It can be mounted either vertically or horizontally depending on how you plan to use it. If you are mounting the vise directly to a benchtop, be sure to use screws rather than nails to avoid any damage. It’s also best to attach it slightly away from the edge so that material won’t fall into the gap between the edge and vice while working.

In addition, make sure that its main screw mechanism doesn’t interfere with adjacent benches or furniture when extending beyond them. Make sure the knurled thumbscrew adjustment mechanism is accessible at all times by keeping it greased and lubricated frequently. Also ensure that the vise fits tightly against its jaws for maximum grip strength and stability. Finally, always use protective gloves when operating woodworking vises as they can cause serious injuries if not used properly.

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Safety and Maintenance Tips for Yost Vises

It is important to practice safe work habits when using the Yost 7 Inch Woodworking Vise. Before beginning a project, inspect your vise for any signs of damage. If a component appears worn or broken, do not attempt to use the vise and contact the manufacturer for replacement parts. Make sure that all components are securely fastened together prior to use.

Regularly check your vise for proper alignment by examining the jaws, screws and locks are working properly. Keep an eye out for any debris or rust which can affect performance; if present, take appropriate steps for cleaning or lubrication as necessary. Pay special attention to the bearings and screws which should receive extra care such as oiling often.

Never leave your vise unattended while it is in use; turn off the power when not actively engaged in a project. Additionally, only clamp items that fit snugly within the jaws; this will help prevent items from shifting during operation which could lead to serious injury or property damage. Unplug your machine before attempting maintenance procedures and always follow manufacturer recommended maintenance guides precisely. Finally, make sure that you dispose of used components according to safety regulations and never attempt repairs beyond what is specified in manuals provided with your vise. By following these tips you will be able to confidently enjoy woodworking with your Yost 7 Inch Woodworking Vise for many years to come!

Featured Reviews of Yost Woodworking Vises

The Yost 7 inch Woodworking Vise is an essential piece of equipment for any serious woodworker. Featuring precision-machined parts, the vise offers impressive gripping power and stability with its solid cast-iron construction. The vise easily accommodates work pieces up to seven inches wide, while its removable jaws and movable head provide excellent versatility. The unique design of the vise allows it to be secured to a benchtop or surface from two sides allowing it to be firmly secured in place. Additionally, the vise features a swivel base for easy accessibility and actions like planing, sawing and chiseling are made easy thanks to the integrated anvil. Reviews for this product swear that it”s a great investment for any woodworker wanting quick and precise action ” you won’t be disappointed!


The Yost 7 Inch Woodworking Vise is an essential tool in any woodworker’s workshop. It’s the perfect vice made with quality materials and a great construction, making it one of the best on the market. Not only is it a great size for most woodworking jobs, but it is also easy to install and can clamp objects up to 8 inches in width. The vise’s 90-pound force capabilities are also impressive and provide more strength for added reliability when you need to get the job done quickly and consistently. Overall, the Yost 7 Inch Woodworking Vise is an ideal choice for both professionals and novice carpenters alike who need an effective way to secure their work pieces and make precise cuts. With its reliable structure, lightweight design, and affordability, it provides excellent value for money without compromising your finished results. If you are looking for an excellent vise that will last for years of use, then the Yost 7 Inch Woodworking Vise is definitely worth investing in!

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