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Feature Interview/Testimonial from Allens Woodworking Owner

At Allens Woodworking, we strive to provide the highest quality craftsmanship in our products and services. We are family owned and operated and have been in business for over 20 years.

Our woodworking craftsmen have a wide range of skills when it comes to crafting furniture, fixtures and other custom pieces. We specialize in traditional joinery as well as modern methods such as CNC fabrication and laser cutting, giving us the flexibility to create the ideal product for each client’s specifications.

We take pride in working with high grade hardwoods from our regional saw mill and we are environmentally conscious ” using reclaimed wood when possible or responsibly harvesting new wood sources. As woodworkers, we understand that the beauty of the grain is what gives every piece its unique character ” so we pay special attention to selecting only the best materials.

The end result is an exquisite customized piece made with both skill and passion ” allowing us to bring beauty into homes while still keeping our commitment to sustainability. That’s why at Allens Woodworking, customer satisfaction is truly a priority -we work with each customer individually to meet their needs throughout the entire process.

Illustrated Instructions

Allens Woodworking provides detailed, step-by-step illustrated instructions for readers to easily follow and complete a variety of woodworking projects. The instructions are designed to be comprehensive yet simple, providing the reader with a comprehensive overview of the project at hand. The reader is walked through each step, going over the material, tools, cuts and other details that need to be completed. Each step includes not only detailed illustrations but also tips on how best to tackle each task. For example, if making cuts it advises on which type of saw would work best.

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The instructions also provide useful recommendations and suggestions related to safety”such as always wearing protective gear when necessary. It discusses professional techniques that could improve the outcome when tackling specific tasks and summarizes the entire process so readers have a better understanding of what they can expect throughout the project. It is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to undertake their own self-made projects!

Woodworking Tips and Tricks

Allens Woodworking has been a trusted source of woodworking knowledge and expertise for more than two decades. Over this time, we’ve learned some key tips and tricks that can be shared with our customers.

If you’re just getting started in woodworking, take note of the following:
1) Safety First – Always remember to read all directions before starting any woodworking project. Make sure that your tools are in good condition, wear eye protection and understand safe practices from the start.
2) Choose Your Wood Carefully – Be aware of different types of woods and their appropriate uses for each project. Wooden surfaces must be sealed properly to ensure their lifetime longevity.
3) Take Measurements Twice – Even if you’re very confident in taking measurements, check twice to ensure accuracy and take your time during the process as rushing through them could lead to errors.
4) Sand Nicely & Finish Smooth – Sanding is an essential part of any finish work. Use sandpaper or abrasive papers to get a smooth finish surface on all visible edges, shaping edges on straight cut projects and routing detailed features on curved shapes with ease. The quality of sanding determines how well your finished piece will look.
5) Have Fun! – Above anything else, remember that woodworking should be fun. Making beautiful furniture or pieces takes time, so take it one step at a time and enjoy the challenge!

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FAQ Section

Q: What services does Allens Woodworking offer?
A: Allens Woodworking offers a variety of woodworking services, including furniture building, custom cabinetry and millwork, custom doors and windows, staircases and railings, finish carpentry, and more. We specialize in providing high-quality craftsmanship for both residential and commercial settings.

Q: What materials do you use for your woodworking projects?
A: At Allens Woodworking we only use the highest quality materials when crafting our products. We utilize hardwoods such as oak, maple, cherry, walnut, mahogany and other exotic woods to ensure you get the best possible product. We also offer a selection of synthetic materials as well.

Q: Can I give my own design ideas to Allens Woodworking?
A: Absolutely! Allens Woodworking’s team of experts is eager to work with you on custom solutions that meet your exact needs. Whether it’s a unique piece of furniture or creating an intricate staircase railing system that fits perfectly into your space our craftspeople are here to make it happen!

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