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Yutzys Woodworking was created by Yutzy, a passionate woodworker with a lifelong dream of creating custom furniture for people around the world. Since childhood, Yutzy had always been fascinated with wood and the possibilities it offered for crafting unique and original creations.

Yutzy started his journey in 2002 when he decided to take his hobby to the next level and set up a workshop in his parents’ garage. Despite his limited space, Yutzy sold all of his designs locally and soon gained notoriety among customers that appreciated the finesse with which he crafted every piece.

It wasn’t long before Yutzy received requests from customers outside of the local area and began shipping furniture across the nation. This prompted Yutzy to found ‘Yutzys Woodworking’ in 2014 as an official business. As his venture grew, so did Yutzy’s commitment to delivering only highest quality products. He knew that people desired furniture crafted from quality materials – hand-selected woods, elegant finishing touches, small imperfections that made each item unique – so he sought out only finest lumber available on coveted markets like Appalachian hardwood lumber.

Since then, Yutzys Woodworking has become one of top custom furniture makers in the world; driven by its mission to give customers options they cannot find elsewhere by making quality goods designed according to their exact specifications.


Yutzys Woodworking is a reliable provider of woodworking products, offering several unique benefits to their customers. Firstly, the company offers high-quality materials ranging from various species of domestic hardwoods to exotics for projects both large and small. The company also utilizes state-of-the-art computer numerical control machining technology to provide precision cuts guaranteed to meet customer requirements.

In addition, Yutzys Woodworking provides excellent customer service and support which sets them apart from other providers. Customers can access phone lines or visit the showroom to receive assistance with their questions, orders and delivery inquiries. They will be greeted by knowledgeable staff members who will help provide detailed information when selecting materials and accommodate requests if needed.

Yutzys Woodworking is committed to providing excellent quality products as well as safety and environmental best practices such as forestry stewardship programs, fsc certification hemlock harvesting program and conscious milling practices, making them an excellent choice for responsible projects. Furthermore, they provide competitive pricing on their products without compromising quality or services so customers can get the most value out of their purchase from Yutzys Woodworking.


Yutzys Woodworking offers a wide range of woodworking services, such as custom cabinetry, trim and molding, furniture repair, and finishing.

Custom Cabinetry: Yutzys Woodworking specializes in creating beautiful custom cabinets, using their attention to detail to give their clients exactly the look they are after. They can create anything from kitchens, to pantries, to bathrooms; all according to the exact specifications of their clients.

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Trim and Molding: Yutzys Woodworking also offers trim and molding services for interior doorways and windows. Their team boasts decades of experience in carpentry and crafting for window frames and door casings that will perfectly complement any space in a home or office.

Furniture Repair: Yutzys Woodworking offers a furniture repair service that is second-to-none. With their top-notch craftsmanship, they can restore damaged antiques or renew furniture that has become dulled with age or lack of care—again, providing true attention to detail so as to match the piece’s original construction as closely as possible.

Finishing: Before being delivered to the client’s home or office, all pieces crafted by Yutzys Woodworking undergo careful finishing touches designed for durability and beauty. Whether through staining, polishing, lacquering or polyurethaning—durable shine ensured—their team ensures that each step is done correctly from beginning to end so as guarantee satisfaction on delivery day!


Yutzys Woodworking prides itself on providing top-notch, detailed craftsmanship to customers. To really show the quality of their handiwork, Yutzys Woodworking has featured images of past projects on their website and social media profiles. Whether it’s a custom-built outdoor deck or an elegant piece of custom furniture, you can see up close the unbelievable attention to detail that goes into each project. Customers can rest assured that their projects from Yutzys Woodworking will be finished with impeccable precision and exquisite style. With eye-catching photographs as evidence, it’s no wonder that so many customers keep coming back for more!


Yutzys Woodworking has received numerous awards for its outstanding woodworking services. In 2016, Yutzys Woodworking was honored with the Daskal Award for Excellence, which recognizes craftspeople who show exceptional dedication and innovation in the field of woodworking. The award was presented to Yutzys Woodworking in recognition of the high quality, unique pieces it creates. Yutzys Woodworking has also been featured in various publications, including the popular architectural magazine Archidict, highlighting their commitment to creating custom designs and quality workmanship that stands out. Additionally, Yutzys Woodworking’s projects have been featured multiple times at various design competitions around the country. They have won numerous accolades and awards for their custom kitchen cabinets and dining room furniture. In 2020 they won first place in a regional competition for residential furniture manufacturing.


Yutzys Woodworking is a well-respected company that offers outstanding woodworking services to clients. It is highly committed to quality and craftsmanship. Its portfolio of projects speaks for itself, and its reviews also reflect this dedication to excellence. To further show customers just how great its woodworking services are, Yutzys Woodworking actively collects and displays customer reviews from recently completed projects online. These reviews provide an accurate representation of the quality of their services, which lets potential customers know they can count on top-notch work performed with pride and attention to detail. Yutzys Woodworking puts effort into both woodwork and customer service, making it a premier choice for anyone in need of reliable woodworking services.

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Yutzys Woodworking offers a highly skilled team of woodworkers with a multitude of skills and experience in both handcrafting and modern techniques. Each of our experts have mastered their craft over time, and are capable of building and manufacturing a range of custom-made furniture and fixtures tailored to any unique style or project. Our head carpenter has seven years of experience in the field, while our other craftsmen bring decades worth of combined artistic knowledge to the customer’s product. In addition, all team members possess the skill to utilize power tools such as routers, saws, sanders, nailers, etc. to create more complex items such as wardrobes, shelves and cabinets. We strive to provide every customer with an exquisite piece that expresses quality, functionality and uniqueness.


1) Initial discussion with customer – During this phase, Yutzys Woodworking will discuss potential projects and timelines with the customer.

2) Customization – Once the project has been discussed and agreed upon, Yutzys Woodworking will start working on customizing a solution that meets the customer’s needs.

3) Designing and building phase – This is where the team at Yutzys Woodworking designs, builds, and assembles the intended product to ensure both maximum quality and aesthetic appeal.

4) Finishing touches – Once the wooden additions are completed, they move into making sure all finishing touches meet the customers’ satisfaction.

5) Quality control – After Yutzys Woodworking delivers the finished product to their customers, they perform a rigorous quality control procedure to make sure everything meets their high standards before shipping.

6) Shipping & Delivery – Upon completion of their quality control, Yutzys Woodworking will package and securely ship their product directly to the customer, so it arrives in pristine condition.


Yutzys Woodworking is the ideal choice for any woodworking project. From custom furniture to intricate designs, they provide an unmatched level of craftsmanship with the highest quality materials. Their skilled master craftsmen are capable of producing exceptional results while offering personalized care and service. With years of experience in the world of woodworking, Yutzys Woodworking is equipped to provide you with beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces that will last for years to come. Contact them today to learn more about how they can help bring your vision to life!

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